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 7050   Rev. Thomas Mallory (c.1566-1644)
Pedigree Chart 07

Rev. Thomas Mallory, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Rev. Thomas Mallory might describe his life as follows.

My father, Sir William Mallory, a Member of Parliament, was descended from the ancient Mallory family of Yorkshire, England. Among his ancestors was Henry II, King of England. Mother was Ursula Gale, the daughter of Sir George Gale, the mayor of York.
I was probably about 16 of age when I enrolled at Cambridge University 29 September 1582. I held ecclesiastical offices at Ronaldskirk in the North Riding of York, was Dean of Chester beginning 25 July 1607, and was parson of Mobberly Church from 1621 on.
The mother of my 14 children was Elizabeth Vaughan, the daughter of Richard Vaughan, Bishop of London. Daughter Mary married John Batte, later of Virginia. Son Philip, also a clergyman and chaplain of the Grand Assembly in Jamestown, served in the Colony of Virginia 1657-61. Our grandsons Thomas and Roger Mallory were Virginians, too, and among their descendants were 4 congressmen.
One of my most famous descendants is John Mercer Langston, whose parents could not marry because his mother was of African heritage. John was the first African-American lawyer in Ohio and a U.S. congressman. Langston University in Oklahoma was named for him.
During the English Civil War between King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, my sons and I backed the king. Forced to flee from my rectory at Mobberly in 1642, I took refuge at Chester where I died 3 April 1644 and was buried in the cathedral. Elizabeth was still living as late as 1661.

No probate records exist for Dean Mallory. He died just as the Civil War began and it is presumed that his heirs feared pursing his estate for fear they would expose themselves to the anti-royalists.

Thomas’ parents
Sir William Mallory succeeded to the titles of Studley and Hutton when his elder brother Christopher Mallory died 23 March 1553/54. In 1569 the Catholic Earls of Northumberland and Westmoreland in the North of England rose up against the Protestant Queen Elizabeth. Sir William was on the side of the Queen, giving reports and advice to the Earl of Sussex. In 1570 he was appointed high steward of Ripon, an office he held for life.
Sir William was a member of parliament for Yorkshire in 1585 and was a high sheriff of the county in 1592. He suppressed Catholics and aggressively advanced the Protestant Reformation. In 1575 the Commissioners at York for Ecclesiastical Causes asked him to pull down the golden tabernacle at Ripon, Brest Lowe, and to use the materials in repairing the chancel. They buried him at Ripon 22 March 1602/3 (will dated 15 June 1586 and proved 5 April 1603).
Gale left his daughter Ursula and her husband £20 in his will of 1536.

Elizabeth’s parents
Richard Vaughan was born about 1550 at Nyffryn in Llyn, Carnarvonshire, the second son of Thomas ap Robert Vychan, or Vaughan. Richard Vaughan enrolled at Cambridge 16 Nov. 1569, receiving a B.A. in 1573/4 and an M.A. in 1577.
Richard was successively Canon of St. Paul’s Cathedral (1583-4), and Bishop of Bangor (1596), and of Chester (1597). In 1604 King James I promoted Vaughan to the Bishopric of London as successor to Bancroft and he was enthroned 26 Dec. 1607. He died of apoplexy 30 March 1607/8 and was buried in Bishop Kemp’s Chapel at St. Paul’s.

Pedigree Chart 14
Thomas Mallory
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
William Mallory (-1475) [1]
John Mallory
Dionisia Tempest (-1452) [2]
Sir William Mallory of Studley and Hutton (-1498)
Lawrence Hamerton
Isabel Hamerton
Sir John Mallory of Studley and Hutton (1473-1528)
Sir John Constable (-1473) [2]
Joan Constable
Lora Fitzhugh (-1452)
See Pedigree Chart 15
Sir William Mallory of Studley and Hutton (1497-1547)
Edmund Thwaites (-1501)
Margaret Thwaites
Sir William Mallory of Studley and Hutton (1530-1603)
Sir John Norton
Joan Norton
Sir Roger Ward
Margaret Ward
Thomas Mallory (c1566-1644)
Sir George Gale (-1536)
Ursula Gale

[1] William Mallory was 7 generations descended from Sir Anketin Mallory who lived around 1240 and was the earliest known Mallory ancestor.
[2] Dionisia Tempest and Sir John Constable were descended through roughly 20 generations from Louis, “The German” (805-876), the son of Louis I of France and the grandson of Charlemagne (722-814).

