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 768   William Vaughan (c.1625-c.1695)
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William Vaughan, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Vaughan might describe his life as follows.

I arrived in Charles City County before 1658 and eventually assembled 1,225 acres of land that I secured with a patent 20 April 1680.  Today this land is in Prince George County about 15 miles southeast of Petersburg.
Anyone who has made a deposition knows they have to state their age. So when a legal dispute arose in 1673, I swore I was 48 and my wife, Sarah, said she was 39.  Of course she was.
The House of Burgesses enacted legislation that created incentives for its citizens to help deal with serious Colonial issues. County records for Charles City reveal that I received a reward for catching a runaway slave in 1688,  and they paid me 100 pounds of tobacco for killing a wolf in 1662, and 300 pounds for another one in 1693. 
Since Vaughan is a Welsh name, I may be of Welsh descent. Our family lived in Bristol Parish and the births of many of our grandchildren are recorded in the parish register. Because the Prince George court records burned during the Civil War, some of our descendants cannot be traced. Yet with 7 grown sons in 1704, I am likely the progenitor of many Vaughans of Southside Virginia. The names of my daughters have been lost.

We have yet to find evidence of when William arrived in the Colony, as no headright identifies him with certainty. He appeared in the records of Charles City County first in 1658 and we presume he arrived in the county not long before. 
The Charles City County court granted Vaughan administration on the estate of Samuel Johnson, he being Johnson’s partner and greatest creditor, 3 June 1678. 

The meaning of Vaughan
In Wales Vychan or Bychan meant “little” or “short.” Consequently the name “Vaughan,” meaning “the little one,” probably belonging originally to one small in stature. “Vaughn” without the second a may be a modernized form. Although widespread among important families of Wales in ancient times, the surname appeared in various forms on old English tax rolls.
When Virginia created Prince George County in 1703, William’s land fell into the new county. Each son appears to have inherited one-seventh of his father’s estate. The quit rent roll of Prince George County in 1704 shows each son with 169 acres besides land they patented in their own name.  Richard and William had a patent for 281 acres and were shown with 309 acres: half of 281 plus 169 acres. These sons must have been very young when their father died because none sold their land for the 10 years between the death of their father, around 1695, and 1704.
Deeds place James, Richard, Daniel, John, and William Vaughan near a tract called “Boiling Spring.” 

Who was William’s wife?
As William described above, he was married to Sarah by 1673. But because she was born in 1634, she was likely not the mother of Nicholas and the younger sons.
John and Samuel Vaughan sued James Sevier who married Sarah Vaughan, executrix of William Vaughan, deceased, in Prince George County 13 Sept. 1715.  If this was the widow of the elder William Vaughan, why did neither she nor Sevier appear in the 1704 quit rent list and why was all William’s land then in the hands of his sons? Further, if she was the Sarah Vaughan who swore she was 39 in 1673, she was now about 80 years of age—quite elderly to have remarried and still be executing her late husband’s will.

