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 6868   Lt. Col. Richard Cocke (1602-1665)
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Lt. Col. Richard Cocke, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Lt. Col. Richard Cocke might describe his life as follows.

I was baptized in Shropshire, England, in 1602, a son of John and Elizabeth Cocke, and came to Virginia probably before I turned 30. I set myself up as a tobacco planter first on 3,000 acres on the James in present-day Chesterfield County. Successful here, I later added more land.
My first wife was John Browne’s widow, Temperance Baley. Her son, John, lived with us and we added two sons and a daughter of our own. Mr. Walter Aston served with me in the Virginia House of Burgesses and I married his daughter, Mary, after Temperance died, and we had four sons. To be sure my name was perpetuated, I gave the name Richard to two sons—one by each wife. Mr. Harry S Truman was one of my descendants.
Not only did I serve in the House of Burgesses, I was also a county justice, militia colonel, and tobacco viewer. A tobacco viewer helped regulate quality and control production of our colony’s most important crop.
When I died in my sixties, I owned several plantations, thousands of acres of land, and a grist mill. Plantations called “Bremo,” “Curles,” and “Malvern Hills” remained in my family for several generations.
As I willed, my family buried my body in the orchard next to my dear first wife, “according to the usual solemnities of the Church of England.”

Richard Cocke was baptized at Stottesdon, Shropshire, 5 Sept. 1602, a son of John Cocke and his wife, Elizabeth. His father, who had been baptized in the same parish 9 Oct. 1569, left a will dated 20 Jan. 1630/1 remembering his wife and 8 children. 
He was possibly the Richard Cocke mentioned as the purser of the Thomas and John 24 Dec. 1627. 
Richard Cocke represented Henrico County in the Virginia House of Burgesses (1644, 1654-5) and was likely the Richard Coxe who had represented Weyanoke as early as 1632.  He was a viewer of tobacco for Curles, Bremo, and Turkey Island 6 Jan. 1639/40,  lieutenant colonel of Henrico County, and county justice in 1657. 
Richard married 1st Temperance Baley who was then the widow of John Browne. They were the parents of Thomas and Richard Cocke “the elder,” and likely Elizabeth Cocke. He married 2nd Mary Aston, daughter of Lt. Col. Walter Aston who served in the Virginia House of Burgesses representing Shirley Hundred Island (1630), Shirley Hundreds, Mr. Farrar’s and Chaplains (1632), Shirley Hundred Maine and Cawseyes Care (1632-3), and Charles City County (1642-3). 
Richard and Mary were the parents of four: William, John, Richard “the younger,” and Edward Cocke.

His plantations
Richard Cocke secured a patent to 3,000 acres 6 March 1636/7, which was next to land of Robert Hallom and Thomas Harris. Among his headrights was John Browne twice.  The re patent of 2,000 acres 10 March 1639/40 named 3 plantations associated with the Cocke family: “Bremo,” “Curles,” and “Malvern Hills.” 
In 1652 Cocke added 248 acres to his 2,000-acre “Bremo” patent that included 100 acres “due by patent to Temp. Bayley.”  With John Beauchamp in 1664, he got 2,994 acres on the south side of the Chickahominy River.  Beauchamp heirs and Thomas Cocke Sr., Richard Cocke Sr., and Richard Cocke Jr. agreed on a division of this land 1 Oct. 1689. 

His will
Richard Cocke left one-third of his property to his wife, Mary, for life, and provided that she make no claim to land he already gave to his sons Richard and Thomas Cocke, who, in turn, were to pay Elizabeth—presumed to be their full sister—£100 when 17 or married.
To youngest son Richard he left 1,750 acres and divided the rest of the estate among the children of his 2nd wife, Mary. Thomas got the mill and 3,000 pounds of tobacco to compensate him for operating the mill for the benefit of all the children. Henry Randolph, then clerk of the House of Burgesses, Joseph Tanner, and Henry Isham witnessed the will.  We have no date of probate.
Among the many legatees of the will of Richard Cocke was “cozen Daniel Jordan.” Although thought to be a relative of Thomas Jordan, yet we can find no connection. 
Mary, the widow, married 2nd Lt. Col. Daniel Clarke who held 1,698 acres in Charles City County 28 Jan. 1662/3. 

Will of Richard Cocke
4 October 1663
In the name of God Amen I Richard Cocke Sen’r being at present in perfect health & memorie for which I render hearty thanks to Almighty God my Creator Yet Considering the uncertainty of this transitory life have therefore for the peaceable settling the little Estate God in his Goodness hath given me made and ordained this my last will and testament hereby reversing all former wills at any time made by me. Imprimis I bequeath my Soule to God that gave it trusting in the merits of my Redeemer to obtain a joyfull Ressurection & my bodie to the grave to be Interred in my Orchard near my first Wife decently according to the Usual solumnities of the Church of England & my estate I dispose as followeth.
It. After my debts are paid I give & bequeath the one third of all my estate whether in land or Chattels to my loving wife Mary Cocke. The sd third of the land to be held by her for her natural life & no longer & it is hereby declared that my will is that she lay no Claime to any part of that land formerly given by me to my sons Thomas & Richard Cocke but that they enjoy the same entirely to them and their heirs according to a deed of gift thereof recorded in the Henrico Court.
It. I give & bequeath to my sons William & John the residue of that dividend of land not disposed of by the aforesaid deed of gift & the will always excepting in the gift the 640 a. called Bremo to be held to them & their heirs forever to be equally divided between them when the come of age. I give and bequeath the afore excepted 640 a. of land to my Eldest Son Richard Cocke, the heir males of his body lawfully begotten, for want of such I give to my son Thomas Cocke & the Heir males of his body lawfully begotton, for want of such issue to my son William Cocke & the heir males of his body lawfully begotten, & for want of such heir males, to the heir males of John Cocke, & for want of such to the heir males of Richard Cocke, My Youngest Son, provided always that my first named son Richard if Live to inherit it or any other of my sons or their heirs, that after my decease first possess the sd land, shall pay to my daughter Elizabeth Cocke for her portion one hundred pounds sterling & if he & they shall resist payment or fail of making good payment of the said Sum to the sd. Elizabeth when she attained the age of Seaventeen years or at the day of her Marriage, which shall first happen, then the sd land to be extended to the use of the sd Eliz: until the said Sum by the Annuall value of the land shall be accomplished in the Case the sd Elizabeth should die before either of the sd terms of 17 years of age or Marriage, then my will is that the sd hundred pounds be paid to my other children by my now wife, equal portion as they shall attain lawful age.
It. I give & bequeath to my now youngest son Richard Cocke & his heirs seaven hundred and fifty acres of Land out of the pattent of land taken up jointly between Mr. John Beauchamp & my self of which seaventeen hundred and fifty acres belong to me, the residue of which seaventeen hundred & fifty I have already given & hereby Confirm to my sons Thomas Cocke & Richard Cocke the older & their heirs. And for my personall Estate I do hereby acknowledge that all the Cattle of my older Son Richard & the hogs being of a distinct rank & all known by my Cozen Daniell & confirm they being never by me refuted as any part of my proper Estate. As for the rest of my Estate my wifes third being deducted I give to be equally divided between my Children by my present wife Mary Cocke, willing that the Mares & Stock of Cattle & Sheep run in Common for their joint benefit & as any of my said Children come of Age, that they receive their equall portion of the female Stock then in being & all the males Tawear [?] to the Guardian of my children.
It. I give & bequeath to my Couzen Daniell Jordan as much manored land as he & his hands shall be able & well manned & with a Hoame during his life or abode in this Country provided he accept the same upon these Tuwear [?] Vizt. to employ himself & one Hand more my Son finding home & Seede & all houseing & taccling belonging to it & one hand more & to have my said Cozen the third part of this ___din of all ___ labours.
Item. My will is that in Case my Son Thomas Cocke will looke to the Mill for the use of my other Children until they come of Age, that then he shall have for his paines & care the grinding of his Corn to be free & three thousand p’dd of Tobacco & C to come out of the profits my wife’s Children’s estate ….
It. I make my loving Wife Mary Cocke & my Sons Thomas & Richard Cocke to be my Executors of this my will, appointing my wife the Guardian for all my Young Children born of her until they come of age & in Case of her decease then my said Sons Thomas & Richard.
It. I desire & request the justices of the County of Henrico in whose fatherly Care & integrity towards the Widow and fatherless Ine___se much Confidence to bee my Overseers of this my last will & Testament & to take Care that it be performed according to the true Intent & meaning thereof. Dated under my hand and Seale this fourth day of October 1665.
Rich’d Cocke Senr.

