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 6616   Mr. Featherstone
Pedigree Chart 06
Two Featherstone patriarchs were in 17th Century Colonial Virginia: William Featherstone of Charles City County and Charles Featherstone of Henrico County. Although some have speculated that they were brothers, William was some 30 or 40 years younger than Charles who lived on Timsbury Creek near present-day Chester in Chesterfield County. Twelve miles away on Herring Creek in Charles City County was the home of William Featherstone. Although both William and Charles had grandsons named Charles who lived in Amelia County in the 18th Century, one derived his name from Charles Howell.
Except their name, nothing shows William Featherstone of Charles City and Charles Featherstone of Henrico were kinsmen. Yet for purposes of arranging their descendants, we have depicted them as uncle and nephew—son and grandson, respectively, of an unknown Featherstone ancestor.

Census of 1810
By the Census of 1810, only 9 Featherstones appeared in Virginia. All were descendants of Charles of Henrico, Charles of Brunswick, or William of Charles City. A century later, two Featherstons would represent Campbell County in the Virginia General Assembly: John C. Featherston, 1897-1904, and Howell C. Featherston, 1908, 1912, 1914-15. 

Descendants of Mr. Featherstone
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 son Featherstone,  
William Featherstone I,   
 Charles Featherstone (c.1637-1682),  
Maj. Abraham Wood,   
Rebecca Stratton,   Anthony Patram,  Samuel Newman,  
Joseph Tanner,   
Edward Stratton Sr.,   Edward Stratton Jr.,   
Anne Featherstone,  Abraham Burton,   
John Stewart,  Thomas Jefferson,   William Rowlett,   John Ferguson,  
Robert Jones Jr.,  
Thomas Tabb,  
Abraham Burton II,  George Worsham,  
William Green,   
Mary Bevill,   
Edward Bevill,   
Abraham Burton III,  Thomas Bottom Sr.,   Edward Bevill,   Thomas Neal,   
William Walthall,   Ann Neal,   
John Ford,  John James Trabue,  John Tabb,   
Elisha Brooks,   
William Palmer Jr.,  John Wilson,  John Coleman,  
Edward Bevill,   
Peter Burton,  Peter Burton,   
Thomas Burton,  
Abraham Burton,  
Jane Burton,  
Dicey Burton,  Bevill,  
Robert Burton,  Wood Jones,   Thomas Whitworth,  John Grigg,  
Abel Burton,  Daniel Coleman,  Ann Cousins,   Archer Cheatham,   
Frances Burton,  Herod Tucker Crowder,  Elizabeth Smith,  
Ann Crowder,  John Tanner,   
Frances Crowder,  Grief Tally,  
Rebecca Crowder,  James Coleman,  
Peter Burton,  Martha Ann Cousins,   
William Walthall,   
Elizabeth Burton,  Thompson,  
Phoebe Burton,  William Worsham,  
Peter Worsham,  
George Worsham,  
Elizabeth Worsham,  David Meredith,   
Mary Worsham,  John Lawson Scott,  
Mary A. Scott,  
John S. Scott,  
Wilmoth Worsham,  Richard Foster,  John Foster,  Booker Foster,  James Foster,  Frederick Ford,  George Farrar,   
Mayson Burton,  
 Essex Bevill (c.1675-1729),  
Amy —,  Elizabeth Webster,  Thomas Webster,  Rosamond —,  
Thomas Bevill,  
Miles Bott,   Thomas Bottom,   John Perdue,  
Joel Bevill,  
Laremoth Traylor,   Richard Clough,   
Daniel Bevill,  
Benjamin Watkins,  George Worsham,  
Thomas Bevill,  Joseph Roach,  Millinton Roach,  John Hastings,  Obedience Bevill,  
Sarah Bevill,  Hamblen Cole,  
Pleasant Cole,  Elizabeth (—) Turpin,  Philip Turpin,  Meecah Rucks,  
George W. Cole,  Caroline M. Wooldridge,  Sally Wooldridge,  
John H. Cole,  Permelia Belvidera Wooldridge,   
Robert Cole,  Ann Roper,  
Joshua Cole,  Mary N. Cheatham,  Elam Cheatham,   Adie Claiborne,  
