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 7130   James Jones (c.1640-1719)
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James Jones, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Jones might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1640 and lived in the part of Charles City County that became Prince George in 1703. Because records of both counties are missing, I can reveal little about my life.
Not only was I a “cooper,” a maker of wooden barrels, I also owned many slaves to work the 1,100-acre plantation upon which I was taxed in 1704. 
Since I could not write, Gilbert Hay reduced my desires to a proper will. For example, I identified several slaves by name and told Hay to give the rest to my son James. I was “weak and sick” when Hay, Edward Prince, and Thomas Semple watched me put my proper mark on the paper 6 April 1719. 
My wife was then Sarah Wallis Mumford, the widow of John Wallis and briefly the wife of James Mumford.  I left, “my wife’s two sons, two Negro children.”
Because a Colonial widow had a right to a life-estate in a third of her husband’s property, she could choose to accept the terms of the will or take her “thirds,” as they called it. I died before 12 May 1719 when Sarah stated she had been justly dealt with and requested my will be probated. 
Not 2 months later, the court argued that the phrase Hay used, “All the rest and Residue of My personal Estate, goods and chattels whatsoever, I do give and bequeath to my Loving son James Jones, full and sole Executor…,” excluded my slaves because they were then real estate. Hay, who knew my intentions, convinced the court to give the rest of the slaves to James anyway. 
My family includes several congressmen and 4 North Carolina governors.

James and his son of the same name owned Indian slaves. In Aug. 1693 the court Judged Sue, an Indian Girl of James Jones, to be 7, and Sarah, an Indian girl of James Jones Jr. to be 4.  The county rewarded him 400 pounds of tobacco for killing two wolves in 1664. 

Jones land patents
James Jones secured patents to 3 tracts in Charles City County: 250 acres on Powell Creek in 1663,  734 acres in Weyanoke Parish in 1683,  and 364 acres in Westover Parish in 1685.  His 1683 acquisition was “att a place known as the Devil’s Woodyard.” He entered and surveyed 634 acres on Blackwater Swamp by June 1699 that he secured with a patent 28 Oct. 1702.  It was for 13 headrights including Edward Jones and William Jones. The land appeared to have been partly in Prince George and partly in Surry County.

Who was James’ first wife?
We do not know the name of James’ 1st wife, the mother of his children. She may have been related to the Christopher Lewis of Surry County who named James Jones, “cooper,” the executor of his will and left a legacy to James’ daughter Mary Jones (will dated 1 Sept. 1673  and proved 20 Oct. 1673). Yet neither the name Christopher nor Lewis appeared in the Jones family.

The last will and testament of James Jones

Will of James Jones
6 April 1719
In the name of God. Amen. I James Jones being weake and sick but of sound and perfect mind and memory, praise be therefor given to Almighty God, doe make and ordain this my present Last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say. First and principally I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, hoping through the merritts, Death and passion of my savior Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and to inherit everlasting Life; and my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor, hereafter named, and as touching the Disposition of all such Temporal estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me I give and dispose thereof as follows:
First. I will that my debts and funeral expenses shall be paid and discharged.
Item. I will that my loving wife have the Labour of four negroes during her natural life, they are named Will, Robin, Maria and Betty. Provided they are not removed off from the plantation I now live upon, if they are then Immediately to return to my executor, which plantation I will my wife shall live Upon during her life.
Item. I give to my wives two sons two negro children, one named James, the other unborn, the first child that either Betty or Maria shall bring to be the other, which two negro children to be Disposed of to my wives two sons as she shall think fitt, the unborn and the born child James to be and remain with their mothers till they come of age of two years and a half year.
My will is Likewise that my wife have during her life what household stuff my executor shall see fitt and that she shall have reasonable maintenance yearly out of my stock.
Item. I give to my daughter Mary Dardin my negro man Jo - during her life.
Item. I give to my daughter Elizabeth a negro named Hanna to be at her disposal to do as she sees fitt.
Item. I give to my daughter Hanna one negro named Jack to be at her disposal at her death or before as she sees fitt.
Item. I give to my daughter Rebecca two hundred acres of land, lying in Surry county, beginning from the Swamp up by the Spring, South, to the outline, that to be the head line, to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give to my Granddaughter Eliza Glover one hundred acres of land on the south side of Pond Runn, to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give to my grandson James Jones, this my plantation I live upon after my wifes Decease and all my land in Prince George county, after his father and mothers Decease, to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give to my Grandson Thomas Chappell one hundred acres of land lying in Surry County from the Swamp South, joining upon William Cocke [Cooke] above the outline, to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give to my Granddaughter Jane Cocke [Cooke], daughter of John Cocke [Cooke], on negro named Amy to her and her heirs forever as also one feather bed and bolster, one rug and on blanket, and if the ticke be bad Lett a new ticke be bought, as also two young cows, and young mair, One Iron Pot, two Pewter Dishes and one Doz. Of Spoons.
All the rest and Residue of My personal Estate, goods and chattels whatsoever, I do give and bequeath to my Loving son James Jones, full and sole Executor of this my last Will and testament and I do hereby revoke, disanull and make void all former wills and Testaments by me heretofore made.
In Witness whereof I the said James Jones to this my last will and testament do set my hand and seal this 6th day of April A.D. 1719.
James (X) Jones

James Jones, executor, presented the will a Merchant’s Hope 12 May 1719 and Edward Goodrich proved Sarah’s letter to the court.  Sarah sued her stepson, James Jones, 8 March 1719/20. 