Descendants of Lt. Col. Richard Cocke
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Cocke I (c.1639-1697),  
 Richard Cocke (1639-1706) the Elder,  
Elizabeth (—) Cocke,  
Richard Cocke,  Ann Bowler,  Col. Thomas Bowler,  Tabitha Underwood,  
Rebecca (—) Cocke,  
Col. Bowler Cocke,  
Sarah Fleming,   Elizabeth (Hill) Carter,  Col. Edward Hill,  Col. John Carter,  
Ann Cocke,  
Susanna Cocke,  
Tabitha Cocke,  
Bowler Cocke,  Elizabeth (Smith) Turner,  Nicholas Smith,  Harry Turner,  Elizabeth Fauntleroy,  
Thomas Adams,   
Bowler Cocke,  Molly Webb,  King Fox,  Nancy Dandridge,  Col. Francis Dandridge,  Maria (—) Cocke,  Tabitha Fry,   
Rebecca Cocke,  William Park,  
Mary Webb Cocke,  
Bowler F. Cocke,  Ann Eliza Agnes Pleasants Heth,  Eliza Briggs,   Capt. Henry Heth,  
Eliza Fauntleroy Cocke,  Walter Coles,  John Coles,  Rebecca Elizabeth Tucker,  Sarah Swann,  John Swann,  
Sally W. Cocke,  
William Cocke,  Jane Armistead,  William Armistead,  Maria Carter,  
William Armistead Cocke,  Elizabeth Randolph Preston,  Maj. Thomas Lewis Preston,  
Mary Camilla Cocke,  Daniel Witt,  
Charles Hartwell Cocke,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  
Sarah Cocke,  Maj. Thomas Massie,  William Massie,  Martha Macon,  
Dr. Thomas Massie,  Lucy Waller,  
Sarah Carrington Cabell,   
William Henry Massie,  
Sarah Maria Massie,  William Osborne Goode,   
Elizabeth Waller Massie,  
Waller Massie,  
Thomas B. Massie,  Catherine C. (—) Massie,  
Juliet A. Massie,  Henry C. Boyd,  
Martha Anna Massie,  
Lucy Cornelia Massie,  
Capt. Henry Massie,  Susan Preston Lewis,  Elizabeth Daggs,  Eugene C. Massie,  
William Massie,  Sarah T. Steptoe,  Martha Wyatt,  Sarah N. Clark,  Maria C. Effinger,  
Col. Thomas J. Massie,  
Ellen Massie,  
Martha Virginia Massie,  
Hope W. Massie,  Laura Effinger,  Robert Whitehead,  
Florence Massie,  
Bland Massie,  
Sarah Cocke,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  
Richard Cocke,  
Charles Cocke,  
Martha Cocke,  Thomas Adams,  
Tabitha Cocke,  Ebenezer Adams,  
Richard Adams,  
Bowler Adams,  
Col. Richard Adams,  Elizabeth Griffin,  Leroy Griffin,  Mary Ann Bertrand,  
Thomas Bowler Adams,  Sarah Morrison,   
Col. Richard Adams,  Elizabeth (Southall) Randolph,  Col. James Southall,  Frances Jones,  Peter Skipwith Randolph,   
Sarah Travers (Daniel) Hay,  Frances Moncure,  Travers Daniel,  Col. Charles Hay,  
Ann Adams,  Mayo Carrington,   
Sarah Adams,  George William Smith,  
Dr. John Adams,  
Margaret Winston,   
Samuel Griffin Adams,  Catherine Innes,  
Alice Adams,  William Marshall,  
Tabitha Adams,  
Elizabeth Griffin Adams,  
William Adams,  
Ebenezer Adams,  
Ebenezer Adams,  
Tabitha Adams,  Col. Richard Epes,  Martha Bolling,   
Tabitha Epes,  
Ann Epes,  
Richard Henry Epes,  
William Adams,  
Thomas Adams,  Elizabeth (Fauntleroy) Cocke,  Bowler Cocke,   
Anne Adams,  Col. Francis Smith,  
Col. William Smith,  Mary Belfield,   
Francis Smith,  Lucy Wilkinson,  
Francis Smith,  
John Smith,  
Ebenezer Smith,  
William Wilkinson Smith,  
Gen. Thomas Adams Smith,  
Anne Adams Smith,  Peter Early,  
Reuben Smith,  
Anne Smith,  
Sarah Adams,  Col. John Fry,   
Joshua Fry,  Kitty Walker,  Peachy Walker,   
John Fry,  Judith Harrison,  
Thomas Walker Fry,  Elizabeth Smith,  Speed Smith,  
Lucy Gilmer Fry,  Judge John Speed,  
Martha Fry,  David Bell,  
Joshua Fry Bell,  
Judge John Green,  
Mildred Ann Fry,  William C. Bullitt,  
William Adams Fry,  
Tabitha Fry,  Bowler Cocke,   
John Cocke,  
Richard Cocke,  Elizabeth Hartwell,  John Hartwell,  Elizabeth (Ruffin) Kinchen,   
John Hay,  Richard Northcross,  
Col. Hartwell Cocke,  Ann Ruffin,   
John Hartwell Cocke,  Elizabeth Kennon,   
Sarah Cocke,  Nicholas Faulcon,  
Ann Hartwell Cocke,  Carter Nicholas,  Merritt M. Robinson,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  Arthur Sinclair,  
Gen. John Hartwell Cocke,  Ann Blaws Barraud,  
Mary Kennon Cocke,  John Faulcon,   
Robert Kennon Cocke,  
Martha Ruffin Cocke,  
Rebecca Kennon Cocke,  
Hartwell Cocke,  Sarah Clements,  
Joseph Wilkins,  
Mary Cocke,  Capt. Edward Archer,  
Richard Archer,  
Samuel B. Archer,  
Maria Archer,  
Richard Cocke,  
Martha Cocke,  Thomas Clements Jr.,  Benjamin Clements,  
Col. Daniel Coleman,  
John Coleman,  
Ruffin Coleman,  
Daniel Coleman,  
Anne Cocke,  Benjamin Browne,  
Thomas Gray,   
Edwin Gray,  Julia Gray,  
Joseph Gray,  Evelyn Davis,  
Robert Gray,  Mary Ann Nicholson,  Robert Murray,  
Thomas Ruffin Gray,  Mary Gray,  
Catherine Currie Gray,  John Nicholson Jr.,  
Nancy Gray,  
Benjamin Cocke,  
Robert Cocke,  Mary Browne,   Francis Ruffin,   Martha Ruffin Newsom,   
Elizabeth Hartwell Cocke,  William Taliaferro,  
Benjamin Cocke,  
Elizabeth Hartwell Cocke,  Thornton,  
Nancy Thornton,  Henry F. Branch,  
Rebecca Thornton,  
Francis Thornton,  
Lucy Thornton,  
Elizabeth Thornton,  William Wilkinson,  Robert H. Taliaferro,   
Rebecca Cocke,  Col. Richard Taliaferro,  
Richard Taliaferro,  
Benjamin Taliaferro,  
Robert H. Taliaferro,  Elizabeth (Thornton) Wilkinson,   
Elizabeth Taliaferro,  Daniel Call,  
Mary Hartwell Taliaferro,  Judge William Nelson,  
Anne Taliaferro,  Carter Nicholas,  
Rebecca Taliaferro,  William Browne,  
Sarah Taliaferro,  William Wilkinson,  
Lucy Taliaferro,  William P. Harris,  
Mary Nelson Taliaferro,  William McCandlish,  
Ann Cocke,  William Browne,   
Richard Browne,  
Mary Browne,  Robert Cocke,   
John Browne,  
George Browne,  
Richard Cocke,  Anne Claiborne,   Theodosia (Cowley) White,  
Richard Herbert Cocke,  Charlotte Markie,  Ann Hunt (Cocke) Bradby Adams,   
Augustine Claiborne Cocke,  
Lucy Ruffin Cocke,  
Buller Cocke,  Elizabeth Barron,  
Nathaniel Cocke,  
William Henry Cocke,  
John Cocke,  
Charles Leonard Cocke,  
Susan Cowley Cocke,  
Edmund Cocke,  
Lucy Cocke,  William Ruffin,   
Elizabeth Ruffin,  William Browne,   
William Ruffin,  Ann Edwards,   
Nathaniel Cocke,  Rebecca Thompson,  Elizabeth Ruffin Cocke,  
William Thompson,  William Britton,   
William Thompson,  William Terry,  Isham Britton,   
John Cocke,  Lucy Herbert Claiborne,   
Herbert Claiborne Cocke,  Sally Roberts,  
John Ruffin Cocke,  Mary Coleman Scott,  
Benjamin Cocke,  Catherine Allen,  Arthur Allen,  Elizabeth Bray,  James Allen,  
Arthur Smith,  Stith,  
Allen Cocke,  Ann Kennon,   
Benjamin Allen Cocke,  Susanna Crichlow,  Patrick H. Adams,  
Richard Cocke,  
Allen Cocke,  
Ann Hunt Cocke,  Gen. James Allen Bradby,   Patrick H. Adams,  Richard Herbert Cocke,   
Catherine Cocke,  Wilson Wallace,  Thomas M. Hare,  
Catherine Allen Cocke,  James Rodwell Bradby,  
Thomas Haynes,  James Rodwell Bradby,  
Gen. James Allen Bradby,  Ann Hunt Cocke,   
Rebecca Cocke,  William Eaton,   
William Mallory,  
William Allen Eaton,  Mary Williams,  
Rebecca Eaton,  Brownlow,  
Mary Hartwell Eaton,  Samuel Williams,  
Anne Cocke,  William Acrill,  
Susanna Acrill,  Thomas Cocke,  Walter Cocke,  
Acrill Cocke,  
Archibald Cocke,  Mary Thomas Crawford,  
William Cocke,  Elizabeth Mackie,  
Benjamin Cocke,  Ann Moring,  
Ann Cocke,  Thomas Marriott,  
Lucy Cocke,  John Edmundson,  
John Edmundson,  
Elizabeth Edmundson,  Littleton Waddell,  
Rebecca Acrill,  Philip Watson,  
Hannah Acrill,  William Edloe,   
William Acrill,  
Jane (—) Acrill,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  Miles Cary Jr.,  Thomas Cary,  Ann Milner,  