Sally O. Cole,  Joseph Cole,  Eldridge Smith Jr.,  
Hamblen Cole,  
Elizabeth P. Cole,  Robert G. Smith,  
Elizabeth Bevill,  
Joel Bevill,  George Markham,   Sarah Talbott Coleman,  Elizabeth Coleman,  
Dicey Bevill,  Daniel Pitchford,  
Lucy Bevill,  
Robert Bevill,  Frances Walthall,   
Agnes Bevill,  
Mary Bevill,  
Phoebe Bevill,  
Ann Bevill,  
Mary Bevill,  Abraham Burton,   
Essex Bevill,  Essex Worsham,   
William Bott,   Thomas Bott,  Miles Bott,   
Elizabeth Bott,  Thomas Bott,   Thomas Bott,   
Femariah Bevill,  John Elam,   
Sarah Bevill,  
Elizabeth Bevill,  Seth Perkinson,   
William Walthall,   
Amy Bevill,  
Charles Burton,  Capt. Thomas Jefferson,   Loveday Franklin,  
James Franklin,  
Peter Johnson,  
Thomas Burton,  Sarah Thompson,  Robert Thompson,  Thomas Irwin,  
Henry Burton,  Ann Elam,   Capt. James Elam,   
Charles Burton,  Thomas Branch,   Sarah Moody,   
William Thompson,  Christopher Branch,   Edward Osborne,   
Henry Dance,   Joseph Vaden,  Drury Wilson,  
Thomas Whitworth Jr.,  
 Henry Moody (-1787),  
Blanks Moody,  Blackman Ward,   
Polly Moore,  Mary (Bass) Fisher,   
William Moody,  
Benjamin Moody,  
Henry Moody,  Elizabeth Marshall,   
Samuel Moody,  William Friend,   
George Moody,  
William Moody,  
Sarah Moody,  Edward Marable,  
Lucy Moody,  
Edward Moody,  
John Moody,  
Thomas Moody,  
Sarah Moody,  Charles Burton,   
Richard Burton,  James Franklin,  
Abraham Burton,  Ann (Hill) Cousins,   
Susan Burton,  
Robert Burton,  
Benjamin Burton,  Archer Traylor,  
Thomas Burton,  
Thomas Bailey,  Chichester Sturdivant,   Richard Clarke,  Richard Booker,  
John Willson,  James Robertson,  Elizabeth (—) Ferguson,  John Ferguson,  
Rosanna Sullivan,  
Ann Sullivan,  Mary Sullivan,  
David Bell,  
Thomas Tabb,  
Charles Burton,  Henry Branch,   
Sarah Burton,  
Thomas Burton,  Henry Moss,  
Allen Burton,  Joseph Hubbard,  Sally Goodwyn,  James Craddock,   
William Burton,  
Susan Burton,  John Garrett,  Isaac Garrett,  William Vasser,  Susanna (—) Garrett,  
William Vasser,  
Anne Garrett,  
Susan Garrett,  John Burton,  
Sarah Burton,  
John Garrett,  
Isaac Garrett,  Ann Rucks,  William Rucks Sr.,  
John Garrett,  Elizabeth Ammonet,  Andrew Ammonet,  Jean Morrisett,  Jacob Ammonet,  
Samuel Garrett,  
James Garrett,  
Judith Garrett,  Joseph Wilkinson,  Joseph Wilkinson,  Ann —,  
Mackness Wilkinson,  
Phoebe Wilkinson,  George Robertson,  
Nancy Wilkinson,  
John Wilkinson,  
Benjamin Wilkinson,  
Peter Wilkinson,  
Mary Wilkinson,  
Abraham Garrett,  
Thomas Garrett,  
Mary Garrett,  Gerald Jackson,  
Nancy Garrett,  David Wells,  
Stephen Garrett,  Madeleine Bernard,  
Frances Garrett,  
Charles Garrett,  William Finney,   Mary Ayers,  
Henry Charles Featherstone,  Elizabeth Bowman,   
Henry Featherstone,  Edward Loafman,   
Mary Featherstone,  
Charles Featherstone,  Phoebe Walthall,   
Henry Cox,  Henry Randolph,  
Henry Featherstone,  Elizabeth Marshall,   
Sarah Featherstone,  Rev. Thomas Hardie,  
Charles Featherstone,  
Henry Featherstone,  Elizabeth (—) Featherstone,  Z. Hall,  
William Featherstone,  
Alexander Featherstone,  
Elizabeth Featherstone,  John Cogbill,   Rev. Thomas Hardie,  
Edward Featherstone,  
Mary Ann Featherstone,  Charles Christian Cogbill,   
Phoebe Featherstone,  Marquis de Lafayette Sharp,  
Daniel Featherstone,  
Edward Featherstone,  Sarah Ashbrook,   
Henry Featherstone,   
Sgt. Charles Edward Featherstone,  
Elizabeth Featherstone,  
Lucy Featherstone,  