Descendants of James Jones
Information about the children of James Jones, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (Jones) Williams Darden,  
Christopher Lewis,  John Williams,  
Richard Darden,  
Nicholas Butterworth,  Robert Bolling,   
John Williams,  
Charles Williams,  
James Williams,  Catherine Arthur,  
Olive (—) Williams,  
Charles Williams,  
Obedience Williams,  
Miles Williams,  
Charles Williams,  Thomas Chappell,   James Gee,  
Ann (—) Williams,  
Edward Prince,  
Elizabeth Leath,  Peter Leath,  
Charles Williams,  
Sarah Williams,  
Lucy Williams,  
John Williams,  
Mary Williams,  
John Williams,  
 Elizabeth (Jones) Chappell Taylor,  
Thomas Chappell,   
Thomas Taylor,  
William Harrison,  Rebecca —,  
Mary Tomlinson,  John Tomlinson,  
John Taylor,  Alexander Bruce,   Lucy (—) Taylor,  Thomas Bowery,  Jacob Morgan,   Jacob Mitchell,  John Mitchell,  
Thomas Taylor,  Penelope Goodwyn,  Thomas Goodwyn,  Mary —,  
Alexander Erskine,   
David Jones,  
Nathaniel Edwards,  Thomas Malone,  Amy Malone,  Jesse Taylor,  Phoebe Moody,   
Drury Malone,  
Thomas Taylor,  Priscilla (—) Taylor,  Roger Tillman,  James Mitchell,  John Duke,  
Thomas Taylor,  
John Taylor,  
William Taylor,  Hannah —,  
Henry Delony,   
Goodwyn Taylor,  Nancy Drumwright,  
Martha Taylor,  James Buckner,  
Christopher Taylor,  
William Ladd Taylor,  Mary Ambrose,  
Goodwyn Taylor,  Amey Malone,  Drury Malone,  
Ephraim Mabry,   John Holmes,  
Abel Dortch,   
Sarah Taylor,  Abel Dortch,   
Noah Dortch,  
Martha Taylor,  John Cleaton,  
Polly Jones Taylor,  James Watson,  
Elizabeth Taylor,  David Dortch,   
Susannah Taylor,  Thomas Watson,  
Nancy Taylor,  
Goodwyn Taylor,  Elizabeth Davis,  
John Taylor,  Kerenhappuch Cook,  
Penelope Taylor,  Herbert Cook,  
David Taylor,  Rebecca Dortch,   Nathaniel Edwards,  Randolph Davis,  
James Taylor,  Charles Clay,  Rebecca (—) Taylor,  
Thomas Taylor,  
James Taylor,  Priscilla Fox,   
John Taylor,  
Elizabeth Taylor,  John Williams,  
Rebecca Taylor,  John Turner,  
Sally Taylor,  Ambrose Daley,  
Mary Taylor,  John Holmes,   
John Holmes,  
Susanna Taylor,  John Cleaton,  James Lambert,   Edward Giles,  William Winstead,  Lewis Williams,  
Elizabeth Taylor,  Watson,  
Jones Taylor,  Joyce Lark,  Merritt Davis,  
Robert Taylor,  
Richard Taylor,  
Joyce Lark Taylor,  Willis Hundley,   
Jones Taylor,  Ann J. Vaughan,  
Thomas Taylor,  
Elizabeth Taylor,  John Chambliss,  
William Chambliss,  Elizabeth Rives,   
Theodorick Chambliss,  Anne Oliver,   
Frances Margaret Chambliss,  Richard B. Grigg,  Carroll Grigg,   
Martha Ann Grigg,  William G. Skillman,  
Eliza Frances Grigg,  Samuel G. Hardaway,  
Mary Jane Grigg,  
William Chambliss,  
William Chambliss,  Rebecca Graves,  Solomon Graves,  
Polly Chambliss,  Mitchell Grigg,   
William Grigg,  
Mary A.R. Grigg,  Thomas F. Jones,  
Susan Jane Grigg,  Henry Maclin,  
Elizabeth Rives Grigg,  
John G. Chambliss,  
William Chambliss,  
Nathaniel Rives Chambliss,  Mary Green,  Burwell Green,  Judith (—) Chambliss,  
William Chambliss,  
James Jared Chambliss,  Lucy Rives Newsom,  Randolph Newsom,  
John Randolph Chambliss,  Sarah John Rives Blow,  Winifred Gee Rives,  Gen. John Randolph Chambliss,  
Henrietta Chambliss,  Thomas William Walker,  
Evelina Chambliss,  Downman,  
Amanda M.F. Chambliss,  William H. Day,  Lucy Chambliss Day,  Thomas Staples Martin,  
Henry Chambliss,  Sarah Parham,  Seth Parham,  
Elizabeth Chambliss,  William Champion,  
Martha Chambliss,  George Malone,  
Sally Moyler,  
William Malone,  
Mary Green Malone,  
Nathaniel Malone,  
Susan Chambliss,  
Sarah Chambliss,  Wrenn,  
Mary Chambliss,  Burwell Grigg,   
Nathaniel Chambliss,  Martha Jones,  
Mary Chambliss,  Joshua Owen,  David Owen,  Mary —,  
Frances Chambliss,  Owen,  
Elizabeth Chambliss,  
Sarah Chambliss,  Abner Lanier,   
Judith Chambliss,  Benjamin Johnson,   
James Chambliss,  
John Chambliss,  
James Chambliss,  Amy Dunn,  William Dunn,  Sarah Moore,  Thomas Moore,  David Graves,  
John Chambliss,  
Betsy Chambliss,  Joel Hall,  
Martha Chambliss,  Charles Smith,  
Thomas Chambliss,  Sally Graves,  David Graves,  
Katherine Taylor,  Edward Holloway Jr.,  Hobbs,  
Charles Holloway,  Nathaniel Lewis,  
 David Dortch (-1782),  
Lucy (—) Dortch,  Lucy Russell,  
John Dortch,  Arthur Stamp,  Noah Barefoot,  
Joseph Lark,  Charles Burkes Jr.,  
William Dortch,  Susanna Burton,  
John Dortch,  
Jesse Dortch,  Ora Sanders,  
Young Dortch,  
Lewis Dortch,  Mary Speed,  Mary (—) White,  Carter White,  