Richard Cary,  
Thomas Cary,  Dorothy Philipson,  
Robert Philipson,  
Robert Cary,  Mary Jennings,  William Jennings,  
Anne Cary,  Walthall Robertson,   
Dorothy Cary,  
Judith Cary,  Henry Burnett,  
Elizabeth Cary,  
Robert Cary,  Mary Ann Branch,   
Wilson Cary,  Judith Baker,  
Henry Thomas Cary,  Elizabeth Morrisett,  William Farrar,   
Miles Cary,  Obedience Brummall,  Reuben Brummall,  John Brummall,  
Nathaniel Cary,  Frances Morrisett,  William Morrisett,  William Farrar,   Ann Farrar,   
Thomas Cary,  Sarah (—) Cary,  
Nathaniel Cary,  
William Cary,  Hannah Burton,   
Kemp Cary,  James Harris,  Rebecca Butler,  
Edward Cary,  Sarah Butler,  
John Philipson Cary,  Sarah Loafman,  
Robert Philipson Cary,  
Peter Minor Cary,  Rhoda Cox,   
Miles Cary,  Hannah Armistead,  William Armistead,  Ann (—) Howard,  
Miles Cary,  Elizabeth Taylor,  Etheldred Taylor,  
Elizabeth Cary,  William Hay,  
Col. Miles Cary,  Frances Briggs Peterson,   Griselda Buxton,  Elizabeth (Booth) Yates,  George Booth,  Col. William Yates,  
George Booth Cary,  
Nathaniel Cary,  
Mary Cary,  
Richard Cary,  Mary,  
Richard Cary,  Catherine Dudley,  
Miles Cary,  Elizabeth Jones,  Annie Robinson,  
Polly Cary,  William Cary,  
Hannah Cary,  Maj. William Dudley,  
Elizabeth Cary,  
Anne Cary,  
Rebecca Cary,  
Col. John Cary,  
Sally Sclater,  Susan Armistead,  Gill Armistead,  
Ann Elizabeth Cary,  
Miles Cary,  
John Cary,  
Nathaniel Robert Cary,  
Col. Gill Armistead Cary,  Sally Baytop,  
Nathaniel Robert Cary,  
Hannah Armistead Cary,  
Elizabeth Allen Cary,  
Polly Cary,  
Judith Robinson Cary,  
Susanna Cary,  
William Cary,  
Robert Cary,  Judith Jones,   
Anne Cary,  Capt. Bennett Tompkins,  
Rebecca Cary,  Rev. Miles Selden,  Joseph Selden,  Mary Cary,  
Joseph Selden,  
Mary Selden,  Rose,  
Robert H. Rose,  
Miles Cary Selden,  Elizabeth Armistead,  
Hannah Selden,  William Hartwell Macon,  
Rebecca Selden,  Thomas Watkins,   
Nathaniel Selden,  Mary Woodson,  Charles Woodson,  
Elizabeth Selden,  Hunter,  
Elizabeth Cary,  Benjamin Watkins,  
Martha Finney,   
Hannah Watkins,  William Finney,   
John Walke,   
Martha Walke,  Spencer Wooldridge,   
Dr. John Royall Walke,  Martha Branch (—) Walke,  
Matilda E. Haskins,  
Catherine Walke,  
Hannah E. Walke,  Benjamin H. Bransford,   
Mary T. Walke,  Nathaniel Edwin W. Friend,   
Martha Frances Walke,  Thomas M. Burfoot,  Clara (—) Burfoot,  
Dr. Sydenham Walke,  Sarah S. Winfree,   
Dr. John Wister Walke,  
Benjamin Watkins,  
Thomas Watkins,  Rebecca Selden,   
Elizabeth Selden Watkins,  Rev. William Leigh,   
Benjamin Thweatt,   
Miles Cary Watkins,  
Benjamin Watkins,  
Richard Watkins,  
Rebecca Watkins,  Baldwin Pearce,  
Mary Watkins,  
Susanna Watkins,  Dr. Henry Wilson Lockett,   
Anne Watkins,  
Jane Watkins,  
Nathaniel Cary,  
Anne Cary,  
Elizabeth Cary,  
Bridget Cary,  
Dorothy Cary,  
Martha Cary,  
Martha Cocke,  Joseph Pleasants,  John Pleasants,  Jane (Larcombe) Tucker,  
Edward Bennett,  
Joseph Pleasants,  Sarah (—) Pleasants,  Edward Goode,   Sarah Goode,   
Elizabeth Woodson,   
Martha Pleasants,  Joseph Pleasants,  
Philip Pleasants,  Mary Pleasants,  Robert Pleasants,  Susanna Webster,  
Jacob Pleasants,  Sarah Pleasants,  John Pleasants,   Elizabeth Scott,  
John Scott Pleasants,  Sarah Lownes,  
Sarah Lownes Pleasants,  
George Pleasants,  
Mary H. Pleasants,  William H. Hughes,  
Elizabeth A. Pleasants,  
Elizabeth Tucker Pleasants,  Thomas Snowden Pleasants,  Pleasants Younghusband,   
Thomas Exum Pleasants,  
Sarah Pleasants,  
Jesse Pleasants,  Elizabeth Smith,   
Josiah Pleasants,  
Elizabeth Pleasants,  
Jane Pleasants,  
Martha Pleasants,  Nathaniel Vandewall,  
Mary Vandewall,  William Lewis,  
Martha Vandewall,  Col. Turner Southall,  Dasey Southall,  Edith Barrett,  
Maj. Stephen Southall,  Martha Wood,   
Dr. Philip Turner Southall,  Frances Wilson Lockett,   
Elizabeth Webster,  Col. Samuel Webster,  Joseph Wells Southall,  
Valentine Wood Southall,  Mary —,  Martha Cocke,   
William Henry Southall,  Elizabeth Allen,  Joseph Allen,  
James Cocke Southall,  
Stephen Valentine Southall,  
Lucy Smith Southall,  Charles Sharp,  
Mary Martha Southall,  John Thompson Brown,  Charles Scott Venable,  Nathaniel E. Venable,   
Florence Carter Southall,  
Lucy Henry Southall,  Charles Cutts,  
Maria Wood Southall,  Nicholas Biddle Van Zandt,  
Dr. William Wood Southall,  
Louisa J. Southall,  
Philip Southall,  Jean Neilson,  Charles Neilson,  
Anne Barrett Southall,  John Shelton,  Capt. Peter Foster,  
William Southall,  
Pleasants Southall,  
Cynthia Southall,  Henry Toler,  
Paulina Southall,  Calhoun Jones,  
James Barrett Southall,  
Elizabeth Southall,  Thomas Underwood,  
John Southall,  
William Southall,  
John Pleasants,  Susanna Woodson,   
John Pleasants,  Agnes (—) Pleasants,  Agnes Woodson,  Sarah Cox,   
Samuel Pleasants,  Deborah Lownes,  
Sally Ann Pleasants,  
Charlotte C. Pleasants,  Rev. William J. Armstrong,  
Edwin C. Pleasants,  Indiana Pleasants,  John Woodson Pleasants,   
Samuel Pleasants,  
Ursula Pleasants,  
John Pleasants,  Robert Robinson,  
Elizabeth Pleasants,  
Judith Pleasants,  
Tarleton Pleasants,  
Mary Pleasants,  Jesse Hargrave,  Samuel Hargrave,  Martha Cheadle,  
Mary Hargrave,  
Elizabeth Hargrave,  
Susanna Pleasants,  
Joseph Pleasants,  Elizabeth Jordan,  
Joseph Corbin Pleasants,  Susanna S. Burton,  Daniel Burton,  
Mahala Pleasants,  
Clementina Pleasants,  Thomas Burton,  
Sophia Pleasants,  Thomas Woodfin,  
Dorothy Pleasants,  John Burch,  
Jordan Pleasants,  Elizabeth Taylor,  
James Cocke Pleasants,  Dorothy Jordan,  Anne (Randolph) Scott Pleasants,   Daniel Scott,   John Pleasants,  
James Pleasants,  Susanna Lawson Rose,   
Tarleton Woodson Pleasants,  Sarah Pleasants,  Talitha Crew,   Margaret W. Pleasants,  
Anna Scott Pleasants,  Isaac Webster,  
Pauline Pleasants,  
Susanna Randolph Pleasants,  Gervas Storrs,   
Martha W. Pleasants,  Randolph Railey,   
John L. Pleasants,  
Susanna Pleasants,  Joshua Storrs,  
Hannah Storrs,  Maj. John Russell,  
Susanna Pleasants Storrs,  Samuel Coleman,  
Gervas Storrs,  
Susanna Randolph Pleasants,   Martha Trueheart,  Daniel Trueheart,  
Archibald Pleasants,  Jane Randolph Woodson,   
Matilda Pleasants,  
Jane Pleasants,  
Virginia Pleasants,  
Susanna Pleasants,  
John Woodson Pleasants,  Elizabeth W. Coleman,  
Frederick Pleasants,  Sarah Maria Eustace,  Hancock Eustace,  
Archibald Pleasants,  Mary Brent,  
Dorothy Pleasants,  
Charles T. Pleasants,  
Matthew Pleasants,  
Ursula Pleasants,  George Ellis,  
Col. John Brooke,  
John Woodson Ellis,  
Catherine Ellis,  
Mary R. Brooke,  William Young,  
Tarleton Pleasants,  
Richard Pleasants,  Ann Porter,  
Martha Pleasants,  William Watson,   
Joseph Pleasants,  Mary Guerrant,  
Richard Pleasants,  Anne LaPrade,  John LaPrade,  
Thomas Pleasants,  Elizabeth Porter,  
Elizabeth Pleasants,  Edward Carter,  
Ann Pleasants,  Samuel Martin,  
Jesse Pleasants,  
Thomas Pleasants,  Ann Parsons,  
Robert Pleasants,  Fanny Clarke,  
Robert Pleasants,  
John Cocke,  Obedience Branch,   
 Elizabeth Cocke,  
 William Cocke (c.1657-1693) of “The Low Ground”,  
Jane Clarke,  Lt. Col. Daniel Clarke,  Sarah Dennis,  
Mary Horner,  Giles Carter,  
John Flowers,  