Martha Edwards Featherstone,  
Charles Featherstone,  James Murray,   
Ann French,  Thomas French,  
Mary (—) French,  Martha French,  Lucy French,  William Murray,  
Dorothy French Featherstone,  Cadwallader Jones,   
Charles Henry Featherstone,  Elizabeth Short Thornton,   Samuel Burton,  
Calphurnia Wherry Featherstone,  William H.S. Tabb,  
Elizabeth Featherstone,  Thomas Walthall,   
Phoebe Featherstone,  Irby M. Hudson,  William Hudson,  Susannah Irby,  
Rebecca Featherstone,  Thomas Sadler,  Buckner Stith,   Griffin Stith,   
Buckner Stith,   
John Sadler,  
Elizabeth Sadler,  John Bennett,  
Benjamin Bennett,  Susan Taylor,  
Judith Bennett,  John Maclin Bennett,  David Dugger,  
Elizabeth Bennett,  Thomas B. Hutt,  
Fanny Sadler,  John Dugger,  John Dugger Jr.,  Charles Lucas,  
Jerman Dugger,  Elizabeth Price,  Mary Rainey,  
James Dugger,  
Thomas Featherston Dugger,  
Sarah Madeleine Dugger,  
Susanna Dugger,  Jordan Richardson,  
Mary Dugger,  William Lett,  Moody Vaughan,  
Frances Dugger,  Littleberry Rawlings,  
Featherston Sadler,  Catherine Lewis,   
Edward Featherston Sadler,  Mary Rose,  John Rose,  Thomas Nolley,  
Anna Sadler,  Jarrett Abernathy,  
Susan Abernathy,  Edmund Cooper,  Martha (—) Cooper,  
Rebecca Abernathy,  William M.H. Johnson,  Mary Dameron,  Alexander D. Johnson,  
David Jarrett Johnson,  Minerva Jane Barrow,  
Ann E. Johnson,  Charles Abernathy,  
Rebecca Johnson,  
James Johnson,  
Heartwell John Johnson,  Jane Lee Cheely,  John Cheely,  Margaret French Judd,  
Andrew J. Johnson,  Virginia A. Drummond,   
Mary Frances Johnson,  John Frederick Lucy,   
Wesley Childs Lucy,  Julia Lucy,  Lemuel Hobbs Lucy,  Ida Otelia Biggs,  
Roger Heartwell Lucy,  
Lillie White Lucy,  Lemuel F. Lucy,  
John Kelly Lucy,  Carrie Callis,   
Carrie Lee Lucy,  George Reynolds Short,  William Albert Short,  
Susie Mason Lucy,  
Edna Victoria Lucy,  Ernest Raney Abernathy,   
Mary F. Lucy,  William A. House,  
Joseph Watson Lucy,  
Pearl J. Lucy,  
John Heartwell Johnson,  
Joseph E. Johnson,  
Margaret Johnson,  
William Early Johnson,  Lelia F. Drummond,   Josie Lee Peebles,   
Alfred Wiles Johnson,  
Indianna V. Johnson,  James E. Elmore,   William J. Brintly,  Rebecca (—) Edwards,  
Jackson Abernathy,  Susan Moore,  
Virginia Abernathy,  
Martha J. Abernathy,  Herbert M. Parrish,  
William J. Parrish,  
Virginia R. Parrish,  
Vashti Parrish,  John R. Vaughan,   
Marcellus Tacitus Abernathy,  
Buckner Abernathy,  Ann Lewis,   
Mary H. (—) Abernathy,  
Benjamin Featherston Abernathy,  Ann E. Pritchett,   
Coleman Abernathy,  
William C. Abernathy,  Rebecca Moore,  Thomas Moore,  
Rebecca Abernathy,  
John Edward Abernathy,  Catherine R. Lewis,   Harriet B. Lewis,   
Elizabeth Abernathy,  Herbert A. Ragsdale,  
Susan A.E. Ragsdale,  Benjamin M. Bennett,  Richard F. Bennett,  Mary Kirkland,  
Irving S. Ragsdale,  
Anna Abernathy,  
Henry Sadler,  Mary Vaughan,  Elizabeth J. Vaughan,  
Sophia Sadler,  John Alexander Lewis,   
Jane E. Lewis,  James E. Epperson,   
William A. Sledge,  
Catherine R. Lewis,  John Edward Abernathy,   
Martha Lewis,  
Sarah Lewis,  
Harriet B. Lewis,  John Edward Abernathy,   
Rowena Emily Lewis,  
Alexander Silkirk Lewis,  Cornelia Ann Abernathy,   
Susan Minerva Sadler,  Richard Smith,  
Julia Sadler,  Robert J. Williams,  
Henry J. Sadler,  Martha Scoggin,  John S. Scoggin,  
Adolphus Eldridge Sadler,  Lucy Ann Rebecca Anderson,   
John W. Sadler,  Susan Virginia Anderson,   
Benjamin Sadler,  Angelica M. Pritchett,   
