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 66   William Scarbrough (c.1730-c.1804)
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William Scarbrough, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Scarbrough might describe his life as follows.

Because my father, Edward Scarbrough, failed to prepare a will, all his land in Surry County became mine when he died. I eventually sold my inheritance to my brother, Lewis, and in 1750 bought my own plantation on Otterdam Swamp. With plans to move to Brunswick County, I sold this property to another brother, Edward, in 1762.
No records show that I bought land in Brunswick or owned any when I died. But I was there by 1768 when I witnessed a deed for James Johnson for land on Mill Creek,  which is just a couple of miles north of present-day Meredithville and is perhaps about where I lived. I paid tax on two slaves in 1782. 
Judging from how the attorney spelled it on my will, I pronounced my name “Scarbrer.” I was illiterate so he had to write what he heard and Virginians have a habit of pronouncing an “r” where there is none. My wife, Jane, and I were the parents of 6.
A grandfather, “sick and weak in body,” I made my will in Brunswick County 7 July 1803 leaving my 4 slaves and “Virginia money” to my surviving children and grandchildren.  I was dead before 25 June 1804 when they proved my will in open court.

We do not know who William’s wife, Jane, was.

Land transactions
John Peebles and his then wife, Agnes Barker, were residents of Brunswick County in 1750 when they deeded 245 acres on the north side of Otterdam Swamp to William Scarbrough,  who sold it to Edward Scarbrough of Martin’s Brandon Parish, Prince George County, for £160 in 1762. 
When William Scarbrough of Southwark Parish gave 2 acres in Surry County to Edward Scarbrough of Johnson County, N.C., in 1752, Mary Scarbrough was among the witnesses. 
In 1755 William Scarbrough of Surry County sold to Lewis Scarbrough of Lunenburg County, presumably his brother, two tracts that had belonged to William’s father Edward Scarbrough: 100 acres of 1732 and 115 acres of 1734.  Together they sold the combined 215 acres to Thomas Briggs in 1756. 

Will and probate
William appointed “my friend” Samuel Roberts to serve as executor of his estate and had 4 men watch him place his mark on the instrument: Thomas Adams, Samuel Roberts, Buckner Winn, and Matthew Matthews.
The inventory of William estate included “boy Charles,” “boy David,” “girl Jenny,” “girl Lydda,” and “woman Rachel.” 

Will of William Scarbrough
7 July 1803
To my grandchildren Polly, William, and Asa Pritchett, £5 to be divided between them.
To my grandchildren Peyton & Thomas Lloyd, children of my daughter Lucy Lloyd, deceased, £5 Virginia to be divided between them.
To my daughter Fanny Scarbrer, my Negro girl Jenny.
To my wife, Jane, lend to her my Negro woman Rachel, also all my household & kitchen furniture, all my stock of cattle & hogs, my black horse, during her life. After her life, I give the said Negro woman and her increase to my daughter & sons Fanny, William & Thomas Scarbrough, the balance of what I have lent to my wife, after her death & my debts are paid, to be divided among all my children.
To my 4 children Thomas & William Scarbrer & my daughter Sally Lloyd & Fanny Scarbrer, after my wife’s death I give to them Negroes Lyddia, Charles & David & after the said 4 children have paid £10 Va money which I give to John J. Garner.

Descendants of William Scarbrough
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Ann (Scarbrough) Pritchett (c.1765-1838),  
Moses Pritchett,   
 Thomas Scarbrough,  
 William Scarbrough,  
Elizabeth Samford,  Sterling Scarbrough,  William K. Samford,  
Mary W. Scarbrough,  Caleb Petecord Browder,   
William Scarbrough,  Thomas F. Sadler,   
William Joseph Browder,  Sarah Ann J. Dugger,   Joseph Freeman Gibbs,  Rebecca Hannah Rawlings,  
Benjamin Doniphan Browder,  Virginia Ella Gibbs,  
Mamie Browder,  Herbert Miles Epperson,  
Joseph Benjamin Browder,  Clara Elizabeth Lewis,   
Alma Browder,  John Shelton Daniel,  
Mary Virginia Browder,  
Benjamin Lewis Browder,  Ruth Hoover,  
Frederick Freeman Browder,  Virginia Lee Phillips,  
Francis Elton Browder,  Georgie Freese,  
Marshall Rawlings Browder,  Elma Haze Wright,  
Randolph Jeffries Browder,  Alice Clay,  
Annie Sue Browder,  Grady W. Washburn,  
Phillip Doniphan Browder,  Nellie Gray Woodruff,  Marie Snead,  
Virginia Ella Browder,  Armistead Hawkins,  
Everett Browder,  
Mason Browder,  Thomas Crallé Lewis,   
Urban Gibbs Browder,  Essie B. Lewis,   
William Scarbrough Browder,  
Frances Ann Browder,  
James Alexander Browder,  Rebecca Adelia Gibbs,  
Joseph Meade Browder,  
Stella Mae Browder,  Waddie Bacon Michael,  George Emmett Michael,  Mary Ann Elizabeth Leigh,  
Alice Bacon Michael,  Willie Heath Lucy,   
Thelma Lee Michael,  Leland Henry Lucy,   
Robert Tyler Michael,  
James E. Michael,  
Gertrude (Michael) Chapman,  
Helen (Michael) Curtis,  
Maggie Lee Browder,  James Wiley Scarborough,  John Douglas Scarborough,  Rosa Elizabeth Short,  
Julian Lee Scarborough,  Rebecca Smith,  
Rosa Everline Scarborough,  Mallory Laffoon,  
Douglas Alexander Scarborough,  
Sarah Elizabeth Scarborough,  Warren Hague,  
James Wiley Scarborough,  
Effie G. Browder,  Edward Armistead Wright,  
Charles E. Browder,  Ruby Katherine Roberts,  
Arthur R. Browder,  Beulah E. Johnson,  
Daisy Watson Browder,  Charlie Lear Lucy,   
Willie Browder,  James Oliver Abernathy,   
Rebecca Elizabeth Browder,  
Robert M. Browder,  
Jesse Browder,  Elizabeth Williams,  
John Algernon Browder,  
Mary Elizabeth Browder,  
Sterling Henry Browder,  Martha V. Gibbs,  
George Raney Browder,  
Margaret Jane Browder,  
Benjamin W. Browder,  
Algernon S. Browder,  
Elizabeth Scarbrough,  William H. Eldridge,  
 Frances Scarbrough,  
 Sarah (Scarbrough) Lloyd,  
Lloyd,  Scarbrough Lloyd,  Elizabeth Hall,  
 Lucy (Scarbrough) Lloyd,  
William Lloyd,  Moses Pritchett,   
Polly Thrift,  
Peyton Lloyd,  Millicent Owen,  
Thomas Lloyd,  Rebecca Davidson,  David Davidson,  

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