Mary Cocke,  Obadiah Smith,  Mary Smith,  
William Smith,  
Mary Smith,  
John Smith,  
Obadiah Smith,  
Jacob Smith,  
Luke Smith,  Arabella Gromarrin,  Gillie Gromarrin,  
Obadiah Smith,  Mary Burks,  Elizabeth Burks,  Dr. William Cabell,   
William Rudd,  William Wilson,  Robert Jones,  
Luke Smith,  
Susanna Smith,  Isaac Winston,  Isaac Winston,  Mary Ann Fontaine,  
Peartree Smith,  Isabella Hopkins,  Dr. Arthur Hopkins,  Elizabeth Pettus,  Joseph Townes,  
Nancy Hopkins Smith,  Robert Terry,   
Elizabeth Smith,  John Wilson Jr.,  
Obadiah Smith,  Tabitha Wilson,  Elizabeth Hart Eaches,  
Elizabeth Smith,  Isaac Winston,  
William Smith,  Elizabeth Mayo,   
Obadiah Smith,  Lucy Poor,  
Betsy Smith,  
Sally Smith,  
Lucy Smith,  James Powell Cocke,   
Joseph Smith,  
Charles Smith,  Matthew Flournoy,  Elizabeth (—) Smith,  
Samuel Smith,  
John Pryor Smith,  Susanna —,  Thomas Wilson,  
Charles Allen,   
Peggy Smith,  
Drury Smith,  John Bressie,  
Zachariah Smith,  
Hannah Smith,  
Susanna Smith,  
Arabella Smith,  Morrow,  
Easter Morrow,  
Arabella Morrow,  
Daniel Morrow,  
Ursula Smith,  
Luke Smith,  Martha (—) Smith,  
Alexander Roberts,   
Elizabeth Smith,  Ellis,  
Anne Smith,  Richard Woodson,  
Robert Woodson,  
Richard Woodson,  Ann Madeline Michaux,  Abraham Michaux,  Susanne Rochette,  
Joseph Morton,   
Agnes Woodson,  Francis Watkins,   William Hobson,  
Richard Watkins,  Catherine (Chappell) Jones,   
Elizabeth Watkins,  Joseph Morton Venable,  
Agnes Woodson Watkins,  Dr. David Flournoy,  
Francis Watkins,  Ann Nash Haskins,   
Dr. Benjamin Watkins,  
Henry Edward Watkins,  Agnes Woodson Venable,   
Dr. Joseph Watkins,  Ruth Hall Hunt,   
Selina Ann Watkins,  Samuel L. Lockett,   
Frances Anderson Watkins,  James Daniel Wood,  
Elizabeth Woodson,  Nathaniel Venable,  
Samuel Woodson Venable,  Mary Scott Carrington,   
Abraham Bedford Venable,  
Betsy Ann Venable,  Col. Thomas Watkins,   
Richard Nathaniel Venable,  Mary Morton,   
Martha Venable,  Nathaniel E. Venable,   
Ann Venable,  
Ann Venable,  James Chesley Daniel,  
Agnes Venable,  
Mary Venable,  
Nathaniel E. Venable,  
Frances Venable,  
William Lewis Venable,  Frances Watkins Nantz,  Martha Hughes Watkins,   Frederick Nantz,  
Thomas Venable,  
Elizabeth Venable,  Goodrich Alexander Wilson,  
Obediah Woodson,  Constant Watkins,  John Watkins,  
Joseph Morton,   John Richardson,  
Charles Woodson,  Mary (—) Woodson,  Peter Fore Jr.,  
Judith Ann Woodson,  William Gilliam,  
Anthony Woodson,  
Obediah Woodson,  
David Woodson,  
Daniel Woodson,  Elizabeth Jones,  
Patsy M. Woodson,  Anthony D. Jones,  
Jacob Woodson,  Elizabeth Morton,   
Obediah Woodson,  Mary Watson,   
Elizabeth Morton Woodson,  Henry Lewis,   
Nancy Woodson,  Archibald Hix,  
Judith Woodson,  Joseph Fuqua,  
John Woodson,  Elizabeth Anderson,  Thomas Anderson,  
Joseph Woodson,  
Elizabeth Woodson,  Thomas Morton,   
John Short,  
Samuel Morton,   Edward Goode,   
Richard Morton,  Judith Quinn,  George Quinn,  
Thomas Brackett,  
Quinn Morton,  Mary Anderson,  Charles Anderson,  Elizabeth Chambers,  
Thomas Anderson Morton,  Martha Lockett,   
Charles Morton,  Mary Lockett,   
Elizabeth Morton,  William Lewis Morton,   
John Morton,  Elizabeth A. LeGrand,  Nash LeGrand,   George Nash Morton,  
Richard Morton,  Martha Spencer,  
Fanny Morton,  Archibald D. Alexander,  Joseph Alexander,  Sarah Reid,  
Mary Q. Morton,  Henry Madison,  
William Quinn Morton,  Elizabeth McRoberts Venable,  Joseph Morton Venable,  Elizabeth Watkins,   
Col. Anderson Cocke Morton,  Sarah C. Watkins,   
Harriet (Scott) Read,   Thomas Edmunds Read,   
Mary Quinn Morton,  
Ann Watkins Morton,  Easley,  
Ellen Morton,  
Alice Morton,  
Harriet Morton,  
Henrietta Morton,  
Samuel Morton,  Philadelphia Wade,  Jeffrey Palmer,   Walter Coles,  Ambrose Hunt,  John Brumfield,  
John Morton,  Tabitha Tinsley,   
Sarah Morton,  Archer Tanner,  
Jonathon Morton,  Letty McCargo,  John McCargo,  
David Morton,  
Susanna Morton,  Lindsay,  
Josiah Morton,  
Thomas Morton,  Joseph Morton,   
Thomas Brackett,  
Cicely Katherine Moore,  George Moore,  
George Morton,  
Samuel Morton,  Levicy Watson,  
Thomas Morton,  Ann (—) Morton,  
Agnes Morton,  Samuel Flournoy Spencer,  Agnes Woodson Daniel,   Judy Holcomb,  
Sophia Weston Spencer,  James Campbell,  Lucinda (—) Campbell,  
Ann Walthall Spencer,  Sterling C. Anderson,  
Cecilia Massey Spencer,  
Elizabeth Julia Spencer,  John Silleman,  
Mary Phena Spencer,  Nathan Green McGehee,  
Mary Ann Morton,  Joseph Morton,   
Icy Morton,  
Elizabeth Morton,  Royall Bowman,   
Col. John Morton,  Mary Ellen Anderson,  
Charles Morton,  Mary Ann Smith,  Richard Hight,  
Elizabeth Morton,  Jacob Woodson,   
Lt. James Morton,  Mary Smith,   
Hezekiah Morton,  Phoebe Moseley,   
Benjamin Morton,  Agnes Morton,   
Jacob Morton,  
Josiah Morton,  Mary Roberts,  Oliver P. Morton,  
Nathaniel Morton,  
Mary Morton,  Obadiah Fuqua,  
Nancy Morton,  Carter Thompson,  
Sally Morton,  William Fuqua,   
John Archer Morton,  Cora Lee Henry,  
Richard Morton,  
Obediah Morton,  Eliza Ligon,   
Patty Morton,  
Ann Morton,  William Gathright,  
William Gathright,  
John Gathright,  
Samuel Gathright,  Agnes Truman,   
Miles Gathright,  
Joseph Gathright,  
Benjamin Gathright,  
Elizabeth Gathright,  
Jane Anna Gathright,  
Ann Gathright,  
Judith Morton,  Edward Goode,   William Archer,   Richard Morton,   
Joseph Gill,  Edward Goode Hatcher,   Roger Atkinson,   Hugh Berry,  William Willson,   
Philip Poindexter,   Joseph Gill Jr.,  
Edward Goode IV,  Mary Turpin,   
Richard Goode,  Nancy Charlotte Poindexter,  Sarah (—) Poindexter,  
Joseph Goode,  
John Goode,  
Thomas Goode,  Margaret (—) Goode,  
Jane Goode,  Philip Poindexter Jr.,  
Mary Hinton,  William Wills Green,   
Mary Goode,  Joseph Fontaine,  
Elizabeth Goode,  John Hawkins,  William Wood,  
Judith Goode,  
Agnes Goode,  
Judith Woodson,  Jacob Michaux,  Abraham Michaux,  Susanne Rochette,  
Elizabeth Michaux,  Abram B. Venable,  Abraham Venable,  Martha Davis,  
John Venable,  Elizabeth Raine,  
Samuel Venable,  Ann Anderson,  Thomas Anderson,  Sarah —,  
Abraham Venable,  
Jacob Venable,  Mary Venable,  John Venable,  Agnes Moorman,  
Nathaniel E. Venable,  Martha Venable,   
Josiah Venable,  Jane Clack Thornton,   
Mary Venable,  Charles Allen,   
Henry Watkins Allen,  
Martha Venable,  Capt. John Holcombe,   
Judith Michaux,  Lt. Littleberry Mosby,  Benjamin Mosby,  Mary Poindexter,  
Elizabeth (—) Netherland,  
Betty Ann Mosby,  Benjamin Carrington,  Joseph Carrington,   Theodosia Mosby,  
Martha Mosby,  Daniel Scott,   
Robert Carter Nicholas,  
Judith Michaux Mosby,  Josiah Smith,   
Benjamin Mosby,  Mary Crouch,  
Narcissa Mosby,  Benjamin Binford,  
Jacob Michaux Mosby,  Judith Anderson Crump,   Jacob G. Mosby,  
Jacob Michaux,  Sally Neville,  James Neville,  
Robert Smith,  
Sally Michaux,  Christopher Haskins,  
Judith Michaux,  William Hendrick,  
Lucy Michaux,  Tscharner de Graffenreidt Woodson,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   Tscharner Woodson Jr.,  
Jacob Michaux,  Mary Ann Elizabeth Miller Woodson,  
Sally Michaux,  William Walthall,   
Miller Woodson Michaux,  Mary L. Swann,  John Swann,  
Elizabeth Michaux,  
Judith Michaux,  Jefferson Swann,  
Lucy Ann Michaux,  Robert Macon,  