George R. Sadler,  Mary E. Scoggin,  Mary Ann Talley,  
Charles A. Sadler,  Agnes C. Pritchett,   
Rebecca L. Dugger,   
John F. Sadler,  Mary Frances Anderson,   
Samuel Carleton Sadler,  Martha Frances Anderson,   
Thomas F. Sadler,  Mary W. Scarbrough,   
Wellington James Sadler,  Rebecca Gee,  
Thomas Sadler,  Mary (—) Sadler,  
Thomas A. Sadler,  Sarah P. Pritchett,   
Anderson Sadler,  
Charles Sadler,  Rhoda Bailey,  Benjamin Bailey,  Martha Bailey,  John Smith,  
Sarah Sadler,  
Benjamin Sadler,  
John Smith Sadler,  
Marianna Sadler,  
Rebecca Sadler,  
Miriam Sadler,  
Henry Sadler,  Mary Scarborough,  
Thomas Sadler,  Martha Rose,   
William Rose Sadler,  
Bartley Sadler,  
Nathaniel Sadler,  Phoebe Tucker Moreland,  
Lucy Sadler,  Isaac Alexander,  
Thomas Sadler,  Lucy Williams,  
Anderson Sadler,  
Martha Rose Sadler,  Richard Rockett,  
 Carter R. Anderson (1800-1874),  
Mary B. —,  
Mary Frances Anderson,  John F. Sadler,   
Martha Frances Anderson,  Samuel Carleton Sadler,   
Lucy Ann Rebecca Anderson,  Adolphus Eldridge Sadler,   
Susan Virginia Anderson,  John W. Sadler,   
William D. Anderson,  
Thomas Jeffries,  
Edward Featherstone,  
Sarah Featherstone,  
Susanna Featherstone,  James Lockett,   
 Ruel Lewis (c.1755-1854),  
Silvey Abernathy,  Frederick Abernathy,  
Ann Lewis,  Buckner Abernathy,   
Catherine Lewis,  Featherston Sadler,   
Louisa Lewis,  
Jane Lewis,  
Frederick Abernathy Lewis,  Elizabeth Moss,  
Elmira B. Kelly,   
Elizabeth J. Gunn,  
Leander W. Lewis,  Frances A. Hagood,  
Frederick Emile Lewis,  Indianna S. Peebles,   
John Henry Lewis,  
John Alexander Lewis,  Sophia Sadler,   
Lucy Ann Johnson,  John H. Johnson,  Lucy Ragsdale,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Peter Burton - French and Indian War John Lawson Scott - Revolutionary War
Hamblen Cole - Revolutionary War Pleasant Cole - War of 1812
George W. Cole - War of 1812 Hamblen Cole - War of 1812
Blanks Moody - Revolutionary War Daniel Featherstone - War of 1812
Charles Edward Featherstone - War of 1812 Charles Henry Featherstone - War of 1812
David Jarrett Johnson - Civil War Heartwell John Johnson - Civil War
William Albert Short - Civil War Marcellus Tacitus Abernathy - Civil War
John Edward Abernathy - Civil War Benjamin M. Bennett - Civil War
Irving S. Ragsdale - Civil War Adolphus Eldridge Sadler - Civil War
John W. Sadler - Civil War George R. Sadler - Civil War
Charles A. Sadler - Civil War John F. Sadler - Civil War
Samuel Carleton Sadler - Civil War William D. Anderson - Civil War
Ruel Lewis - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
John C. Featherston - Virginia Howell C. Featherston - Virginia

Names on the map
Burtons Branch, Amelia County, was named for Abraham Burton Burton Branch, Mecklenburg County, was named for Abraham Burton

Selected sources
Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt. “The Wilkinson Family of Southside Virginia—Descendants of John and Sarah (Royall) Wilkinson.” The Virginia Genealogist. 36:1-9, 126-140, 178-193, 260-272 (1992). • Includes information of Judith Garrett and Joseph Wilkinson, Martha Cox and Richard Wilkinson, Mary Worsham and Richard Wilkinson, and Elizabeth Bass and Joseph Wilkinson.
Clark, Robert M. Jr. Abstracts of the Featherston Family in Southside Virginia. Privately published, 1987. • This is a collection of Featherstone family records from the archives of Henrico County and Chesterfield County. Focus is on Charles Featherstone.

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