Descendants of William Vaughan
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Vaughan,  
Eleanor (—) Vaughan,  
Abigail Vaughan,  
 Samuel Vaughan (-1718),  
John Peterson,   William Batte,   Henry Batte,   
Sarah (—) Vaughan,  Thomas Eldridge,   
Samuel Vaughan,  
Margaret —,  Henry Warne,  
Samuel Vaughan,  
Samuel Vaughan,  
Ann Vaughan,  
Martha Vaughan,  John Blackwell,  
Thomas Vaughan,  
Epes Vaughan,  George Vaughan,  
Williamson Vaughan,  William Vaughan,  
Amey Vaughan,  Isham Clay,   William Watson,   James Anderson Jr.,  Edmund Borum,   James Bagley,   Dickerson Jennings,   William Osborne,   
Daniel Sturdivant,  
Larkin Clay,  Sally (—) Clay,  
Jonathon Clay,  Martha Ann Taylor,  
Sarah Clay,  John Parham,  
Samuel Clay,  Samuel Vaughan,   
Silvana Vaughan,  James Westbrook,  Charles Westbrook,  John Clay Sr.,   John Clay Jr.,   William Westbrook,  William Westbrook,  
Christopher Haskins,   Thomas Westbrook,  Nancy (—) Westbrook,  
Dorothy Crowder,  Phoebe Crowder,  
Samuel Westbrook,  
Nancy Jackson Westbrook,  
Sarah Vaughan,  
Silvester Vaughan,  
Stephen Vaughan,  
Mary A. Vaughan,  John Cocke,  
 Daniel Vaughan (-1758),  
Elizabeth (—) Vaughan,  Elizabeth Williams,  
Richard Titmus,  
Daniel Vaughan,  Margaret Williams,  
Daniel Call,  Anthony Williams,  
Ann (—) Vaughan,  
Hare,  Ann Hare,  
Ann Vaughan,  
Mary Vaughan,  
Phoebe Vaughan,  
Joshua Vaughan,  Sarah (—) Vaughan,  
James Vaughan,  
Jesse Vaughan,  
Williams Vaughan,  Eleanor (—) Vaughan,  
Mary Vaughan,  
Isham Vaughan,  
Ann Vaughan,  
Peter Vaughan,  
 James Vaughan (-1735),  
Cornelius Fox,  Ann —,  Edward Prince,  Joseph Simmons,  Dr. James Thompson,  Joseph Willson,  Theophilus Feild,   
John Ogburn,  Benjamin Simmons,   
Mary (—) Vaughan,  Margaret Harris,  
Joshua Winn,  William Maclin,  James Mize,  William Walters,  
James Vaughan,  John Thornton,  Ruth (—) Vaughan,  
John Watson,  
Capt. Reuben Vaughan,  Samuel Oldham,  William Cooper,  
Elizabeth Ingram,  John Ingram,  
Jeremiah Vaughan,  Martha —,  
John Vaughan,  
William Vaughan,  
James Vaughan,  
Ingram Vaughan,  Ann Lewis,  
Ann Carter Vaughan,  Mickelborough Montague,  Sarah Moore,  
Elizabeth Jane Montague,  Richard Kidder Randolph,   
George W. Montague,  
Robert Vaughan Montague,  
Reuben M. Montague,  
Martha Montague,  Dr. Peter Field Archer,  
Mary Wortley Montague,  John T. Moseley,  
Sarah Louisa Montague,  
Maria Carter Montague,  
Edward Franklin Montague,  
Hannah Pines Vaughan,  Jarius Vaughan,  Richard Vaughan,  
Reuben Vaughan,  Alice Goode Watkins,  
Martha Vaughan,  Francis Moody,   
Stephen Vaughan,  
Mary (—) Vaughan,  Roger Atkinson,   
James Vaughan,  William Allen,  
Mary (—) Vaughan,  John Wilson,  
Lucy Vaughan,  
George Vaughan,  
Peter Moon,  Agnes (—) Vaughan,  Isham Davis,  
Alexander Dugger,  
Tabitha Vaughan,  
Mary Vaughan,  McDaniel,  James McDaniel,  William Maclin,   
Ann (—) McDaniel,  William Cooper,  
Mary McDaniel,  Hoobry,  Jacob Hoobry,  Betty (—) Hoobry,  
James McDaniel,  
Edward McDaniel,  William Leigh,  
John McDaniel,  
William McDaniel,  Judah Underwood,  
Zachariah McDaniel,  
Drury McDaniel,  
Winifred Vaughan,  Kirk,  
Joshua Winn,  Joshua Wynne,   
 Richard Vaughan (-1749),  
Robert Bolling,  
Alice (—) Vaughan,  Moses Dunkley,  Theophilus Feild,   
John Mason,  
Daniel Wall,  John Wall,  Henry Embry Jr.,   
James Vaughan,  
Martha Vaughan,  Wall,  Burgess Wall,  
Richard Vaughan,  Theophilus Feild,   Richard Swanson Jr.,  
Abraham Vaughan,  Loveday (—) Vaughan,  
James Love Jr.,  
Martha Vaughan,  
Richard Vaughan,  John Westmoreland,  Drury Stith,   
Abraham Vaughan,  Richard Elliott,  Henry Fields,  
Mary Vaughan,  
Anne Vaughan,  
Rachel Vaughan,  
Sarah Vaughan,  
Amey Vaughan,  Edward Payne,  