Pedigree Chart 15
Lora Fitzhugh
18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Henry, Third Lord Fitzhugh (1358-1425)
William Lord Fitzhugh (1399-1452)
Robert of Rotherfield
John de Grey
John Lord Grey of Rotherfield (1300-1359)
William Odingsells of Warwick (-1295)
Margaret Odingsells
Robert Fitzwalter (-1235)
Sir Walter Fitz Robert (-1258)
Ella Fitz Robert
Henry II, King of England
William Longspree, Earl of Salisbury
Fair Rosamond
Ida Longspree
Sir Robert de Grey (-1367)
John Lord Marmion
Elizabeth de Grey
Herbert St. Quentin
Lora St. Quentin
Lora Fitzhugh (-1452)
William de Willoughby, Fifth Baron (-1409)
Margery de Willoughby
Roger, Fifth Lord Strange of Knockin (-1382)
Lucy le Strange
Edmund Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel (-1326)
Aylyne Fitz Alan
Alice de Warren (-1338)

Descendants of Rev. Thomas Mallory
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Richard Mallory,  
Lucy Holland,  
 Sir William Mallory (1606-),  
 Rev. Thomas Mallory (1605-1671),  
Frances (—) Mallory,  
Thomas Mallory,  Mary (—) Longman,  Robert Longman,  
Francis Mallory,  Elizabeth Goodrich,  
John Williamson,  John Hatch,  
Clement P. Mallory,  Francis Mallory,  Roger Mallory,  William Mallory,  
Elizabeth Mallory,  
Ann Mallory,  Matthew Moody,  William Godfrey,  Elizabeth Godfrey,  
Philip Moody,  Judith Barber Fontaine,  
Ishmael Moody,  
Matthew Moody,  
John Mallory,  
Mary Mallory,  
Martha Mallory,  Charles Hamlin,  John Hamlin,  Ann Ravenscroft,  Joseph Carruthers,  
William Crawley,   Martha Goode,  Nancy Hamlin,  
Charles Hamlin,  Agnes Cocke,   
Mary Hamlin,  Richard Claiborne,   
John Hamlin,  Philadelphia Jones,   
Francis Mallory,  
Capt. Roger Mallory,  
George Nelson,  Mary (—) Nelson,  
John Buckner,  
William Mallory,  Anne Wythe,  Thomas Wythe Sr.,  
Col. William Claiborne,  Capt. William Armistead,  
Martin Bean,  Ann —,  
Hugh Ross,  
Francis Mallory,  Anne Johnson,  Edward Myhill,  Phillip Johnson,  Winifred Proby,  
Johnson Mallory,  Diana Tabb,  
Margaret Mallory,  Goodwin,  
Mary Mallory,  William Moore,  
Augustine Moore,  
Ann Mallory,  King,  
Edward Mallory,  Rachel (—) Mallory,  Diana (—) Wallace Bailey,  
Francis Mallory,  
Johnson Mallory,  
James Goodwin Mallory,  
William Mallory,  
Elizabeth Mallory,  Wallace,  
Francis Mallory,  
Francis Mallory,  Mary (—) Mallory,  Miles King,  
Charles King Mallory,  
Francis Mallory,  
Mary F. (—) Mallory,  
William Stevenson Mallory,  
Charles King Mallory,  
Catherine Beverly Mallory,  
Mary King Mallory,  
Elizabeth King Mallory,  John Page,  
Mary King Mallory,  M.G. Latues,  
Diana Mallory,  George Wray,  
William Mallory,  Mary —,  Mary Allen,  Thomas Roberts,  
Ephraim Mallory,  
William Mallory,  
Mary Mallory,  John Reade,  Elizabeth (—) Reade,  
Evan Owen,  
Mary Reade,  Richard Randolph,   John Bolling,   
Elizabeth Reade,  
Anne Mallory,  
Roger Mallory,  
Sarah (—) Mallory,  Jeremiah Morton,  
Uriel Mallory,  Hannah Cave,   
William Mallory,  Mary Gibson,  
Uriel Mallory,  Melinda Welch,  
John Mallory,  
Robert Mallory,  
James Mallory,  
Philip Mallory,  Sallie Morton,  Rebecca Gray,  
