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 80   John Pritchett (c.1731-1804)
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John Pritchett, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Pritchett might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Dinwiddie County, probably a grandson of Joshua Pritchett. Lucy and I were the parents of 5 or 6 sons and maybe some daughters, all born in Dinwiddie. I could share more about my family had the Yankees not burned the Dinwiddie courthouse.
We lived along Butterwood Creek until 1779 when we moved 20 miles to Brunswick County and bought about 400 acres on Waqua Creek to grow tobacco. Our plantation was on the Lunenburg County line next to Joseph Daniel
We became official residents of Lunenburg when David Thomas sold me about 200 acres there in 1787.  This tract, which was also on the line, may have been next to my other farm. In 1791 John Buckner sold me 200 neighboring acres for £60.  In 1800 Lunenburg taxed me on six horses and eight slaves more than 12 years of age. 
To provide for our sons, I sold John 200 acres in 1800 and 360 acres in 1804. Tracts went to Joshua in 1803 and Daniel in 1804. I evidently gave away most of my slaves, too.
I was 71 years old when Lucy died 18 March 1802. I joined her 20 April 1804. My estate included one slave boy named Tom, furniture, saddle, and the typical farm equipment and livestock. Some neighbors appraised my estate for £245.4.2. Since I left no will, the court appointed my son, John, the administrator.

Descendants of John Pritchett
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joshua Pritchett (c.1760-1828),  
Elizabeth Cousins,   
Reuben Wright,  Samuel Roberts,  
Elizabeth Cousins Pritchett,  Rev. Nathaniel Anderson,  Rev. Nathan B. Anderson,  Martha Puryear,  
Robert Joshua Anderson,  
Harriet L. Anderson,  James Fitzgerald,  Walter Fitzgerald,  
Martha Pritchett Anderson,  Trainum Tyler,  
Lucy Jane Anderson,  Rev. Byrd Jackson Hall,  
Martha J. Hall,  Thomas Benton Fitzgerald,  
Harriet L. Hall,  
Nathan Anderson Hall,  Mary Kent Mustain,  
George B. Hall,  
Julia A. Hall,  
Lydia A. Hall,  
Elizabeth Cousins Anderson,  
Rev. John Henry Anderson,  Lucy Virginia Carter,  Edward Hobson Carter,  Harriet Louisa Ragsdale,  
Edward Nathan Anderson,  Sallie Jane Ratliff,  
Harriet N. Anderson,  
Bettie Anderson,  David Fletcher Ratliff,  James Ratliff,  Elizabeth —,  
Mary V. Anderson,  
Joshia W. Anderson,  
Emma L. Anderson,  
Julia E. Anderson,  
Lula Anderson,  Charles W. Anderson,  
Robert J. Anderson,  
Alma Anderson,  
Virginia Anderson,  Joe Roberts,  
John Travis Anderson,  Edna Miller Hagood,  
Emma Anderson,  Christopher Robertson,  
George Washington Anderson,  Annie Wiles,  
Thomas A. Anderson,  
Mary Virginia Anderson,  
James R. Anderson,  Lucy Carter,  Jessie Carter,  
Julia A. Anderson,  
Joshua Daniel Pritchett,  Elizabeth M. Inge,   
Frances D. Pritchett,  George S. Fitzgerald,  
Rebecca J. Pritchett,  Hugh A. Henry,  
Julia E. Pritchett,  Rev. Samuel I. Spotts,  
Edward Spotts,  
Ann E. Spotts,  
Fanny Spotts,  
William E. Pritchett,  
Robert Henry Pritchett,  Martha Ann Thompson,  Rawley Stott Thompson,  Ann Denham Clement,  
Sarah Pritchett,  George S. Fitzgerald,  John Fitzgerald,  Jane Spratlin,  
Frances D. Pritchett,   
John A. Fitzgerald,  Maggie Bradford,  
Mollie Inge Fitzgerald,  George Dugan Frederick Whiting,  
Elizabeth M. Fitzgerald,  John W. Palmore,  