Martha Woodson Michaux,  Peter Jefferson Archer,   
Joseph Michaux,  Mary Ellen Lynch,  
Jacob Michaux,  Frances (Anderson) Ludlam,  Alexander Ludlam,  
William Walthall Michaux,  Virginia Ann Bernard,  
Tscharner DeGraffenried Michaux,  Martha Jane Taylor,  
Lelia Neville Michaux,  John Benjamin Watkins,  
Joseph Michaux,  Judith Woodson,  Benjamin Woodson,  Elizabeth Watkins,  
Jacob Michaux,  Betsy C. (—) Michaux,  
Eliza C. Michaux,  Jacob N. Cardoza,  
Elizabeth Michaux,  Anderson Cocke,  
John Michaux,  Sally (—) Michaux,  
Arabella B. Michaux,  George H. Gibson,  
Sally Breckinridge Michaux,  
Joseph Michaux,  Judith Anderson (Crump) Mosby,   Jacob Michaux Mosby,   
Ann Meade Randolph,   
Jesse Michaux,  Rebecca Ann Cooper,  Joseph Archer Royall,   John L. Cooper,  Mary Elizabeth (Townes) Archer Royall,  
Daniel Michaux,  Elizabeth F. Cary,  
Richard Waters Michaux,  Mary Mayo Macon,   
Henrietta Rochette Michaux,  Joseph Vaughan,  
Ann E. Vaughan,  Hugh Raine,  
Judith Vaughan,  John R. Cooke,  
Obadiah W. Michaux,  
Judith Woodson Michaux,  James Anderson Francisco,   
Mary Woodson,  Richard Truman,  
John Truman,  Susanna (—) Truman,  Susanna Farris,  
Mary Truman,  William Austin,  
William Truman,  
Sarah Truman,  James Evans,  
Ann Truman,  Mordecai Warriner,  
Elizabeth Truman,  William Fussell,  
Joseph Truman,  Sarah McGehee,   
Ann Truman,  Richard Warriner,  
Elizabeth Truman,  Thomas Baker,  
Rebecca Truman,  William Bethell,  
Agnes Truman,  Samuel Gathright,   
Agnes Gathright,  
Ann Gathright,  
Tabitha Gathright,  
William Gathright,  
Mary Truman,  James Austin,  
Martha Truman,  William Farris Jr.,  
Agnes Woodson,  Joseph Morton,   Richard Randolph,   John Nash,   Richard Woodson,   
Judith Morton,  James Venable,  Abraham Venable II,  
Ann Morton,  
Capt. Josiah Morton,  Elizabeth Venable,  Abraham Venable,  
Joseph Morton,  Mary Ann Morton,   
William Lewis Morton,  Elizabeth Morton,   
Elizabeth F. Morton,  Samuel L. Venable,  
Mary Anderson Morton,  Samuel Douglas Morton,   
Agnes Woodson Morton,  Theodorick B. McRobert,   
Martha Morton,  Archibald Moore,  
William Morton,  Susanna Watkins,   
Frances Morton,  Robert Watkins,   
Joseph Morton,  Elizabeth Woodson Watkins,  Thomas Watkins,   
Agnes Morton,  Benjamin Morton,   
Nancy Morton,  Rev. William Hill,  
Henry Morton,  
Elizabeth Watkins Morton,  John Morton,   
Mary Morton,  Richard Nathaniel Venable,   
Lucy Morton,  George Hannah,  
Martha Watkins Morton,  Henry Edmunds,   
Mildred Stuart Morton,  Edwin Edmunds,   Henry N. Watkins,  
Susanna Morton,  Thomas Throckmorton,  
Jane Morton,  John H. Marshall,  
Agnes Morton,  Joel Watkins,   
Jane Morton,  John Carter,  
Claiborne Barksdale,  Sarah Goode,   
John Cox,   
Frances Carter,  James Miller,  
Elizabeth Carter,  William Gaines,  Mary Latane Jennings,   
Jane Morton Gaines,  David F. Womack,  
Catherine H. Gaines,  Charles A. Scott,  
Margaret Ann Gaines,  Capt. William Baldwin,  
Agnes Morton Barksdale,  Achilles Whitlock,  
Claiborne Barksdale,  Sarah Embra Read,   
Mary Rebecca Barksdale,  Thomas Goode,   
Elizabeth Morton,  John Daniel,  
Agnes Woodson Daniel,  Samuel Flournoy Spencer,  Agnes Morton,   
John Blair Smith Spencer,  Agnes W. Morton,   Sarah H. Lyle,  
Samuel Flournoy Spencer,  Elizabeth Fisher Madison,  
Jane Bedford Spencer,  John D. Moseley,  
Martha Elizabeth Spencer,  Temple D. Richardson,  
Thomas Brown Spencer,  Elizabeth S. Bell,  
Alexander Randolph Spencer,  Elizabeth M. Worsham,  
Elizabeth Daniel,  John Matthews,  
Chesley Daniel,  Nancy Sims,  
John Daniel,  Martitia Sims,  
Joseph Morton Daniel,  
Jane Daniel,  Stephen Bedford,   
Frances Venable Daniel,  Abner W. Kilpatrick,  
Martha Daniel,  Thomas Brown,  
Nancy Daniel,  Rev. William Nelson Scott,  
Pauline Daniel,  William Scott,  
Samuel Daniel,  
Rev. James Daniel,  
Susanna Daniel,  
Joseph Morton,  
Nancy Booker Morton,  Frederick Speece,  
Elizabeth Woodson Morton,  Hugh Shaw,  
Jane Morton,  
Capt. Jacob Morton,  Jane Davis Booker,   
William Booker Morton,  Lucy Faris Flournoy,  
Ann Martin Morton,  William H. Dennis,  
Elvira Henry Morton,  William Peter Barksdale,   
Mary Elizabeth Morton,  William Sydnor Barksdale,   
William Booker Morton,  Margaret Irene Elliott,  Thomas Colgate Elliott,   Margaret Jennings Jameson,   
John Morton,  Elizabeth Watkins Morton,   
Jane Davis Morton,  
Jacob Morton,  
Elizabeth Mary Morton,  
John Booker Morton,  
Susan Watkins Morton,  
Lucy Ann Morton,  
William Morton,  
David Flournoy Morton,  
Mary Morton,  David Flournoy,  
Gideon Morton,  
Robert Morton,  Marcia Martin Flournoy,  
Elvira A. Morton,  John M. Davenport,  
Lucy Ann Morton,  Joel W. Hannah,  
Mary Jane Morton,  John Shepperson,  
Susan W. Morton,  William Gaines Friend,   
Nancy B. Morton,  Richard W. Gaines,  
Mary Ann Gaines,  John H. Saunders,  
Sarah E. Gaines,  James P. Watkins,  
Joseph W. Morton,  
Betsy Morton,  C.C.G. Henderson,  
Samuel Douglas Morton,  Mary Anderson Morton,   Elizabeth W. (—) Morton,  Clement R. Morton,  Samuel M. Gaines,  James A. Gaines,  
Agnes W. Morton,  John Blair Smith Spencer,   
Susan W. Morton,  John F. Edmunds,  
Mary Smith,  William Smith,  Robert Smith,  Mary Ax,  William Smith,  Ann Sterling,  
George Smith,  
Robert Smith,  Elizabeth James,  
William Smith,  
Paulina Smith,  William Sterling Smith,  Judith A. Smith,   
Francis Smith,  
Robert Smith,  
Lucy Smith,  
Samuel Smith,  
Elizabeth Smith,  Jesse Pleasants,   
Thomas Clark,  Walter Coles,  
Mary Pleasants,  William Keen,   
Martha Pleasants,  Matthew Rowlett,  
Judith Pleasants,  Matthew Ligon,   
Joseph Pleasants,  
Ann Pleasants,  John Woodson,  
John Smith Pleasants,  Nancy Thweatt,  
Elizabeth Woodson Pleasants,  Moses Waddell,  
Jacob Smith,  
William Sterling Smith,  Betsy Bagby,  
Betsy Sterling Smith,  William B. Smith,  
Harriet Smith,  William Graves,  
George Smith,  
Mary Smith,  James Morton,   
Francis Smith,  Martha Allen,   
Anne Smith,  Rev. Drury Lacy,  
Martha Smith,  
Josiah Smith,  Judith Michaux Mosby,   
Obadiah Smith,  
Judith A. Smith,  William Sterling Smith,  Paulina Smith,   
Elizabeth Cocke,  Lawrence Woodward,  Lancelot Woodward,  
William Cocke,  
 John Morton,  
John Hughes,  
John Morton,  Elizabeth (—) Morton,  John Ferris,  
John Morton,  Susan (—) Morton,  Ephraim Gathright,  Samuel Gathright,   James Austin,  
Martha Morton,  
Joseph Morton,  Goode,  
Agnes Woodson,   
Mary Morton,  William Price,   
Sgt. Samuel Morton,  Edward Goode,   
Ann Moore,  George Moore,  
Bryant Ferguson,  
William Morton,  Susanna Waters,  
John Spencer,   
Mary Morton,  Abraham Venable,  
Thomas Morton,  
Stephen Morton,  David Lyle,  
Thomas Morton,  Elizabeth Woodson,   
Joseph Morton,  Edward Osborne,   Jacob McGehee,   
Col. Richard Randolph,   
Thomas Morton,   Joseph Ligon,   
Elizabeth (—) Morton,  
John Morton,  Lucy Blakely,  James Blakely,  
Joseph Morton,  Chaney Harrison,  
Benjamin Watkins,  
Jehu Morton,  
Jane Morton,  Reuben Roy,  Fulwar Skipwith,  
Martha Morton,  
Anne Morton,  
 John Cocke (c.1647-) of “Old Man’s Creek”,  
Mary Davis,  John Cox,   
Francis Clevely,  
 Richard Cocke the Younger,  
Elizabeth (—) Cocke,  
Anne Cocke,  Robert Bolling II,  Robert Bolling I,  Ann Stith,  
Mary Bolling,  Dr. William Starke,  Dr. Richard Starke,  Rebecca —,  