Sally Mallory,  Jack Smith,  
Polly Mallory,  Nathaniel Welch,  
Susan Mallory,  Oliver Terrill,  
Nancy Mallory,  Robert Terrill,  John Terrill,  Ann Towles,  
Uriel Terrill,  
Ellen Terrill,  Robert Lovell,  
Betsy Mallory,  Oliver Welch,  
Mary Mallory,  
Roger Mallory IV,  
Thomas Mallory,  Elizabeth Higgason,  
John Mallory,  
Henry Higgason Mallory,  Jane —,  Sarah (—) Mallory,  
Zachariah Mallory,  
Joel Mallory,  
Jane Mallory,  Griffith Dickinson,  
Henry Dickinson,  
Elizabeth Mallory,  Michael Blunt,  
Sarah Mallory,  
Thomas Mallory,  
Mary Mallory,  
Susanna Mallory,  
Charles Mallory,  
David Mallory,  
Thompson Mallory,  
Thomas Mallory,  
Judith Mallory,  
Elizabeth Mallory,  
Jane Mallory,  
Sarah Mallory,  
Lucy Mallory,  
Henry Mallory,  
William Mallory,  
John Mallory,  
Molly Mallory,  
Phillip Mallory,  
Elizabeth Mallory,  William Dickinson,  
David Dickinson,  
John Dickinson,  
Mary Dickinson,  
William Dickinson,  
Thomas Dickinson,  
Frances Dickinson,  
Roger Mallory,  
Jane Mallory,  
Charles Mallory,  Barbara Broche,  
Charles Mallory,  
Jane Mallory,  Capt. John Quarles,  John Ashley,  
James Quarles,  Elizabeth Minor,  
Ann Quarles,  John Quarles,   
Benjamin Isbell,   
John Quarles,  
Moses Quarles,  
James Gresham Quarles,  
Maj. Isaac Quarles,  Elizabeth Sutherland,  
Isaac Quarles,  Dicey King Pemberton,  Thomas Pemberton,  
John Sutherland Quarles,  
George Washington Quarles,  Martha Turner,  Benjamin Turner,  Mary Pollard,  
Mary Quarles,  Miles King,  James Turner,  
Jane Quarles,  Paul G. Jones,  
Elizabeth Sutherland Quarles,  Hardin Littlepage,  Edmund Littlepage,  
Sarah Coleman Quarles,  Thomas Littlepage,  
Margaret Quarles,  Archer Coleman,  
Archer Coleman,  Sarah —,  
Elizabeth Quarles,  
Henry Quarles,  
Francis West Quarles,  
Henry Quarles,  
Ann Quarles,  
Lucy Quarles,  
Francis Quarles,  
Susanna Quarles,  
Sarah Quarles,  
Susanna Littlepage Quarles,  George Dabney,  
Ann Howell Quarles,  Foushee G. Tebbs,  
Eliza Quarles,  William Crowne,  
Benjamin Quarles,  
Molly Quarles,  Hilliard,  
Lucy Quarles,  Butler,  
Judith Quarles,  Moyler,  
Jane Quarles,  John Russell,  
James Quarles Russell,  
John Russell,  Susanna Pleasants,  
Elizabeth Russell,  
John Quarles,  
Aaron Quarles,  Ann Catherine Tunstall,  Richard Tunstall,  
Anne Quarles,  Daniel Isbell,   
James Isbell,  Frances George,   
George Isbell,  Mary Daniel,  William Collins,  William Willis,  
Rev. Reuben Pickett,  
Sarah Isbell,  Lewis Ragsdale,  
Anna Isbell,  Obediah Ligon,   
Mary Isbell,  
Agatha Isbell,  
John Isbell,  Polly Foster,  George Foster,  James Foster,  
George Isbell,  Mourning W. Medley,  James Medley,  
Thomas Daniel Isbell,  
Susannah Isbell,  Foster,  
Lucy Isbell,  John Woolfolk,   
Martha Isbell,  
Aaron Quarles,  Dorothy Waller,  Thomas Waller,  Elizabeth Dabney,  
Barbara Quarles,  William Starke,  
Aaron Quarles Starke,  
Tunstall Quarles,  Susanna Edwards,  Ambrose Edwards,  Wealthean Butler,  
William Edwards Quarles,  Elizabeth Haggin,  
Ambrose Quarles,  Elizabeth Manning,  
Annie Quarles,  Horatio Hall,  Archibald Kinkead,  