David Paine,  
Mary Paine,  
Susanna Vaughan,  Theophilus Feild,  
Richard V. Feild,   
Thomas Haynes,  
Amos Timms,  
Mary Ann Hunter,  
William Call,   
Henry Feild,  George Clayton,  
James Feild,   William Call,   
Theophilus Feild II,  Judge George Keith Taylor,   Ann Taylor,   George Taylor,   
Elizabeth Taylor,   Joseph Peebles,   
William Call,   
Theophilus Feild III,  Susan Thweatt,   
William Batte,   
Theophilus Feild IV,  Martha Rebecca Mason,  Winfield Mason,  Sarah Greenway,  
Louisa Rebecca (Blunt) Ridley,  
Martha Rebecca Feild,  Dr. Sterling H. Tucker,   Dr. John Feild,   
Ann Matilda Feild,  
Theophilus Feild V,  
Dr. John Feild,  
Ellen M. Meade,   
Mary Harriet Bolling,  Samuel Pryor Bolling,  Ann W. Elliott,  
Francis Fitzgerald Jones,   
Dr. John Alexander Feild,  Maria E. Tucker,   
Ellen Meade Feild,  Dr. Andrew Meade Feild,  
Ellen Meade Feild,  Andrew Meade Feild,   James A. Jones,   
Dr. Hume S. Feild,  Lucy Osborne Jones,   
Lt. Col. William Meade Feild,  
Richard Channing Feild,  
Susan Ann Feild,  George S. Feild,  
Mildred Bolling Feild,  Benjamin Crawley Jones,   
A.A. Hardy,  
Emma Martha Feild,  Francis Green Jones,   
Harriet Bolling Feild,  
Sarah Jones Feild,  
Richard Feild,  Matilda Eppes,  Frances Eppes,  
Dr. Richard Feild,  Ann Meade,   
Sarah Edmunds,   
Andrew Feild,  Agnes B. Wyatt,  
Dr. George Feild,  Lucy A.G. Dunn,  
Dr. Richard Dunn Feild,  
Lucy Ann Meade Feild,  John Victor Moreau Epes,  
Martha Louise Feild,  
Harriet William Feild,  
Andrew Meade Feild,  Ellen Meade Feild,   
Maria Feild,  
Maria Louise Feild,  
Mary Elizabeth Feild,  
George Spotswood Feild,  
Edwin Feild,  
Ellen Feild,  
David Meade Feild,  
Richard Wythe Feild,  Catherine Ann Wyatt,  
George Wythe Feild,  
William Meade Feild,  
Richard V. Feild,  Rev. John Gregory Claiborne,   
Louisa C. Flournoy,  Thomas Flournoy,  Frances M. Venable,  
Sally Ann Feild,  David Meade Bernard,  
Catherine Feild,  
Theophilus Agricola Feild,  Jane Wyatt,  Lucy Osborne Thweatt,   
Everard Meade Feild,  Mary Louisa Fox,  
Theophilus Agricola Feild,  
Jane Virginia Feild,  
Hubbard Wyatt Feild,  
Ann Meade Feild,  Thomas P. Hunt,  
George Feild,  Elizabeth Bolling Stith,   
Putnam Feild,  
Maria Feild,  
Robert Stith Feild,  
Dr. George Feild,  Sarah Jones,  
Fanny Blunt Littlejohn,  
Nancy T. Feild,  Alexander Feild,  
Sarah Feild,  Dr. Alexander Glas Strachan,   Lucy Pride,   
Sarah Feild Strachan,  
Dr. Theophilus Feild Strachan,  Jane H. Stratton,  John Stratton,  John Fitzhugh May,   
Dr. Alexander Glas Strachan,  Mary G. Boisseau,  
Mary Feild,  James Skelton Gilliam,   
Alexander Feild,  
Theophilus Feild,  
Dr. James Feild,  Margaret Bothwick Shaw,  John Shaw,  
Peter Williams,  Jesse Bonner,  John Banister,   
William Short Jr.,  
Edmund Feild,  Mary Stith,   Drury Buckner Stith,   
Mary (Young) Tanner,  Jonathon Tanner,   
James Feild,  Henryetta Maria Anderson,  Thomas Anderson,  
Ebenezer M. McRobert,   
Mary Feild,  Nathan Green,   Elizabeth Amelia (—) Purris,  
Thomas Green,  
Dr. Thomas Anderson Feild,  Susan Green,   
Harrington Leander Feild,  
William Hume Feild,  Mary A. Flournoy,  
Dr. Alexander Shaw Feild,  Jane (—) Stewart,  
Judge Hume R. Feild,  
Theophilus Feild,  Martha Rosalie (Lanier) Simmons,  Lewis Lanier,  Martha Speed,  Richard Elliott,  
Henry Simmons,   
Benjamin Simmons,   John Goode,   William Embry Goode,  
Mary Feild,   
Margaret Bothwick Feild,  Drury Jones,  John Fitzhugh May,   Thomas Simmons,   
Charles Grandison Feild,  Harriet Bolling Eaton,   Martha C. Burwell,  Agnes M. Steel,  
Charles Grandison Feild,  Catherine Thomas Read,   
Eaton G. Feild,  Elizabeth Macon Eaton,  
William Feild,  
Harrington Feild,  
John Shaw Feild,  Jane Walker,   