John Booth,  
Robert Bolling,   
Dr. Bolling Starke,  
David Meredith,  Elizabeth Belfield,   Benjamin Seawell Jr.,   Dr. Alexander Glas Strachan,   
Burwell Starke,  
Belfield Starke,  Elizabeth Armistead Burwell,  John Burwell,  Ann Powell,  
Richard Starke,  
Robert Starke,  Mary Hall,   Walter Childs,  Richard Clough,   
Freeman Walker,   John Jones,  
Capt. Wormeley,  
Elizabeth Starke,  Robert Walker,   
Allen Love,  
Dr. Robert Walker,  
Richard Walker,  
Dr. David Walker,  Dorothea Withers Grammer,  
Bolling M. Walker,  
Freeman Walker,  
Starke Walker,  
Louisa Walker,  Dr. Thomas H. Withers,  
Martha Walker,  Richard Barton,  
Mary Walker,  John Bell,  
Clarissa Walker,  Philip Haxall,  
Dr. William Starke,  
Dr. William Starke,  
Dr. Bolling Starke,  
Dr. Robert Bolling Starke,  
Rebecca Starke,  John Cocke,  James Henderson,   
Walter Cocke,  Ann Carter Harrison,   
Walter Travis Cocke,  Susan Virginia Coupland,   
Commodore Harrison Henry Cocke,  Elizabeth Ruffin,   
Emily C. Banister,   
John Henry Cocke,  
Martha Ann Cocke,  William Allen Harrison,   
William Allen Harrison,  
John Henry Harrison,  
Anna Martha Harrison,  
Eliza Rebecca Cocke,  John Ponsonby,  
Thomas Randolph Cocke,  
Mary Stark Cocke,  Henry Harrison,  Peyton Short,  Buckner Lanier,   
Pleasant Hunnicutt,  Mary Cocke,  
Ann Cocke,  John Avery,  
Rebecca Cocke,  George Ruffin,   
Peter Woodlief,  
Jane S. Ruffin,  Dr. William Jones Dupuy,   Henry I. Robertson,   
George Henry Ruffin,  
Rebecca S. Ruffin,  
Juliana Ruffin,  Carter Coupland,   
Elizabeth Ruffin,  Harrison Henry Cocke,   
Thomas Cocke,  
Elizabeth Bolling,  James Munford,   Robert Davis,  Alexander Howard,  
John Hall,   Samuel Pryor,  
John Banister,   
Martha Munford,  
James Munford,  
Susanna Munford,  Buckner Stith,  George Cousins,  
Sarah W. Stith,  
Col. John Stith,  
Ann Washington,  Lawrence Washington,  
Needham W. Stith,  Lucy Gray Haskins,  
Ann Stith,  
John A. Stith,  
Susan Stith,  Joseph H. Harper,  
Needham Stith,  
Helen W. Stith,  Robert Dundas Turnbull,   
Sarah Stith,  Robert Turnbull Stone,   
Elizabeth Stith,  
Lucy Gray Stith,  
Buckner Stith,  
Cincinnatus Stith,  Fletcher,  
Louisa Ann Stith,  John R. Womack,  
Ariana Stith,  Warner Washington,  
Helen Stith,  Francis Goodwyn,  
Sarah Washington Stith,  William Blunt Irby,   
Dr. John Irby,  Martha Taylor,  
Freeman Buckner Irby,  
Capt. Edward Irby,  
George Washington Irby,  
Walter Mandeville Irby,  
Elizabeth Ann Irby,  
Sarah Irby,  Dr. Richard H.L. Burke,  Thomas W. Epes,  
Virginia Irby,  Dr. Jethro Meriwether Hurt,   
Mary Frances Irby,  Dr. Joseph A. Jones,  
Minerva Irby,  
Robert Stith,  Mary Townsend Washington,  
Susan Stith,  Thornton,  
Frances Townsend Stith,  
Elizabeth Bolling Stith,  George Feild,   
Mary Stith,  Rev. John Parsons,  Helm,  Byrd Page,  
Ann Wray Stith,  David M. Meade,   
Putnam Meade,  
Ellen M. Meade,  John Feild,   
Mary Ann Meade,  
Andrew Meade,  
Amelia Meade,  
Arthur David Meade,  
Oliver Meade,  Mary E. Bonner,  
Ellen Meade,  Clark,  
David Andrew Meade,  
Oliver H. Meade,  
Robert Everard Meade,  Martha T. Ashby,  Elizabeth Stanfield Taylor,  
Lucy Ashby Meade,  Cornelius Tacitus Allen,   
Robert T. Meade,  
Elizabeth T. Meade,  Cornelius Tacitus Allen,   
Waller Lee Meade,  
Nancy B. Meade,  
Susan T. Meade,  
John Stith,  Maria Meade,   Sarah B. Mason,  
Putnam Stith,  
Richard Stith,  Jane Maclin,   
Buckner Stith,  Elizabeth Jones,   
Ann Walker,  Edward Featherston Sadler,   
David Buckner Stith,  Pegram,  
Ferdinand Stith,  Cornelia Dickinson,  
Ann Stith,  Thomas Eaton,  Anne Bland,   Mary Jones,   
William Eaton,  Seigniora Macon,  Nathaniel Macon,  William Eaton Jr.,  
Eliza Hickman,  Peter Hansbrough Bell,  
Thomas Buckner Eaton,  
Catherine Stith,  Robert Bolling,   
Griffin Stith,  Frances Townsend,  Thornton Washington,  Thomas Watkins,  Edward Featherston Sadler,   
Susanna Stith,  Andrew Meade,   John Abernathy Jr.,  
David M. Meade,  Ann Wray Stith,   
Maria Meade,  John Stith,   
Richard Kidder Meade,  Mary Martin Parsons Thweatt,   
Mary Matilda Meade,  Mary Bettie Goodwyn,  
Amelia Meade,  Albert Thweatt Goodwyn,   
Robert G. Montgomery,  
John Andrew Meade,  Eliza Jane Turnbull,   
Eliza Turnbull Meade,  
Robert Booth Meade,  
Theophilus Meade,  
David Buckner Meade,  
Anna Feild Meade,  Dr. Creed Haskins,   
Dr. Richard Edward Haskins,  Mary Amanda Thweatt,  Louisa E. Thweatt,  Richard Noble Thweatt,   
Thomas Haskins,  
Dr. Carter Haskins,  
Ann Weldon Haskins,  
Meade Haskins,  
Weldon Haskins,  
Richard Haskins,  
Louise Thweatt Haskins,  
Julia Maria Haskins,  Robert W. Harrison,  
Theophilus Meade,  Susan Edmunds Haskins,   
Richard Kidder Meade,  Julia Edmunds Haskins,  
India Meade,  Pannell,  
Julia E. Meade,  Nichols,  
Susan Meade,  William N. Bolling,  
Richard Kidder Meade,  
Hugh Everard Meade,  
Mary Meade,  
Marion Meade,  Osborne,  
Dr. David Meade,  
Dr. David Everard Meade,  
India Meade,  
Maria E. Meade,  Rev. John Grammer Jr.,  
Mary Grammer,  Nathaniel T. Green,  
Rev. John Grammer,  Lucy Page,  
David Withers Grammer,  
Matilda F. Meade,  Richard A. Wilkins,  
Susan F. Meade,  Dr. Aaron B. Haskins,  
Harriet Meade,  Peter Edward Scott,  Robert Randolph,  
Marietta E. Meade,  Dr. Robert Nathan Booth,  Friend,  
Ann Meade,  Dr. Richard Feild,   
Susanna Meade,  Richard Fitzhugh,  
William Munford,  Edward Munford,   Thomas Jones,  
Prudence Ward,   
Robert Munford,  Ann Brodnax,   
Vivion Brooking,   
John Munford,  
Robert Munford,  
James Munford,  
Henry Munford,  
Martha Munford,  William Deloney,   
Robert James Deloney,  
Elizabeth Bolling Deloney,  Dr. Richard M. Berrien,  Maj. Robert Taylor,  
Mary Martha Kerr,  
Anne Elizabeth Munford,  Booker Ramsey,  
Susannah Munford,  
Rebecca Munford,  
Clarissa Munford,  
Thomas Bolling Munford,  Robert Munford,   Jane Watson,   
Edward Munford,  Thomas Bolling Munford,   Elizabeth Hall,  Edward Brodnax,   John Hall,   
James Hall Munford,  Elizabeth Rebecca Power,  William P. Munford,  
Martha Elizabeth Munford,  
Susanna Munford,  
Thomas Munford,  
Sarah (—) Munford,  
Thomas Cincinnatus Munford,  
Anne Bolling,  John Hall,  John Hall,   
Isham Thompson,  
William Watson,   James Munford,   Wood Jones,   
Hugh Miller,   
Stith Bolling,  Elizabeth Hall,  Edward Brodnax,   Edward Munford,   
Robert Hall,  Mary Watson,   
Hugh Hall,  Mary (—) Hall,  Mary Dixon,  Thomas Harrison,  
Samuel Seward,  William Seward,  Mary Dixon Seward,  
William Parham,  
Dixon Hall,  Ann Hunt,  Thomas Hunt,  
Thomas Clements,  Daniel Rainey,  
Kennon Dixon,  
Millie DeJarnett,  Millie Hutchinson,  Priscilla Baugh,  
William Hall,  
Bolling Hall,  Jane Abercrombie,  Charles Abercrombie,  
Frederick Hall,  Margaret Jordan,  
Leonard Hall,  
Elizabeth Hugh Hall,  Charles Hines,  William Hines,  Rebecca —,  
Micajah Hines,  
Rhoda Hines,  Joseph Turner,  
Elizabeth Hines,  Lewis Tyus,  
Mary Hall Hines,  Henry Dixon,  
Mary Hall,  Robert Starke,   Mary Bolling,   
Elizabeth Hall,  David Holt,  Richard Hayes,   
James Munford,   John Willson,   
John Childers,  Thomas Speed,  Thomas Ladd,   
John Childers,   
Dicey Holt,  William Worsham,  
Mary Holt,  William Fisher,  
Lucy Hall,  Richard Stith,  Drury Stith,  Elizabeth Buckner,  
Ann Stith,  Drury Hardaway,   
