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 7856   George Billups (-c.1675)
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George Billups, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, George Billups might describe his life as follows.

I was in the Colony by 25 November 1653 when the governor granted me 750 acres on a branch of Milford Haven next to the land of John Lilley.  My home was in that part of Gloucester County that today is Mathews County and the branch is now known as Billups Creek. I renewed my patent 18 March 1662/3 and added 250 acres on Garden Creek 27 January 1663/4. 
Because the office of the Gloucester County clerk burned more than once, no official governmental records of my family are in the courthouse. Yet some information about my family is in the register and vestry book for Kingston Parish where we were parishioners. It’s fortunate, too, that our family kept many of our own documents, 4,000 fragments of which were discovered in a vacant loft in Mathews County.
These documents reveal that I and my sons were shipbuilders. A little piece of my will dated 6 August 1673 shows that Sarah and I had sons George and John and a daughter whose name was torn off. Richard Billups who had land near me may have been our son, too.
The patent process took a few years, so it is not strange for the governor to convey land to a dead person. I may have been in that category when I got another 500 acres on Garden Creek in 1674.  I was definitely gone by 22 December 1682 when a patent for a parcel on Milford Haven mentioned 40 acres bought of Mr. George Billups, deceased. 

The name of George Billups appeared as a headright for Capt. John Chisman in 1662. 

George’s will
Here is the fragment of the last will and testament of George Billups. 

Will of George Billups
6 August 1673
August 6th 1673 … I, George Billups, being in perfect … ordain this my last will and testament …
… payment of … 1,200 acres of Land to my sons George and John Billups and daughter …

Descendants of George Billups
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Richard Billups,  
 George Billups (-1706),  
John Lilley,   Richard Glascock,   
Ann (—) Billups,  
John Billups,  
Capt. John Billups,  Ann Avery,  Lucy (—) Lilley,  William Lilley,  
Lt. John Billups,  Ann Billups,   
John Richard Billups,  
Lillie Ann Stevens,  John Stevens,  William Robins Stevens,  Ann Lilley,  
Capt. Richard Billups,  Lucy Lilley,  William Lilley,  Lucy (—) Lilley,  
John Billups,  Elizabeth Sibley,  
Richard Billups,  Mary Elizabeth Respess,  William Respess,  Ann —,  
Christopher Billups,  Ann Billups Respass,  
Humphrey Billups,  Eliza Enos,  
Ann Lilly Billups,  
William Armistead Billups,  Lucy (—) Billups,  
Lucy Lilly Billups,  Daniel Ransome,  
Milton Billups,  
Joyce Billups,  John Avery,  
Mary Avery,  
Elizabeth Billups,  
Humphrey Billups,  
Mary Billups,  George Alexander Dudley,  
George Billups,  
Ann Billups,  Thomas Roberts,  
Lucretia Billups,  
Christopher Billups,  
Richard Billups,  Mary (—) Billups,  
Humphrey Billups,  Mary (—) Billups,  Frances Blacknall,  
Joseph Billups,  
Lucy Billups,  Robert Sibley,  
Elizabeth Sibley,  Hudgins,  
John Blacknall Billups,  Elizabeth (—) Billups,  
Shrimpton Billups,  Elizabeth Hunley,  
Robert Billups,  Elizabeth Eddins,  
John Billups,  
Christopher Billups,  Mary Scarbrough Williams,  Samuel Williams,  Margaret Nottingham,  
John E. Billups,  Mary Ann Borum,  John Borum,  
Robert Billups,  Elizabeth (—) Billups,  
Clarissa Billups,  Elijah Barnum,  Lucy (—) Barnum,  
Thomas Billups,  Elizabeth Terrier,  
Elizabeth Billups,  John Henry Murray,  
Margaret Billups,  Joel Mayes,  
Susan Billups,  
George Billups,  
Susanna Billups,  Thomas Williams,  Samuel Williams,  
Mary Lilly Billups,  Joseph Billups,   
Elizabeth Williams,  James Ransome,  
Sarah Williams,  
Samuel Williams,  Mary Harper,  
Elizabeth Cary Billups,  
Robert Billups,  
Robert Billups,  Nancy Smith,  
George Billups,  Ann Elizabeth Hunley,  
Elizabeth Billups,  
Nancy Billups,  Dr. John Gordon Bohannon,  
Mary Billups,  John Lilly,  Zadock Litchfield,  
John Lilly,  
William Lilly,  
Dorothy Lilly,  
Joseph Billups,  
John Billups,  Mary Lilly,  
Ann Billups,  John Billups,   
Joseph Billups,  Joyce Respess,  Richard Respess,  Lucy Gayle,  
Sgt. Joseph Billups,  
Ann Billups,  
Sarah Billups,  Myhill,  
 John Billups (c.1660-1709),  
 daughter Billups,  
 John Billups,  
Dorothy Awbrey,  Henry Awbrey,  Mary (—) Awbrey,  Sarah (—) Awbrey,  
Richard Awbrey,  Dorothy (—) Awbrey,  Henry Awbrey,  Mary Awbrey,  Thomas Gouldman,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Billups - Revolutionary War John Billups - War of 1812
Capt. Richard Billups - Revolutionary War Richard Billups - War of 1812
Christopher Billups - War of 1812 Humphrey Billups - War of 1812
William Armistead Billups - War of 1812 George Billups - Revolutionary War
Robert Billups - War of 1812 Joseph Billups - Revolutionary War
Joseph Billups - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
John Richard Billups - Virginia Capt. Richard Billups - Virginia
Zadock Litchfield - Virginia Joseph Billups - Virginia

Names on the map
Billups Creek, Mathews County, named for George Billups  

Selected sources
Esker, Katie-Prince W. Billups and Allied Families. Published by the compiler, 1984. • An excellent rendition of the descendants of George Billups.

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