Newman Dortch,  Sarah Speed,  
Noah Dortch,  Ann Lucas,  Benjamin Farrell,  
Noah Dortch,  
Maj. David Dortch,  Elizabeth Taylor,   
Abel Dortch,  Sarah Taylor,   
Mary Holmes,   
Helena Dortch,  Nathaniel Moss,  
Rebecca Dortch,  David Taylor,   
Lucy Dortch,  Iverson Ryland,  
 Hannah (Jones) Cooke,  
John Cooke,  William Cooke,  Joan Roper,  Reuben Cooke,  Thomas Cooke,  
Avis (—) Killingsworth,  William Killingsworth,  
John Cooke,  
Henry Cooke,  
Francis Steed,  John Lynch,  Henry Blunt,   
Mary (—) Cook,  Elizabeth (—) Cook,  Elizabeth Price,  
Sarah Cook,  George Rives,  William Rives,  Elizabeth —,  
Drury Cook,   
John Doby,  Elizabeth —,  
Elizabeth Rives,  James Massey,  William Massey,  
Ann Rives,  William Peebles,  
Winifred Peebles,  James Shelton,  
Benjamin Peebles,  Elizabeth Clark,  
George Peebles,  
Jenny Peebles,  Benjamin Woodruff,  
William Peebles,  Sarah Jarrett,  
Nathaniel Peebles,  Nancy Walton,  Lucy Clark,  
Frances Peebles,  
John Peebles,  
Benjamin Rives,  Mary —,  
William Rives,  Mary Young,  James Young,  Rebecca (—) Rives,  
Frances Rives,  Henry E. Jordan,  
Mary Cook,  Lanier,  James Lanier,   
Ann Cook,  Lowe,  Thomas Lowe,  
Elizabeth Cook,  David Peebles,   
Henry Cook,  
Eleanor (—) Cook,  David Peebles,   
Thomas Cook,  
Mary Cook,  
Salley Cook,  
Jane Cook,  John Cato,  George Cato,  Mary (—) Cato,  
Samuel Clark,  William Lee,  
William Lee,  Rebecca —,  
Robert Ruffin,   Henry Cook,   
Sterling Cato,  Elizabeth Harris,  
John Smith,  
Henry Cato,  
Tabitha (—) Cato,  Drury Cook,   
Mary Cato,  Peter Lee,  
Drury Cook,  George Rives,   Drusilla (—) Cook,  David Peebles,  John Turner,  Absalom Harris,  
John Cook,  Elizabeth Brown,   
Burrell Cook,  
Elizabeth Cooke,  
Joanna Cooke,  
Jane Cooke,  
 Rebecca (Jones) Cooke,  
William Cooke III,  William Cooke II,  Joan Roper,  William Briggs,  
Thomas Adkins,  
William Cooke IV,  Elizabeth Rives,  Col. William Rives,  Elizabeth Foster,  Peter Bagley Jr.,  Thomas Chappell,   
John Bonner,  Richard Knight,  David Jones,   
Thomas Goodwyn,  
Thomas Cooke,  
Sarah Cooke,  
Henry Cooke,  
Mary (—) Cook,  John Cato,   James Tomlinson,  
Mary Cooke,  Crump,  
Sarah Hart Cooke,  William Young,  
Uriah Cooke,  
Harry Cooke,  
Jack Cooke,  
Alexander Cooke,  
Sylvia Cooke,  
Hannah Cooke,  Goodwyn,  John Goodwyn,  Robert Goodwyn,  William Goodwyn,  Francis Goodwyn,  James Goodwyn,  Judith Thweatt,   
Elizabeth Cooke,  Irby,  
William Cooke V,  
James Cooke,  Elizabeth —,  David Jones,   
John Jones,   
Sarah Cooke,  
Foster Cooke,  
Rebecca Cooke,  
James Cooke,  Rebecca Wilkerson,  Nathan Wilkerson,  
Foster Cooke,  Silvia Clarke,  Holmes Jones,   
Benjamin Harrison Cooke,  
James Watkins Cooke,  
Nancy Cooke,  Capt. Henry Wyche,  
Foster Cooke,  Patsy W. Sills,  
John Cooke,  
James Cooke,  Mary (—) Cooke,  
William Cooke,  Susanna (—) Cook,  
Reuben Cooke,  Anne —,  
John Peebles,  David Jones,   
Mary Cook,  William Briggs,   
Lawrence Smith,  
Robert Smith,  
Peggy Smith,  Herbert Holloway,  
Richard Cook,  Mary Lucas,   
Rebecca Cook,  
Mary Cook,  John Bedingfield,   
Sarah Cook,  Benjamin Montgomery,  John Montgomery,  Elizabeth —,  
John Cook,  Elizabeth Cotton,  Richard Gray,  William S. Roe,  
Richard Cook,  
Eliza Cook,  Philip Shelley,  
Marcus Cook,  
Henry Cook,  
Sarah Cook,  John Justice,  
Elizabeth Cook,  Hill,  Benjamin Hill,  Sterling Hill,  Lawrence Smith,   
Catherine Hill,  Archibald Cotton,  Richard Cotton,  Betty —,  
Sarah Hill,  
Ann Hill,  
Henry Cook,  Rebecca Lucas,   
John Cook,  
Henry Cook,  
Amy Cook,  Lawrence Smith,  John Gilliam,  Charles Gilliam,   
Ann Gilliam,  William Blunt,  
Samuel Gilliam,  Susanna P. Bolling,   
Amy Ann Gilliam,  Edward Anderson,  
Susan Bolling Gilliam,  Dr. Francis Albert Willson,   
Eliza Yates Gilliam,  Joseph Goodwyn King,  Hopson,  
Maria Randolph Gilliam,  Thomas Claiborne Willson,   
Col. John William Gilliam,  Mary Elizabeth Coleman Goodwyn,   
Mary Eliza Gilliam,  Capt. Robert Nathaniel Neblett,  
Susan Bolling Gilliam,  Edward O. Fitzgerald,  
Albinia Jacetta Gilliam,  J.A. Johnson,  
Joseph Peterson Goodwyn Gilliam,  
John William Henry Gilliam,  
Samuel Yates Gilliam,  
Louisa Samuel Gilliam,  Thomas Ruffin,  
Roberta Clara Pocahontas Gilliam,  Daniel Wilson Bragg,  
Joseph Cook,  
Reuben Cook,  Mary (—) Cook,  
Adams,  Edward Weaver,  
William Cook,  
Sarah Cook,  
John Cook,  
Elizabeth Cooke,  Thomas Tomlinson,  
Rebecca Cooke,  James Anderson,  Mary Jordan,   
William Anderson,  
Sarah Cooke,  Henry Mitchell,  