Minnie R. Fitzgerald,  Amos Templeton,  
Sallie Frances Fitzgerald,  Charles Bryant,  
Martha J. Pritchett,  George Montgomery,  
Harriet E. Pritchett,  Thomas R. Trotter,  
Edward L. Pritchett,  
Elvira A. Pritchett,  Robert E. Hunter,  
Joshua Daniel Pritchett,  Eliza E. Martin,  
Masin Pritchett,  George Haley,  
John Pritchett,  
George M. Pritchett,  
Robert Y. Pritchett,  
Hattie Pritchett,  Carter,  
Katherine S. Pritchett,  Lamberth,  
Emma Pritchett,  Lowrey Old,  
James J. Pritchett,  
Joseph Anderson Pritchett,  Elizabeth Ann Mallory,  
Anna E. Pritchett,  William Newton Youree,  
Jim Youree,  
Attie Youree,  
Fannie Youree,  
Etta Youree,  
Lucy Pritchett,  Dr. James Trotter,  Ann W. Pritchett,   
Capt. William Edward Pritchett,  Ann Read Elliott,   
Ann W. Pritchett,  
Mary Ann Pritchett,  Samuel Brewer,  
Martha M. Pritchett,  Samuel Harris,  Nancy Overton,  Samuel Harris,  
John Inge,  
Mary Matilda Harris,  Benjamin Franklin Towler,  
Ann Harris,  Joel Tucker,  
William Overton Harris,  Elizabeth Hall,  
Mary Harris,  
James Arthur Harris,  
Samuel Justis Harris,  
Lenora Jimpsie Harris,  George Washington Fowlkes,  Elijah Richardson,  
William Edward Pritchett,  Mary —,  Mildred Robertson,  
William Pritchett,  
James H. Pritchett,  
Culberth I. Pritchett,  George May,  
Mary A.E. Pritchett,  
Leroy S. Pritchett,  
Nannie B. Pritchett,  
George W. Pritchett,  
Richard H. Pritchett,  
John W. Pritchett,  Harriet A. —,  
William J. Pritchett,  Margaret —,  
John H. Pritchett,  
Elizabeth C. Pritchett,  Francis P. Wells,  Rev. Nathaniel Anderson,   
Mary A. Wells,  
Martha F. Wells,  
George W. Wells,  
John P. Wells,  
Jammerson A. Wells,  
Elizabeth C. Wells,  
Ira A. Pritchett,  Caroline Emily H. Ferrell,  
James Ira Pritchett,  Eleanor A. Hickson,  
Samuel M. Pritchett,  
Rev. Joshua M. Pritchett,  Carr Waller,  Emily C. (—) Pritchett,  
Elizabeth A. Cammock,  
Sarah Pritchett,  
William Pritchett,  
Caroline V. Pritchett,  George H. Walker,  
Martha E. Pritchett,  
James B. Pritchett,  
Emily E. Pritchett,  
Olive W. Pritchett,  
Charles Wesley Pritchett,  Lydia Ann Robertson,  Nathaniel Thompson Robertson,   Priscilla Stokes,  
William Nathaniel Pritchett,  Mary Elizabeth Hines,  Thomas Jefferson Hines,  Nancy J. Breedlove,  
Eston Pritchett,  
Irene Pritchett,  
Dora Pritchett,  Virgil H. Tompkins,  
Minnie Pritchett,  Samuel Blanks,  
Bessie Pritchett,  
Ruth Pritchett,  Jesse Price Mize,  
Annie Rebecca Pritchett,  Walter Jones Grogan,  
Roland Hill Pritchett,  Annie Kate Powell,  
Anna Gertrude Pritchett,  James R. Breedlove,  
Virginia Ida Pritchett,  C.D. Ramsey,  
Dr. Charles Wesley Pritchett,  S. Clay Keesee,  Peyton Keesee,  Sallie Perry,  
Emma Celeste Pritchett,  James S. Reynolds,  
Joshua Howard Pritchett,  
Charles Pritchett,  
Rosa Pritchett,  
Maj. John James Pritchett,  Sarah Hill Inge,   
Albert Gallatin Pritchett,  Lucy L. (—) Pritchett,  
John Inge Pritchett,  Louise Banks Flournoy Cobbs,  
Dr. Edward Hill Pritchett,  Frances A. Swanson,  John Swanson,  Julia Benson Cook,   
Elizabeth Muse Swanson,  
Dr. John Albert Pritchett,  Elizabeth Cook,  Phillip Cook,  Meliora —,  
Fannie S. Pritchett,  Charles P. Rogers,  
Lucy Betty Pritchett,  James Kilgore,  
L. Michell Pritchett,  Judge E.P. Thomas,  
Edward Hill Pritchett,  
John James Pritchett,  Anna Martin,  
Edward H. Pritchett,  
John James Pritchett,  Bertha A. —,  
Bennie Claude Pritchett,  
Anna C. Pritchett,  