Thomas Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Clack,  
Henry Walker Feild,  
Margaret Feild,  Miles Wilson,  
Hannah Davis Feild,  
John Shaw Feild,  Martha Redd,  Martha Christian,  Charles Grandison Feild,  
Hume Feild,  
John Feild,  
Edmund Feild,  
William Temple,  Edward Garlick,  
Mary Feild,  Richard Taylor,   
George Keith Taylor,  Jane Marshall,  Judge John Marshall,  
Richard Feild Taylor,  
Nanny Taylor,  Birchell,  
Elizabeth Taylor,  
Sarah Taylor,  
Mary Taylor,  Holloway,  
Martha Douglas Holloway,  
Mary Taylor Holloway,  
Thomas Feild,  
 Capt. Richard Taylor,  
Sarah Walker,  George Walker,  Ann Keith,  
Elizabeth Taylor,  William Call,  
George Taylor,  
Richard Taylor,  Mary Feild,   
Ann Taylor,  Theophilus Feild,   
 William Vaughan,  
Julia (—) Vaughan,  
William Vaughan,  Ann (—) Vaughan,  Mabel (—) Vaughan,  George Williams,  
Henry Fitz,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  
Abigail Vaughan,  
Caleb Vaughan,  Robert Short Sr.,  Mary (—) Vaughan,  Shepherd Lanier Jr.,  
Abner Vaughan,  Robert Gee,  
Mabel Vaughan,  
John Vaughan,  Richard Taylor,  Daniel Vaughan,   
John Hall,   
Lewis Vaughan,  
William Vaughan,  
David Vaughan,  
Nathaniel Vaughan,  Amith (—) Vaughan,  
Ruth Vaughan,  
Morris Vaughan,  Rebecca (—) Vaughan,  
Henry Vaughan,  
David Vaughan,  
Martha Vaughan,  
Jemima Vaughan,  
Salathiel Vaughan,  Anne (—) Vaughan,  
John Scoggin,  
Phoebe Vaughan,  
William Vaughan,  
David Vaughan,  
Peter Vaughan,  Mary Goodwyn Boisseau,   Gen. Alfred Johnson Vaughan,  
 Nicholas Vaughan (c.1685-c.1738),  
 William Vaughan (-1754),  
Priscilla (—) Vaughan,  
John Butts,  
Pierce Vaughan,  Faith Pennington,   
William Vaughan,  Amy Gilliam,   Mary Simmons,  Peter Simmons,  
Simmons Harwell,  
James Vaughan,  Mary Malone,  George Malone,  Henry Smith,  
Sinah Vaughan,  Augustine Billups,  
Eleanor Vaughan,  Avery,  
Irene Vaughan,  
James Vaughan,  Edward Goodrich,  Joseph Wilkes,   Sally (—) Vaughan,  Simmons Harwell,  
Susannah Vaughan,  
Mary Vaughan,  
 William Vaughan (-1786),  
Mary (—) Vaughan,  Mildred (Smith) Gregory,  
Richard Green,  
William Overby,  
Millicent Vaughan,  Zachariah Overby,  George Moore,  Abraham Talley,  Ludwell Overby,  
Mary Overby,  
Anne Vaughan,  
Samuel Vaughan,  Prudence Hood,  William Hood,  
Anne Vaughan,  Richard Gregory,  Adam Finch,  Richard Ragsdale,  William Wilkinson,  
James Ruffin,   Roger Gregory Jr.,  
Sarah Vaughan,  Ambrose Gregory,  
James Vaughan,  James Wilkins,  Susanna Wilkins,  Isaac David,  
John Vaughan,  William Griffin,  Amelia Jones,  John Jones,  William Neal,   
Peter Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  Peter Overby,  Nicholas Overby,  
Mary Vaughan,  Winfield Hayes,  
Lucy Hayes,  
Milly Vaughan,  David Chandler,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Capt. Reuben Vaughan - Revolutionary War Ingram Vaughan - Revolutionary War
John Feild - War of 1812 Dr. John Alexander Feild - Civil War
Hume S. Feild - Civil War Lt. William Meade Feild - Civil War
Richard Feild - War of 1812 Richard V. Feild - Civil War
Thomas Flournoy - Civil War Theophilus Feild Strachan - War of 1812
Thomas Green - Mexican War Gen. Thomas Taylor - Civil War
Hume R. Feild - War of 1812 John Shaw Feild - War of 1812

Legislators - colonial and state
Theophilus Feild - Virginia Dr. James Feild - Virginia
Nathan Green - Tennessee Alexander Shaw Feild - Virginia
Hume R. Feild - Virginia Charles Grandison Feild - Virginia
George Keith Taylor - Virginia  

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
Theophilus Feild Theophilus Feild II
Dr. James Feild Richard Taylor
William Call  

Names on the map
Tom Green County, Texas, named for Thomas Green  

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