Peter Mitchell,  William Irby,  
Henry Mitchell,  
William Mitchell,  Lucy —,  
Henry Mitchell,  
Antheny Mitchell,  Holman Southall,  Antheny Hancock,  Hannah Hancock,  
William Mitchell,  
Daniel Mitchell,  Drusilla —,  
James Mitchell,  
Joel Mitchell,  
Martha Mitchell,  
Mary Mitchell,  
Robert Mitchell,  
Samuel Mitchell,  
Mary Mitchell,  
Tabitha Mitchell,  
Elizabeth Mitchell,  Smith,  
Sarah Mitchell,  Smith,  
Rebecca Mitchell,  
Amy Mitchell,  
Mary Cooke,  William Briggs,   Hinchia Gilliam,   
John Bonner,  John Briggs,  
Elizabeth Briggs,  James Chappell,   
Mary Briggs,  Thomas Chappell,   
Amy Briggs,  Hinchia Gilliam III,   
John Briggs,  
William Briggs,  Mary Cook,   
William Briggs,  
Henry Briggs,  
Elizabeth (—) Briggs,  
Moses Pritchett,   
Richard Briggs,  
William Briggs,  Elizabeth Read,  William Read,  
Clement Read,  
John Gregory Claiborne,   
Henry Briggs,  Betsy H. Miskell,  
David Briggs,  
Lucretia Briggs,  Asa J. Pritchett,   
John Briggs,  
Sterling Briggs,  
William Briggs,  
Clement R. Briggs,  
Burwell Briggs,  
Elizabeth Briggs,  George Kirby,  
Frederick Briggs,  James Cooper,  
Ruth Briggs,  Elizabeth Briggs,   Thomas S. Maclin,   Mary Penn,  Thomas Gregory Davis,  
Lucy Briggs,  
Elizabeth Briggs,  
Salley Briggs,  
Rebecca Briggs,  William Talley,  
Elizabeth Talley,  
Mary Briggs,  John Penn,  
John Briggs,  Elizabeth Mason Chappell,   
Susanna Briggs,  
Lucretia Briggs,  
Ann Briggs,  
Winney Briggs,  
Rebecca Briggs,  Howell Chappell,   
Lucy Briggs,  
Susannah Cooke,  Michael Hill,  Michael Hill,  Elizabeth Mitchell,  
Elizabeth Hill,  
Ann Hill,  
Hannah Cooke,  Richard Gary,  
Mary Gary,  
Amy Cooke,  John Maclin,   
Edward Adams,  
Col. Frederick Maclin,  Priscilla Clements,  Benjamin Clements,  Lucy Rawlings,  Edward Goodrich,   
William Edwards,   
James Maclin,  Elizabeth Bullock,  Elizabeth (Taylor) Lewis,  William Bullock,  
Ann Maclin,  
Lucy Rollins Maclin,  William Townes,  
William Townes,  Susan Emmet Barksdale,   Nancy Elliott Barksdale,   
Elizabeth Taylor Maclin,  
Frances Bullock Maclin,  
William Bullock Maclin,  
Jane Eleanor Maclin,  Richard Apperson,  
James Frederick Maclin,  
Frederick Maclin,  Mary Spencer,  Robert Spencer,  
Nathaniel Maclin,  
Martha Maclin,  Joseph Saunders,  
Lucy Maclin,  John Lewis,  
Amy Maclin,  Richard Clack,   
Sterling Ruffin,   Ann Hardaway,   
Frederick Maclin Clack,  Mary C.S. Maclin,  
Elizabeth Maclin,  John Hardaway,   
Thomas Maclin,  Ann Willis,  Mildred (—) Willis,  John Willis,  Henry Speed,  
Francis Willis,  Augustine Willis,  
Mildred Maclin,  John Elliott,  
Willis Maclin,  
Augustine Frederick Maclin,  
Henry Maclin,  
Thomas S. Maclin,  Julia Edmunds,   Elizabeth Epes Jones,   
Augustine Willis Maclin,  Mary Jones,   
Thomas Maclin,  
Eliza Maclin,  Alfred B. Hill,  
Clara Maclin,  James Baugh Mallory,   
Ann Maclin,  John W. Charles,  
Sarah Maclin,  Frederick Jones,   
John Maclin,  Mary Wall,   
Alexander Watson,  
Mary Maclin,  John Mason,   William Harrison,  
Ira Ellis,  
Jane Maclin,  Richard Stith,   
William Stith,  
Eliza Stith,  Withers,  Chambliss,  
Richard P. Stith,  Cutler,  Mason,  Louisa Parham,  Smith Parham,  
Mary J. Stith,  
Susanna Stith,  
Irene Stith,  William J. Parham,   
David Meade Stith,  
Dr. William Meade Stith,  
Minerva E. Stith,  Edward Johnson,  
Dr. Irwin Stith,  Eliza Calvin,  
Maclin Stith,  Martha Epes,  Col. Francis Epes,  Matilda S. Mills,  
Leonidas Stith,  Wright,  
Julian Stith,  
Edmund Maclin,  Elizabeth Pettway,  
Irwin Maclin,  
William Maclin,  Winifred Wyche,  
Ann (—) Maclin,  
John D. Maclin,  Charlotte Edmunds,   
William W. Maclin,  
Elizabeth Maclin,  James Maclin,   
Mary Maclin,  John Smith,  
John Maclin,  
Thomas Maclin,  
Rebecca Maclin,  James Haldane,  
James Maclin,  
Elizabeth Maclin,  Thomas Yates Lundie,   
Littleton Maclin,  
Susanna Maclin,  Alexander Ferguson Lundie,   
Col. Jesse Read,  
James Maclin Lundie,  Emily Harriet Brodnax,   
Benjamin Maclin,  Elizabeth B. Mason,  
Rebecca Maclin,  Matthew Parham Jr.,  Reuben Cook,  Mary —,  
Ephraim Parham,  
James Parham,  Molly Parham,  Nathaniel Parham,  
John Graves,  Sarah Parham,  
Selah Parham,  
Frederick Parham,  
Susan Parham,  Thomas K. Moyler,  
John Parham,  
William Parham,  
Susanna Parham,  William Herring,  
Elizabeth Maclin Parham,  Tavenor Bird Buford,  
Judith Parham,  Herring,  
 William Maclin (-1751),  
John Maclin,  George Wyche,  
Katherine Brewer,  Sackfield Brewer,  Eleanor Barrett,  William Atkinson,  