James Edwards Quarles,  Sally Wooldridge,  
Tunstall Quarles,  Parmelia Springer,  
James Quarles,  Mary —,  
Catherine Quarles,  Brightwell,  
John Quarles,  Frances Lipscomb,  Thomas Hill,  
John Quarles,  
Margaret Quarles,  James Butler,  Armistead Robins,  
Francis Quarles,  
Betty H. Quarles,  
Mary W. Quarles,  
Nathaniel Quarles,  
Jane Quarles,  Stanhope,  
Roger Quarles,  Jane Tunstall,  
Jane Quarles,  William Tandy,  
Sarah Quarles,  Roger Tandy,  
John Quarles,  
Richard Quarles,  Frances Powell,  John Powell,  
Roger Quarles,  Mary Goodloe,  
James Quarles,  Mary Pryor,  
John Quarles,  Rebecca Minor,  John Bowles,  
Maria Terrell Quarles,  
Garrett Minor Quarles,  Mary Johnson Poindexter,  
James Minor Quarles,  Mary Walker Thomas,  
Gen. William Andrew Quarles,  
Albert Gallatin Quarles,  Mary Minor,  Dabney Minor,  
Duncan McL. Quarles,  
Eliza Matilda Quarles,  Fleming Jones,  
Martha Minor Quarles,  Dr. Martin Wills,  
John Todd Quarles,  Mary Johnson Winston,  
Thomas Quarles,  
Ann Quarles,  Henry Washington,  
John Tinsley,   
Frances Maria Washington,  
Ann Catherine Harriet Washington,  
Robert Quarles,  Patsy Minor,  Garrett Minor,  Mary O. —,  
Dr. Pryor Quarles,  Joanna E. —,  
Louisa Anna Quarles,  Charles Rush Hall,  
Garrett Green Quarles,  
David Lewis Quarles,  
Robert Quarles,  
William Quarles,  Mary Mills,  Frances Vivian,  
Ann Quarles,  Richard Dickenson,   
Frances Quarles,  William Thompson,  
Mary Quarles,  Joseph Duke,  
William Quarles,  Lucy Johnson,  
Charles Quarles,  Ann Mills,  
Ralph Quarles,  Lucy Langston,  
Gideon Langston,  
Charles Langston,  
John Mercer Langston,  
Caroline Wall,  
Roger Quarles,  Jane Rodes Thompson,  
John Quarles,  Sally —,  
James Quarles,  
Jane Quarles,  
Martha Quarles,  
Moses Quarles,  Linton —,  
Solomon Quarles,  Dorothy Waller,  Aaron Quarles,   
Elizabeth Quarles,  Thomas Mallory,  
Mary Quarles,  John Terry,  John Reins,  
Sarah Quarles,  John Houchins,  
Waller Quarles,  Keziah Ellett,  
Moses Quarles,  
John Quarles,  Ann Grayson,  
John Quarles,  Ann Quarles,   
Elizabeth Quarles,  
Elizabeth Mallory,  Palmer,  Capt. Martin Palmer,   William Cobbs,  
 Capt. Martin Palmer,  
Elizabeth (—) Palmer,  Capt. Richard Crowshaw,  Capt. William Corker,  
William Cobbs,  Dr. Thomas Robins,  
William Knight,  
Capt. Martin Palmer,  Thomas West,   
Martin Palmer,  Joseph Oaks,  
Mary Vaughan,  Mildred Hardwick,  John Hardwick,  
Isham Prewitt,  Frances —,  
Chillian Palmer,  Mary Pettus,  John Pettus,  
Thomas Palmer,  Mary E. Elliott,  Thomas Colgate Elliott,   
Margaret Ann Palmer,  William Hill Wesson,  Charles Macon Wesson,  
Mary Elliott Palmer,  Benjamin E.W. Harris,  
Thomas Colgate Palmer,  Jane McCargo,   
John W. Palmer,  Ann —,  
Luke Palmer,  
Nancy Palmer,  
Martin Palmer,  
Dabney Palmer,  
Stephen Palmer,  
Sally Palmer,  Chappell,  
Rebecca Palmer,  
Isaac Palmer,  Martha Adams,  
Luke Palmer,  Henry Speed,  
Mary Foster,  William Foster,  
William Palmer,  
Annis Palmer,  Woodson Allen,  
Sally Palmer,  John Palmer,  Jeffrey Palmer,  
Lucy Palmer,  John Bailey,  