Benjamin Stith Hardaway,  
Lucy Ann Hardaway,  Rev. John Stith,  Joseph Stith,   
Joseph Edwin Hardaway,  Mary Board,  Martha Ann Stith,  Richard Stith,   
William Henry Hardaway,  Harriet E. Stith,  Thomas Stith,   
Thomas Parsons Hardaway,  Ann Stith,   
Richard Buckner Hardaway,  Elizabeth Stith,   
Joseph Stith,  Nancy Cook,  George Cook,  Agnes —,  
William Bathurst Stith,  Harriet B. Hall,  William Hall,  Mary —,  
Richard Stith,  Elizabeth Ann Jordan,  William Jordan,  
Thomas Stith,  Ann McGee,  
John Stith,  
Mary Stith,  Board,  
Elizabeth Stith,  Richard Buckner Hardaway,   
Buckner Stith,  
Ann Stith,  Thomas Parsons Hardaway,   
Joseph Stith,  
Martha Stith,  Hynes,  
Lucy Stith,  
Elizabeth Buckner Stith,  Jesse Moorman,  
Mary Stith,  Richard Hightower,  
Benjamin Stith,  
Thomas Stith,  Rhoda Jones,  
Rev. John Stith,  Susanna Hightower,  
Katherine Stith,  James Jones,  
Martha Stith,  
William Stith,  Nancy Jones,  Thomas Jones,  
Richard Stith,  Betsy Jones,  Thomas Jones,  
John Hall,  William Thompson,  William Hudson,  
Ann Hunt Kennon,   
John Henry Hall,  
Lucy Kennon Hall,  James Montfort,  
Anne Hall,  Joseph Hardaway,   Daniel Hardaway,   
Lucy Hardaway,  Edward Hall,  
Drury Hardaway,  Ann Stith,   
Mason Hardaway,  William Davis,  
Ann Hardaway,  
Bolling Hall,  Alexander Bolling,   
Mason Hall,  
Martha Hall,  
Lucy Bolling,  Peter Randolph,   Richard Randolph,   
Archibald Cary,  Richard Randolph,   John Hales,  Seth Ward Sr.,   
William Randolph,  Mary Skipwith,   
Peter Skipwith Randolph,  Elizabeth Southall,  James Southall,  Frances Jones,  Thomas Osborne,   George Markham,   
William Beverley Randolph,  Sarah Rutherford,  Thomas Rutherford,  
Elizabeth Randolph,  
Col. Beverley Randolph,  
Martha Cocke,   
Lucy Bolling Randolph,  William Randolph,   
Thomas Beverley Randolph,  Maria Barbara Mayer,  
Ann Cary Randolph,  William Strother Jones,  
William Fitzhugh Randolph,  Jane Cary Harrison,  
Robert Randolph,  Elizabeth Carter,  Charles Carter,  
Elizabeth Carter Randolph,  Thomas Turner,  
Peter Beverley Randolph,  Lavinia R. Heth,  Henry Heth,  
Anne Fitzhugh Randolph,  Charles L. McKenna,  
Robert Lee Randolph,  Mary Buckner Thurston Magill,  Rev. Alfred Magill Randolph,  
Capt. Charles Carter Randolph,  Mary Anne Fauntleroy Mortimer,  
Lucy Bolling Randolph,  Dr. Richard Chichester Mason,  
Landonia Randolph,  
Mary Braxton Randolph,  Hill Carter,  
Anne Randolph,  William Fitzhugh,  Henry Fitzhugh,  Lucy Carter,  Robert Carter,  
Ann Fitzhugh,  Craig,  
Mary Lee Fitzhugh,  George Washington Parke Custis,  
Mary Randolph Custis,  Robert Edward Lee,  
William Henry Fitzhugh,  Goldsborough,  
Robert Bolling,  
Jane Bolling,  Hugh Miller,  John Hall,   
Anne Miller,  Sir Peyton Skipwith,   
Lelia Skipwith,  George Carter,  St. George Tucker,  
Dr. Charles Carter,  
Mary Walker Carter,  Joseph Carrington Cabell,   
Sir Grey Skipwith,  Harriet Townsend,  
Peyton Skipwith,  Cornelia Green,  
Jean Miller,  Sir Peyton Skipwith,   
Helen Skipwith,  Tucker Coles,  
Selina Skipwith,  John Coles,  
Horatio Skipwith,  
Humberstone Skipwith,  
Robert Miller,  
Hugh Miller,  
Lillias Miller,  Dr. John Ravenscroft,  Thomas Ravenscroft,  
Martha Bolling,  Col. Richard Eppes,  Francis Epes,  
Tabitha Adams,   
Francis Epes,  
Sarah Epes,  
Martha Bolling Epes,  Henry Walker,  
Ann E. Walker,  John S. Clack,   James Clack,   
Jane Walker,  John Shaw Feild,   
Richard Henry Walker,  Nancy Vaughan,  
Tabitha Walker,  Robert Boyd,   
Francis Epes Walker,  
Sally H. Walker,  Edmund H. Vaughan,  
Susanna Bolling,  Alexander Bolling,  Stith Bolling,  Elizabeth Hartwell,  
Robert Bolling,   
Elizabeth Bolling,  Peter Jones,  Dr. Christopher Manlove,  Mary Epes Sturdivant,   
Jane Manlove,  Joseph Bass,   
Rebecca Bolling Manlove,  
Thomas Bolling Manlove,  Nancy (—) Turnbull,  Charles Turnbull,   
Robert Bolling,  Frances Green,  Clara (Yates) Bland,   William Gilliam,   John Bland,  
John Bolling,  
Elizabeth Yates Bolling,  
Robert Bolling,  Mary (—) Bolling,  
Maria E. Bolling,  David Baker Kennedy,  
Clara Bolling,  Napoleon S. Matthews,  
Susanna P. Bolling,  John E. Stewart,  
William Henry Bolling,  
Anna Bolling,  
Susanna P. Bolling,  Samuel Gilliam,   
Stith Bolling,  Charlotte Edmunds,   Thomas Jeffress,   
Rebecca Brown Bolling,  Melchijah Spraggins,   
Alexander Bolling,  
Robert Bolling,  Lucy Bass,  
Charlotte Edmunds Bolling,  Paschal Jennings Fowlkes,   
Robert Bolling,  Mary A.E. Stokes,  Martha P. Mann,  
John Stith Bolling,  Mary Thomas Irby,  Gen. Stith Bolling,  
Stith Bolling,  Elizabeth Perkinson,   
Edmunds Bolling,  
Thomas Bolling,  Eliza Williams,   
Anne Bolling,  
John Bolling,  
Alexander Bolling,  Mary Pryor,   Daniel Fisher,  
Susanna Bolling,  
Sally Bolling,  
Col. Robert Bolling III,  John Ruffin,   
Martha Banister,   William Starke,   
Mary Marshall Tabb,   Thomas Tabb,   
Richard Hill,   Joel Tucker,  Bolling Starke,   Richard Hill,   
Capt. Thomas Tabb Bolling,  Seignora Peyton,  Sir John Peyton,  Frances Cooke,  
John Peyton Bolling,  Anne Feild Gilliam,   
Frances Cooke Bolling,  Dr. Richard Everard Meade,   David Meade,   
Martha Tabb Bolling,  Thomas Tabb,   Col. J.H. Ross,  
Harriet Bolling,  Charles Eggleston,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Thomas Redford Bolling,  Mary Pleasants Carter,  
William Smith Bolling,  Pocahontas Anne Robertson,   Mary Duley,  
Aletta Bolling,  Sophia Sully,  
Robert Bolling,  
Yelverton de Mallet Bolling,  Sophia Sully,  
Warner T. Bolling,  Harriet Smith,  
Rebecca Bolling,  
Robert Bolling IV,  Mary Burton Bolling,   Catherine Stith,   Sally Washington,  Lawrence Washington,  Eliza Dade,  Ann Dade Stith,  Buckner Stith,  Anne Dade,  
Mary Burton Augusta Bolling,  John Munro Banister,   
Robert Stith Bolling,  
Rebecca P. Bolling,  John Blackwood Strachan,  
Lucy Ann Bolling,  N. Snelson,  
Ann Robertson Bolling,  John N. Campbell, D.D.,  
Martha Stith Bolling,  Martin Slaughter,  E.C. Freeman,  
Robert Buckner Bolling,  Sarah Melville Minge,  John Minge,  Sarah S. —,  
Dr. Robert Hagdorn Bolling,  
George Washington Bolling,  Martha Smith Nicholls,  William S. Nicholls,  Margaret —,  
Anne Bolling,  Dr. John Shore II,  
Dr. John Shore I,  
John Shore,  
Thomas Shore,  Mary Harriet Bolling,  
Dr. Robert Shore,  Louisa Fitzgerald,   Martha Anne (Fletcher) Hardaway,   Dr. John Segar Hardaway,   
Louisa Fitzgerald Shore,  Robert Fitzgerald Ward,   
Dr. William Shore,  
Dr. Henry Edwin Shore,  Eliza Eppes Ward,  Henry Ward,  Sarah Ann Branch,   Anne Catherine (Epes) Scott,  
Mary Shore,  Boyd,  
Anne Elizabeth Shore,  Richard Baugh Batte,   Martha Batte,   
Rebecca Marshall Shore,  Benjamin Jones,  
Sarah Shore,  
Frances Bolling,  John Lemessurier,  
Mason Bolling,  
Richard Cocke,  
Alice (—) Cocke,  
Richard Cocke,  Jane (—) Cocke,  
Alice Cocke,  
Mary Cocke,  
Mary Cocke,  Richard Epes,  Robert Pleasants,  
Elizabeth Epes,  Samuel Harwood,   
Mary Ann Epes,  Dr. William Torborn,  John Ridlehurst,  William Hardyman,  
Richard Epes,  Christian Robertson,  Archibald Robertson,   Elizabeth Poythress,  
Richard Epes,  
Archibald Epes,  
Thomas Epes,  Martha (—) Epes,  
Robertson Epes,  
Elizabeth Epes,  Maitland,  
Christian Epes,  William Gilliam,   
Mary Epes,  Benjamin Cocke,   
Elizabeth Christian Cocke,  