Moses Johnson,  
John Wall,  William Irby,  
James Maclin,  
Leah Maclin,  James Wyche II,  Winifred (—) Wyche,  James Wyche III,  James Wyche I,  
Capt. James Jones,   
Elizabeth Wyche,  Hartwell Raines,   
James Maclin,  Elizabeth Maclin,   
William Maclin,  Sarah Clack,   
William Maclin,  Sarah (—) Maclin,  George Ingram,  Robert Ruffin,   
Ann Maclin,  Richard Cross,   
Mary Maclin,  Gen. William Cocke,   
Mary Maclin,  Bressie,  
Nanny Bressie,  
Sackfield Maclin Bressie,  
Col. John Maclin,  Amy Cooke,   
Susanna (—) Maclin,  William Lindsey,  
Ann (—) Cryer,  
Henry Tazewell,   
Susanna Maclin,  William Edwards,  
Amy Maclin,  Thomas Clements,  Peter Adams,  
Ann Maclin,  Thomas Lanier,   
Judith Maclin,  John Mitchell,  
William McKnight,  
William Mitchell,  
Keziah Mitchell,  
Susanna Mitchell,  
John Mitchell,  
Mary McKnight,  
Elizabeth McKnight,  
 Henry Maclin (-1811),  
William Maclin,   
Tabitha —,  John Jones,  
Polly Wilson,  
James Maclin,  Lucy Jones,  
John J. Maclin,  Martha Tongate,  
William Maclin,  
Henry Maclin,  Polly Susan Collier,  
Elizabeth Maclin,  John G. Whitehead,  
Dolly Maclin,  John Banks,  
Joseph Maclin,  Lucinda —,  
Frederick Maclin,  Frances Bourne,  Ruth Grider,  
Nancy Maclin,  Horatio Marksberry,  
Joseph Maclin,  
Tabitha Maclin,  John Word Phaup,  
Catherine Maclin,  William Palmer,  Rev. Aaron Brown,   
Charlotte P. Maclin,  
Martha M. Maclin,  George J. Smith,  
Nancy Maclin,  Edward Manson,  
Mary E. Maclin,  Thomas H. Manson,  
Susan J. Maclin,  Thomas J. Manson,  
Joseph Richard Manson,  
Caroline M. Manson,  Peter F. Cogbill,  
Susan A.E. Manson,  R.R. Bowden,  
Elizabeth Maclin,  Thomas Morgan,  
Joseph Morgan,  
 James Jones II (-1725),  
Rebecca (—) Jones,  
Thomas Chappell,   
Robert Blight,  Robert Jones,  Hester —,  
James Jones III,  Sarah Edmunds,   
Nathaniel Ridley,  
Howell Briggs,   
James Jones IV,  Rebecca (Johnson) Jones,   
Howell Jones,  
Mary Jones,  
Edward Jones,  
William Jones,  William Hicks,  
Patty Jones,  
Frederick Jones,  William Hicks,  
Howell Jones,  
John Jones,  
Thomas Jones,  Sarah (—) Jones,  
Elizabeth Jones,  Thomas Eldridge,   William Yarbrough,  
Samuel Gordon,  
Nathaniel Wyche,  John Stewart,  
Drury Stith,  
Sarah Eldridge,  Col. Thomas Edmunds,   
Nicholas Edmunds,  Jane Watkins Dupuy,   
Thomas Edmunds,  Frances A. Morton,  Joseph Morton,  
Mary Dupuy Edmunds,  Joseph Dupuy,   
Henry Edwin Edmunds,  Lucy Jane Barksdale,   
John Dupuy Edmunds,  Mary Nash Read,  Thomas Read,   Sarah Embry Scott,   
Sarah E. Edmunds,  Henry Embry Scott,   
Susan Edmunds,  Patrick Henry Flournoy,   
Jane Watkins Edmunds,  Peyton R. Berkeley,  
Nannie W. Edmunds,  
Nicholas Edmunds,  
Ann Edmunds,  
Littleton Edmunds,  
Thomas Edmunds,  Martha (—) Dance,  Thomas Dance,  Thomas Dance,  Sarah Fisher,  
Capt. Henry Edmunds,  Martha Watkins Morton,   
Susan W. Edmunds,  Robert Francis Gaines,   
John Richard Edmunds,  Mildred Carrington Coles,   
Charlotte A. Edmunds,  George Whitfield Read,   
Maj. Littleton Edmunds,  Sarah White,  
Sterling E. Edmunds,  Mary Jane Claiborne,  
Elizabeth Edmunds,  Dr. Robert Garland Jennings,  
Sarah Catherine Edmunds,  Thomas Edmunds Barksdale,   
Joseph N. Edmunds,  Betty Hodge,  
John Flood Edmunds,  
Clarissa Jane Edmunds,  Clement Read,   Joel Watkins,  Thomas Read,   
Sarah Embra Read,  Claiborne Barksdale Jr.,   
Claiborne Barksdale,  
Mary Jane Barksdale,  Dr. William Armistead Fuqua,  Samuel Fuqua,   Polly Armistead,  
Clarissa A. Barksdale,  Charles Richardson Hunt,  
Maria Louisa Barksdale,  Wood Bouldin,   
Claiborne Barksdale III,  Anne Lewis Bouldin,   
Col. Clement Read Barksdale,  Virginia Venable,  Robert Venable,  Sally Madison,  
Charles Henry Barksdale,  Mary Ann Dallam,  Francis J. Dallam,  
Emily Woodson,  Wade Woodson,  Mary Elizabeth Josepha Harris,   
Edward Marcellus Barksdale,  Martha Georgianna Morton,  
Isaac Read Barksdale,  Isa Hudson,  
Thomas Edmunds Barksdale,  Sarah Catherine Edmunds,   
Dr. Isaac Read,  Panthea Burwell,  Armistead Burwell,  Lucy Crallé,  John Richard Boyd,   
Clement Melancthon Read,  Jane Christiana Burwell,  Mattie Patterson,  
Lucy Armistead Read,  
Martha Goode Read,  Thomas Claiborne Goode,   
Almeria Read,  Charles Randolph Kennon,  
James Wood Bouldin,   
Edwin E. Bouldin,  
Priscilla Read,  
Clement Read,  
Thomas Edmunds Read,  Harriet Scott,   
Catherine Thomas Read,  Charles Grandison Feild,   William Booker Green,   
Anne Elizabeth Read,  William Booker Green,   