Catherine Palmer,  William Tarpley,  
Susanna Palmer,  LeGrand Palmer,  
Elizabeth S. Palmer,  Thomas Bailey Jr.,  
James Palmer,  
Asa Palmer,  
Isham Palmer,  
Mary Jane Palmer,  Jackson,  
James Palmer,  Elizabeth Hardwick,  
John Palmer,  Rebecca Hardwick,  
Charles Palmer,  Betsy Colvin,  
Anthony Claiborne Palmer,  Rebecca Abigail Ayers,  
Martin Palmer,  Sarah Hardwick,  Margaret (—) Palmer,  
Thomas Palmer,  Isabel Pavey,  
William Palmer,  Margaret Whitsett,  
Roger Palmer,  
Mary Palmer,  
Betty Palmer,  
Grace Palmer,  
Roger Palmer,  
William Palmer,  
Jeffrey Palmer,  Col. Bernard Moore,   
Thomas Palmer,  Mary (—) Palmer,  
John Palmer,  
Thomas Palmer,  
Martin Palmer,  
Nicholas Palmer,  
Daniel Palmer,  
Elizabeth Palmer,  
Charles Palmer,  
Charles Palmer,  
Philip Palmer,  
Nathaniel Palmer,  
Francis Palmer,  
Humphrey Palmer,  
Jane Palmer,  William Marles,  
Molly Palmer,  Thomas Rose,  
Jeffrey Palmer,  
Mourning Palmer,  Thomas Leigh,  
John Leigh,  
Ann Leigh,  
William Leigh,  
Thomas Leigh,  
Elizabeth Palmer,  Butler,  Robert Chandler,  
Mary Butler,  
John Chandler,  
Robert Chandler,  
William Chandler,  
Elizabeth Chandler,  
Lucy Chandler,  
Jemima Chandler,  
Lucy Palmer,  James Powers,  
Lucy Powers,  
John Powers,  
Mary Powers,  
Jack Powers,  
James Powers,  
Catherine Powers,  
John Mallory,  Mary (—) Mallory,  
John Mallory,  
Mary Mallory,  John Ford,  William Mallory,   
Jane Mallory,  Stamp,  
Susanna Mallory,  
 Katherine Mallory,  
Thomas Whittingham,  
 John Mallory (1612-),  
 Avery Mallory (1615-),  
 Everard Mallory,  
 Rev. Philip Mallory (1618-1661),  
Catherine Batte,   
 Jane (Mallory) Halford,  
John Halford,  
Thomas Halford,  Anne Halford,  
Elizabeth Halford,  Richard Halford,  
 Elizabeth (Mallory) Glover (1609-),  
Rev. Thomas Glover,  
 Mary (Mallory) Wryely (1610-1664),  
Rev. Edward Wryely,  
 Martha (Mallory) Batte (1611-1655),  
John Batte,   
 Francis Mallory,  
 son Mallory,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
European Notables
Sir William Mallory Member of Parliament  

Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Francis Mallory - Revolutionary War Uriel Mallory - Revolutionary War
Isaac Quarles - Revolutionary War Henry Quarles - Revolutionary War
Tunstall Quarles - Revolutionary War Tunstall Quarles - War of 1812
James Minor Quarles - Civil War William A. Quarles - Civil War
Thomas Quarles - Revolutionary War Robert Quarles - Revolutionary War
Charles Macon Wesson - Civil War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Francis Mallory - U.S. Tunstall Quarles - U.S.
James Minor Quarles - U.S. John Mercer Langston - U.S.

Legislators - colonial and state
John Hamlin - Virginia Thomas Wythe Sr. - Virginia
Charles King Mallory - Virginia Francis Mallory - Virginia
Charles King Mallory - Virginia Robert Mallory - Virginia
Tunstall Quarles - Kentucky Dabney Minor - Virginia
Martin Palmer - Florida  

Names on the map
Langston, Oklahoma, named for John Mercer Langston Langston University, Oklahoma, named for John Mercer Langston

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