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 7250   Maj. George Fawdon (c.1615-1655)
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Maj. George Fawdon, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Maj. George Fawdon might describe his life as follows.

I was in the Colony by 26 June 1635 when Richard Bennett received 2,000 acres next to me on the Nansemond River in Warrosquyoake (now Isle of Wight) County.  The governor granted me 200 acres on the southern branch of the Elizabeth River 6 June 1638.  The City of Chesapeake has since overrun that plantation. Other patent records describe me as Major Fawdon. 
I represented Isle of Wight County in the House of Burgesses in 1646 and again in 1653.  Our first order of business in 1646 was ratifying the peace treaty with Necotowance, the Powhatan chieftain.  Because the Indian war had been expensive, we also hiked taxes. 
Before I reclaimed my seat in 1653, we were a colony of the Commonwealth of England. Among the Virginians who represented Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, to whom we surrendered, was my neighbor Richard Bennett.
I gave my son-in-law, Isaac George, son of John George, 100 acres in Isle of Wight County 27 October 1654,  wanting to be sure he and my daughter got some more land before I remarried. Three days later I gave “to Mrs. Ann Smith, whom I intend to make my wife,” 1,500 acres on the James. We agreed that neither could sell the tract without the consent “of our Father-in-law, Nathaniel Bacon, our Mother Ann, his wife, and our brother, William Smith.” 
I was truly smitten to hand over that much land, but Ann was fine company for 8 months. I was dead by 9 July 1655 when Nathaniel Bacon, administrator of my estate, confirmed the gift to Isaac George, on behalf of Ann Fawdon. 

Other men named Fawdon
One William Fawdon was a headright for a patent in Rappahannock County in 1664,  and a John Fawdon in Lancaster County in 1663.  Richard Fawding appeared in a Westmoreland County patent in 1664.  Other than a name, we know of no connection among these men.

Descendants of Maj. George Fawdon
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