Ann Elizabeth Green,  William James Neblett,  Sterling Neblett,   
Katherine Lightfoot Neblett,  Nathaniel Matthews Jr.,  
Norman Henry Neblett,  William Clayton Torrence,  
William Edwin Green,  
Clarissa Green,  Dr. Sterling Neblett III,  
Clement Read Green,  
Nicholas Edmunds Read,  Priscilla Read,   
Elizabeth Sims Read,  William Henry Price,  
Clarissa Edmunds Read,  Edwin S. Collins,  
Nicholas Sims Read,  Nannie Venable Price,  William G. Price,  
Thomas Nash Read,  Rebecca Barksdale,  Dr. John Barksdale,  
Priscilla Read,  
Priscilla Clement Read,  Claiborne Barksdale IV,  Claiborne Barksdale III,   
George Whitfield Read,  Charlotte A. Edmunds,   
Edwin Edmunds Read,  
Clarissa Jane Read,  Nicholas Cabell Read,   
Harriet Edmunds Read,  Dr. George Wyatt Scott,  
Ann Edmunds,  Henry A. Watkins,   
Susan Edmunds,  James Madison,  
Charlotte Edmunds,  John D. Maclin,   
Sarah Edmunds Maclin,  William T. Parham,  
William W. Maclin,  Lucy C. Walker,  
Hortense Maclin,  
Catherine Adeline Maclin,  Peter Jones Turnbull,   
Edwin Edmunds,  Mildred Stuart Morton,   
Harriet Edmunds,  Dr. Devereaux Jarratt Claiborne,   
Mary Clayton Claiborne,  Dr. Alexander S. Dillon,  
Harriet Adeline Claiborne,  William Cole Powell,  
Sarah Edmunds,  Henry Embry Scott,   
Elizabeth Edmunds,  
Aristotle Eldridge,  
George Walker,  Ann Lanier,   
Frederick Lanier,   
Bolling Eldridge,  Mildred Gaines,  
Edmunds Eldridge,  
George Eldridge,  
Dr. Alfred Eldridge,  Eliza P. Haley,  William Haley,  
Polly Ann Eldridge,  
Clementine Eldridge,  
Aristotle Eldridge,  
Howell Eldridge,  Sterling Edmunds,   James Kelly,   Martha Fisher,  James Fisher,  Joshua Lucy,  
Catherine Stith,  John Limbrey Wilkins,  Edmund Wilkins,  Rebecca —,  
Charlotte Stith,  
Thomas Stith,  Rev. Thomas Lundie,   Susanna Harris,  Matthew Harris,  
Edmunds Stith,  
Edmunds Jones,  
Rebecca Johnson,   David Mason,  
David Mason,  
James Jones,   
Elizabeth Edmunds Jones,  
Robert Jones,  Richard Blunt,   
James Jones,  
Elizabeth (—) Jones,  
Robert Jones,  Sarah Cobbs,  Robert Cobbs,  Elizabeth Allen,  John Cartaret,  
John Barker,  James Chappell,   Rev. William Willie,  Elizabeth —,  
John King,  John Riding,  
John Pennington,   John Cargill,   John Edloe,   
Robert Chappell,   
Mary Eaton,  Col. William Eaton,  Mary Rives,  
Benjamin Weldon,  
Allen Jones,  
William Tryon,  
Mary Haynes,  Rebecca Edwards,  Col. Nathaniel Edwards,  Jane Eaton,  
Mary Eaton,   
Sarah Jones,  William Richardson Davie,  
Martha Cobb Jones,  Dr. James West Green,  Furnifold Green,  Hollon Applewhite,  
John Sitgreaves,  Thomas Sitgreaves,  
Dr. Thomas Hall,  
Maj. Allen Jones Green,  Lucy Pride Jones,   
Amaryllis Sitgreaves,  Frederick Lafayette Jones,   
Emily Sitgreaves,  
John Sitgreaves,  
Mary Jones,  Gen. Thomas Eaton,  Col. William Eaton,  Mary Rives,  Anne Bland,   Ann Stith,   
Robert Jones,   
Mary Allen Eaton,  
Harriet Bolling Eaton,  
Rebecca Edwards Jones,  Lunsford Long,  Col. Nicholas Long,  Mary McKinnie,  
Rebecca Edwards Long,  Cadwallader Jones,   
Mary Rebecca Allen Long,  Dr. William K. Polk,  
Willie Jones,  Rev. William Willie,  
Mary Montfort,  
Sarah Jones,  Hutchins Gordon Burton,   Robert Burton,   
Col. Andrew Joyner,  
Martha Burke Jones,  John Wayles Eppes,  Francis Eppes,  Elizabeth Wayles,  Maria Jefferson,   
Mary Eppes,  Philip A. Bolling,   
Sarah A. Eppes,  Edmund Wilcox Hubard,   
Dr. John Eppes Hubard,  Lucy Page Moseley,  
Edmund Wilcox Hubard,  Mary May,  
Wylie Jones Hubard,  Carrie L. Simms,  
Susan Wilcox Hubard,  John T. Crow,  
Martha B. Hubard,  
Dr. Willie Jones Eppes,  
John Eppes,  
Caroline Matilda Eppes,  
Annie Marie Jones,  Joseph B. Littlejohn,  
Willie Jones,  
Robert Jones,  
Claudia Jones,  
Martha Jones,  Judge Thomas Gilchrist,  
Charlotte Jones,  
Robert Jones III,  
Elizabeth Eaton Jones,  Benjamin Williams,  
John Williams,  Ferebee Savage Pugh,  
Elizabeth Jones,  Gray,  
David Jones,  Sarah (—) Jones,  
James Cooke,   
David Jones,  
Sarah (—) Jones,  
William Jones,  
Elizabeth Magill Jones,  
Rebecca Jones,  
Abraham Jones,  Martha Moss,  Henry Moss,  Susanna —,  John Sears,  
Holmes Jones,  Foster Cooke,   Susannah (—) Jones,  
John Holmes Jones,  
Frances Burwell Jones,  
Sally Green Jones,  
Walter Allen Jones,  
Hannah Boisseau Jones,  
Robert Jones,  
Littleberry Jones,  
Charlotte Jones,  
John Jones,  
Sarah (—) Jones,  Sarah Pate,  Thomas Pate,  
Abraham Bolton,  
Elizabeth Jones,  
Howell Jones,  Priscilla Vaughan,  Lorena Gilliam,  
Amy Jones,  Brown,  
Mildred Jones,  Suit,  