Dr. Richard Cocke,  Dr. Richard Epes,  Josephine D. Horner,  Elizabeth Welsh Horner,  
Josephine D. Cocke,  
Mary Cocke,  
Agnes Cocke,  
Richard Cocke,  
Emily Cocke,  
Christian Cocke,  
Alfreda Cocke,  
Mary Cocke,  
John Cocke,  
William Epes,  
 Edward Cocke (-1726),  
Mary (—) Cocke,  Abraham Hamlin,  
Mary Cocke,  Rabley Vaughan,  John Nance,  
Sarah Vaughan,  Brothers Finch,  Edward Finch,  Agnes —,  
Edward Finch,  Thomas Holt,  Martha Ballard,  
William Finch,  
Martha Finch,  Thomas Carleton,   
Mary Cocke Finch,  
Elizabeth Finch,  Daniel Weldon Easley,  
Sarah Finch,  
Martha Vaughan,  Hill,  
William Vaughan,  Ann Dancy,  John Dancy,  
Nancy Vaughan,  John Nance,  
Hannah Vaughan,  Wilcox,  
Martha Cocke,  Poindexter,  Thomas Vaughan,  
Edward Cocke,  Mary (—) Cocke,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Maj. Thomas Massie - Revolutionary War Gen. Thomas Adams Smith - War of 1812
Joshua Fry - Revolutionary War William Adams Fry - Revolutionary War
John Hartwell Cocke - War of 1812 Francis Thornton - War of 1812
Col. John Cary - Revolutionary War Miles Cary - War of 1812
John Royall Walke - War of 1812 Turner Southall - Revolutionary War
Maj. Stephen Southall - Revolutionary War Charles Scott Venable - Civil War
James Barrett Southall - War of 1812 Joshua Storrs - Revolutionary War
Maj. John Russell - Revolutionary War Archibald Pleasants - Revolutionary War
Nathaniel Venable - Revolutionary War Maj. Thomas Watkins - Revolutionary War
William Lewis Venable - War of 1812 Obediah Woodson - Revolutionary War
Jacob Woodson - Revolutionary War Samuel Morton - Revolutionary War
Samuel Flournoy Spencer - Revolutionary War Nathan Green McGehee - War of 1812
Col. John Morton - Revolutionary War Col. John Morton - French and Indian War
Lt. James Morton - Revolutionary War Obediah Morton - War of 1812
Edward Goode - Revolutionary War Littleberry Mosby - Revolutionary War
Joseph Michaux - Revolutionary War Richard Waters Michaux - War of 1812
William Lewis Morton - War of 1812 William Morton - Revolutionary War
Henry N. Watkins - War of 1812 Joseph Morton - Revolutionary War
Capt. Jacob Morton - Revolutionary War John Smith Pleasants - War of 1812
William Sterling Smith - Revolutionary War Sgt. Samuel Morton - French and Indian War
William Morton - Revolutionary War John Morton - Revolutionary War
Joseph Morton - Revolutionary War Jehu Morton - Revolutionary War
David Walker - War of 1812 Bolling Walker - War of 1812
Harrison Henry Cocke - War of 1812 Harrison Henry Cocke - Mexican War
Harrison Henry Cocke - Civil War Col. John Stith - Revolutionary War
John A. Stith - Civil War Cincinnatus Stith - War of 1812
Capt. Edward Irby - Civil War George Washington Irby - Civil War
Walter Mandeville Irby - Civil War David Andrew Meade - Civil War
Oliver H. Meade - Civil War Robert Everard Meade - Civil War
Robert Turner Meade - Civil War Peter Hansbrough Bell - Mexican War
Thomas Creed Haskins - Civil War Richard Kidder Meade - Civil War
Hugh Everard Meade - Civil War Edward Munford - Revolutionary War
James Hall Munford - Revolutionary War Joseph Stith - Revolutionary War
Beverley Randolph - Revolutionary War Robert Randolph - Revolutionary War
Robert Edward Lee - Civil War William Henry Fitzhugh - War of 1812
Thomas Bolling Manlove - War of 1812 Robert Bolling - Revolutionary War
William Henry Bolling - Civil War Gen. Stith Bolling - Civil War
Thomas Tabb Bolling - Revolutionary War John Peyton Bolling - War of 1812
John Blackwood Strachan - War of 1812  

U.S. presidents and vice presidents
Harry S Truman  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Thomas Adams - U.S. Peter Early - U.S.
Joshua Fry Bell - U.S. George Booth Cary - U.S.
Charles Cutts - U.S. Abraham Bedford Venable - U.S.
Harry S Truman - U.S. Nathaniel Macon - U.S.
Peter Hansbrough Bell - U.S. Richard Kidder Meade - U.S.
William Fitzhugh - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
George William Smith - Virginia Peter Early - Georgia
Oliver P. Morton - Indiana Henry Watkins Allen - Louisiana
Peter Hansbrough Bell - Texas Beverley Randolph - Virginia

Legislators - colonial and state
Richard Cocke - Virginia Richard Cocke - Virginia
Bowler Cocke - Virginia Bowler Cocke Jr. - Virginia
Eugene C. Massie - Virginia Robert Whitehead - Virginia
Bland Massie - Virginia Col. Richard Adams - Virginia
George William Smith - Virginia John Adams - Virginia
Richard Epes - Virginia Thomas Adams - Virginia
Francis Smith - Virginia Peter Early - Georgia
Col. John Fry - Virginia Joshua Fry - Virginia
Joshua Fry Bell - Kentucky Richard Cocke - Virginia
Hartwell Cocke - Virginia John Hartwell Cocke - Virginia
Nicholas Faulcon - Virginia Col. Daniel Coleman - Virginia
Robert Cocke - Virginia Richard Cocke - Virginia
Benjamin Cocke - Virginia Allen Cocke - Virginia
Gen. James Allen Bradby - Virginia William Acrill I - Virginia
William Acrill II - Virginia Richard Cary - Virginia
Richard Cary - Virginia Col. John Cary - Virginia
Gill Armistead - Virginia Miles Cary - Virginia
Miles Cary Selden - Virginia William Hartwell Macon - Virginia
Benjamin Watkins - Virginia Turner Southall - Virginia
Joseph Wells Southall - Virginia Valentine Wood Southall - Virginia
James Cocke Southall - Virginia Stephen Valentine Southall - Virginia
John Thompson Brown - Virginia Charles Cutts - New Hampshire
Gervas Storrs - Virginia Nathaniel Venable - Virginia
Abraham Venable - Virginia Abraham Bedford Venable - Virginia
Richard N. Venable - Virginia Archibald D. Alexander - Virginia
Samuel Morton - North Carolina Col. John Morton - Virginia
Henry Watkins Allen - Louisiana Henry Watkins Allen - Mississippi
Littleberry Mosby - Virginia Jacob Michaux - Virginia
John Benjamin Watkins - Virginia Joseph Michaux - Virginia
Theodorick B. McRobert - Virginia William Morton - Virginia
John H. Marshall - Virginia Jacob Morton - Virginia
William H. Dennis - Virginia John Smith Pleasants - Virginia
Robert Bolling I - Virginia Bolling Stark - Virginia
George Ruffin - Virginia Freeman Buckner Irby - Mississippi
Robert Everard Meade - Virginia William Eaton - North Carolina
Andrew Meade - Virginia Creed Haskins - Virginia
Richard Kidder Meade - Virginia Robert Munford - Virginia
William Deloney - Virginia Peter Randolph - Virginia
Beverley Randolph - Virginia William Fitzhugh Randolph - Virginia
William Fitzhugh - Virginia Tucker Coles - Virginia
Francis Epes - Virginia Francis Epes Walker - Virginia
Alexander Bolling - Virginia Robert Bolling - Virginia
Gen. Stith Bolling - Virginia Robert Bolling - Virginia
John Peyton Bolling - Virginia Robert Buckner Bolling - Virginia
Richard B. Batte - Virginia  

Members of the Virginia Council of State
Col. Thomas Bowler Peter Randolph

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
James D. Wood Nathaniel Venable
Richard N. Venable Col. John Morton
Charles Allen James Venable
William Morton Jacob Morton

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
Robert Bolling II Dr. David Walker
Dr. Thomas Withers Philip Haxall
James Munford Alexander Bolling
Robert Bolling Col. Robert Bolling
Thomas Tabb Bolling Robert Bolling IV
Robert Buckner Bolling  

Names on the map
Fort Smith, Arkansas, named for Gen. Thomas Adams Smith Early County, Georgia named for Peter Early

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