Mary Jones,  Robert Sturdivant,   
Parham Sturdivant,  
Jones Sturdivant,  
Jesse Jones,  
Mary (—) Jones,  
Elizabeth Jones,  
Jesse Jones,  
Mary Jones,  
Allen Jones,  William Hicks,  
Peter Jones,  Lucretia Briggs,   Abner Proctor,  
Frances Jones,  William Blunt,  Thomas Blunt,   John Blunt,   
William Birdsong,  
Martha Blunt,  Ambrose Wilkins,  
Samuel Blunt,  
Walter Blunt,  Elizabeth F. —,  
Robert Blunt,  
Anselm Blunt,  
Rebecca Jones Blunt,  
William Blunt,  
Robert Jones,  
Rebecca Jones,  
Nathaniel Jones,  Frances Rives,   
John Berryman,  
Robert Jones,  Priscilla Peebles,  Robert Peebles,  Lucy Bass,  James Bradley,   
George Jones,  
Willie Jones,  
Allen Jones,  
Rebecca Jones,  William Hancock,  
Elizabeth Green Hancock,  Carter Gilliam,   
Clement Hancock,  
Michael Wall Hancock,  
Richard Jones,  Lucretia (—) Jones,  
Mary Jones,  Richard Hill,   
Abraham Jones,  
Sarah Jones,  William Parker,  
Richard Parker,  
Hannah (Briggs) Jones,   
Elizabeth Parker,  
William Parker,  Susanna Hunt,  Benjamin Hunt,  Elizabeth —,  Benjamin Hunt,  
James Parker,  
Benjamin Hunt Parker,  
Susan Parker,  William Maclin,  
Elizabeth Parker,  Bryant,  
Frances Parker,  Judge Leonard Henderson,  
Sarah Jones Parker,  Thomas McCorry,  
William E. Parker,  Sarah Littleton,  
Martha Parker,  Thomas Sisson,  
Susanna Parker,  
Judith Parker,  
Lucy Parker,  James Peters,  Thomas Peters,  
Ann Peters,  
Susanna Peters,  
Mary Parker,  Hinton,  
Sally Jones Hinton,  Jesse Kitchen,  
Sarah Parker,  Thomas Parker,  
Elizabeth Parker,  
David Jones,  Susanna Boisseau,   Reuben Cook,   Reuben Cooke,   William Cooke,   
James Boisseau,  
James Boisseau Jones,  Anne Gilliam,   
William Bagley,  
Samuel Jones,  Ann Roberts,   
Elizabeth Jones,  
Robert Jones,  
Jane Jones,  Henry Howard,  Sarah Bilbro,  
James Howard,  
Henry Jones Howard,  Sarah Booth,  Beverly Booth,  
James Jones,  
Anne Jones,  
Mary Jones,  
Benjamin Jones,  
Rebecca Jones,  
David Jones,  
John Jones,  Judith (—) Jones,  Thomas Avent,  
James Turner Jr.,  
Elizabeth Jones,  
Peter Jones,  
Patty Jones,  
Burwell Jones,  
Sarah Jones,  
Holmes Jones,  
Susanna Jones,  
Sarah Jones,  Willard Roberts,   Willard Roberts,   
Susanna Boisseau Roberts,  William Glover,  
Archibald Roberts,  Elizabeth E. Hobbs,  Bartholomew Hobbs,  
Willard Roberts,  Anne Nicholson,  John Nicholson,  Lucy Edmunds,  Charles Binns Rives,   
Elizabeth Jones,  
Mary Jones,  James Boisseau,  
Robert Jones,  
Catherine Jones,  Benjamin Roberts,   
John Jones,  Sarah Betts,  William Betts,  
Mary Jones,  
Betty Jones,  
Rebecca Jones,  
Richard Jones,  
Lewis Green,  William Jones Jr.,  
Ann Hamilton,  George Hamilton,  Marmaduke Hamilton,  William Hamilton,  
James Chappell,   John Pair,  William Wynne,  William Sturdivant Jr.,   
Hamilton Jones,  Jacobina Willie,  Rev. William Willie,  
Willie Jones,  
Walter Jones,  Elizabeth (—) Willie,  
Robert Jones,  Molly (—) Jones,  
George Jones,  
Elizabeth Jones,  
Martha Jones,  
Mary Jones,  
Anne Jones,  Capt. William Eldridge,   Robert Pettway,  
Robert Ruffin,   Nicholas Massenburg,   
John Cargill,   
Elizabeth Eldridge,  John Massenburg,   
John Massenburg,  
William E. Massenburg,  
Richard K. Massenburg,  
Thomas Massenburg,  Tabitha Hamlin Powell,  
Benjamin H. Massenburg,  
Barbara Massenburg,  John Parham,  
Eliza E. Massenburg,  
Robert Massenburg,  
Robert Eldridge,  Mary Irby,   John Irby Eldridge,  
Thomas Eldridge,  Susanna Harrison Massenburg,   Elizabeth Hall,  
Mary Augustine Eldridge,  George Booth,  Nathan Jones,  
Anne Eldridge,  Robert Rivers Jr.,  
William Eldridge,  
John Cargill IV,  
Col. John Jones,  Elizabeth Binns,   
John Cargill,  
Binns Jones,  
Elizabeth Cargill,   
John Cargill Jones,  
Virginia C.B. Jones,  Matthew M. Fletcher,  
Lucy C.B. Fletcher,  John J. Fletcher,  
Elizabeth B. Fletcher,  
Binns Jones,  
Sarah Elizabeth Jones,  
Richard Jones,  
Sarah C. Jones,  John Massenburg Jr.,  
Cargill Massenburg,  
Elizabeth C. Massenburg,  
Elizabeth C. Jones,  Drury Burge,  
Sarah Ann Burge,  Joseph E. Cox,  
Ann Jones,  John Herbert Claiborne,   
John Jones,  Lucy Binns Cargill,   
Charles Binns Jones,  
Sarah (—) Jones,  
Richard Jones,  
Elizabeth Binns Jones,  Col. Joseph Wilkins,  
George Hamilton Jones,  Elizabeth Wright,  John Wright,  
Thomas Williamson Jones,  
Sarah Jones,  
Capt. James Jones,  Hannah Briggs,   Richard Blunt,   
Robert Jones,  Charles Gilliam,   
Leah Maclin,   James Wyche,  George Goodwin,  John Camp,  
Mary (—) Lashley,  William Lashley,  Samuel Jones,  
Sarah Jones,  Nicholson,  
Samuel Nicholson,  Robert Nicholson,  Mary Harris,  Elijah Bailey,  
Benjamin Jones,  
Priscilla Jones,  Robert Moore,  James Moore,  Thomas Moore,  Phoebe —,  
Howell Jones,  
Thomas Jones,  
Lucy Jones,  Thomas Mason,  Flood Nicholson,   David Mason,  Mary —,  William Prince,  
Mary Jones,  James Bonner,  
William Nicholson,   
William Birdsong,  
Jones Bonner,  Elizabeth Malone,   Richard Irvin Bonner,  
Richard Jones,  Sarah —,  
Henry Gee,  
Howell Jones,  Mary Moore,  Barham Moore,  Thomas Moore,  Phoebe —,  
Jehu Barker,  Nathaniel Jones,  William Thomas Pennington,   Benjamin Tyus,  
Anne Jones,  
Richard Jones,  
Martha Myrick Jones,  
Samuel Jones,  Lilly Holloway,  
William Jones,  
Susannah Jones,  Thomas Cureton,  William Eldridge,   James Bonner,   
Richard Rives,  
Nathaniel Jones,   
Jane Cureton,  William Dunn,  William Dunn,  Amy —,  
Mary Dunn,  
Elizabeth Cureton,  Drury Dunn,  
Nathaniel Heath,  William Heath,  Elizabeth —,  
Drury Dunn,  Martha Powell,  Edward Powell Sr.,  
Anne Cureton,  Briggs Rives,   
Archibald Cureton,  
Elizabeth Jones,  Glover,  
Rebecca Jones,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Holmes - Revolutionary War Richard B. Grigg - War of 1812
James Jared Chambliss - War of 1812 John Randolph Chambliss - Civil War
Noah Dortch - Revolutionary War Abel Dortch - Revolutionary War
William Massey - Revolutionary War Henry E. Johnson - Revolutionary War
Henry Cato - Revolutionary War John Cook - Revolutionary War
James Cooke - Revolutionary War Robert Nathaniel Neblett - Civil War
Reuben Cook - French and Indian War Henry Briggs - Revolutionary War
Sterling Briggs - War of 1812 John Maclin - French and Indian War
Frederick Maclin - French and Indian War Frederick Maclin - Revolutionary War
David Meade Stith - Civil War Jesse Read - War of 1812
Joseph Richard Manson - Civil War Col. Thomas Edmunds - Revolutionary War
Henry Edmunds - War of 1812 Claiborne Barksdale Jr. - War of 1812
Edwin E. Bouldin - Civil War William Richardson Davie - Revolutionary War
John Sitgreaves - Revolutionary War John Jones - Revolutionary War
Binns Jones - Revolutionary War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
John Randolph Chambliss - Confederate Thomas Staples Martin - U.S.
Allen Jones - U.S. John Sitgreaves - U.S.
Willie Jones - U.S. Hutchins Gordon Burton - U.S.
John Wayles Eppes - U.S. Edmund Wilcox Hubard - U.S.
Benjamin Williams - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
William Richardson Davie - North Carolina Willie Jones - North Carolina
Hutchins Gordon Burton - North Carolina Benjamin Williams - North Carolina

Legislators - colonial and state
William Ladd Taylor - Virginia Thomas Taylor - Virginia
Thomas F. Jones - Virginia Henry Maclin - Virginia
John Randolph Chambliss - Virginia William Massey - South Carolina
James Watkins Cooke - Virginia Robert Smith - Virginia
John William Gilliam - Virginia Frederick Maclin - Virginia
Thomas Maclin - Virginia Drury Stith - Virginia
Thomas Edmunds - Virginia Wood Bouldin Jr. - Virginia
Wood Bouldin Sr. - Virginia Armistead Burwell - Virginia
Nathaniel Matthews Jr. - Virginia William James Neblett - Virginia
Norman Henry Neblett - Virginia John D. Maclin - Virginia
Robert Jones Sr. - Virginia Robert Jones Jr. - North Carolina
Allen Jones - North Carolina William Richardson Davie - North Carolina
John Sitgreaves - North Carolina Gen. Thomas Eaton - North Carolina
Lunsford Long - North Carolina Willie Jones - North Carolina
Hutchins Gordon Burton - North Carolina John Wayles Eppes - Virginia
Edmund Wilcox Hubard - Virginia Wylie Jones Hubard - Virginia
Benjamin Williams - North Carolina John Cargill IV - Virginia
John Jones - Virginia Binns Jones - Virginia
Charles Binns Jones - Virginia Col. Joseph Wilkins - Virginia

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Dr. Isaac Read Charles Randolph Kennon

Names on the map
Taylors Creek, Mecklenburg County, named for Thomas Taylor Jonesboro, Tennessee, was named for Willie Jones
Jones County, North Carolina, was named for Willie Jones  

Selected sources
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“Hill and Hunt Family Bible Records.” Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly. 21:11-12 (1983). • Family Bible belonging to Richard Hill and Mary Jones.
McKinley, Junia. “Maclin Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(3):509-510. • Family of Amy Cooke who married John Maclin.

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