William A. Pritchett,  
Claudius Augustus Pritchett,  Elizabeth Cobbs,  
Elizabeth Frances Pritchett,  William Harrison Payne,  
Lucy A. Pritchett,  
Catherine Rebecca Pritchett,  John Muse Swanson,  John Swanson,   
William Graves Swanson,  
John Pritchett Swanson,  Ann Estes,  
Claudius Augustus Swanson,  Lizzie Deane Lyons,  
Henry Clay Swanson,  Ella Cousins,  
Annie Blanche Swanson,  
Julia Swanson,  
Sarah Hill Swanson,  Archie Beverley,  
Ann Pritchett,  
Susan Pritchett,  
William Pritchett,  
Henry Pritchett,  Martha Myra Waller,  Carr Waller,  Elizabeth Martin,  
Joshua M. Pritchett,  William Edward Pritchett,   
Elizabeth Martin Pritchett,  Rev. James Cotton,  
Martha Ann Cotton,  
William Ira Pritchett,  Martha Ann Hubbard,  
John Edward Pritchett,  Butes Bilirm,  
Ida Pritchett,  Williams,  Henry Smith Pritchett,   
Julia Pritchett,  
Myra Pritchett,  
Nathan Pritchett,  
Belim Pritchett,  
Carr Pritchett,  
John Edward Pritchett,  
Henry Carr Pritchett,  Kate P. Smith,  
Henry Lucian Pritchett,  Rosalie Godfrey,  
John Waller Pritchett,  Anna Louise Burnett,  
Anne Pritchett,  
Rufus Pritchett,  
Ida David Pritchett,  Harrison,  
Joseph Lucian Pritchett,  Nora (—) Pritchett,  
Jessie Lee Pritchett,  Horace Walter South,  
Sarah Ann Pritchett,  John W. Mason,  Dr. John C. Edwards,  
Carr Waller Pritchett,  Susan L. Smith,  
Elizabeth Martin Pritchett,  
Sadie Byrd Pritchett,  
Dr. Henry Smith Pritchett,  
Ida (Pritchett) Williams,   
Eva McAllister,  
E.P. Ripley,  
Oswald S. Pritchett,  
Carr Waller Pritchett,  
Julia Dabrey Pritchett,  Dr. William C. Williams,  
Mary Pomfret Pritchett,  Henry Ervin,  
John F. Pritchett,  
Mary Emma Pritchett,  Thomas Williams,  
Robert Edwin Pritchett,  
Julia Pritchett,  Jesse King,  
Ann W. Pritchett,  James Trotter,  
Col. Robert Pritchett,  Sarah Fitzgerald,  Walter Fitzgerald,  Ann Elizabeth Alexander,  
Martha H. Pritchett,  Dr. Wesley H. Trotter,  Rev. Samuel I. Spotts,   James Trotter,  Nancy —,  
Walter Pritchett,  
Marcellus Pritchett,  
William H. Pritchett,  
Sarah Elizabeth Pritchett,  Capt. Tim Fulton,  
Joe Pritchett,  
James Robert Pritchett,  
Francis Alexander Pritchett,  
Mary Josephine Graham Pritchett,  
John C. Pritchett,  
Joseph Bell Pritchett,  Annie Julia Moriah (Childress) Carthel,  Robert Alexander Childress,  Julia Waugh,  
Nancy Belle Pritchett,  William McClarty,  
 Rev. John Pritchett (1766-1847),  
Averilla Castle,  Armistead Castle,  
Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
William Smith,  James Gilliam Bacon,  
Susanna (Fisher) Blackwell,  Rev. James Ashley McAden,  
Thomas Blackwell,  Mary Bridgeforth,  
Henderson Haler,  Jane Averilla Dugger,   
Mary Fisher,  Daniel Daly,  Ann E. Fisher,  James Neblett,  Thomas B. Green,  Marberry,  Adeline (—) Jackson Wilson,  Berganine Sterling Pritchett,   
Sally C. Pritchett,  William Ross,  
William C. Pritchett,  Martha —,  John Barrow,  
John Pritchett,  
Mary Ann Pritchett,  
William E. Pritchett,  
Averilla Pritchett,  Jane Averilla Dugger,   
James Pritchett,  Mary B. Harvey,  
Mary L. Pritchett,  
Henry Micajah Vaden,   James Hiram Lewis,  James Willie Rawlings,   
James H. Pritchett,  
Martha P. Pritchett,  Herbert Stainback,   
Ann C. Pritchett,  
John A. Pritchett,  
John Pritchett,  
Armistead Castle Pritchett,  Mary Minerva Neblett,  Rev. James Ashley McAden,  James Neblett,  Ann Fisher,  
Maria E. Pritchett,  William J. Looney,  
Dr. John William Pritchett,  Rev. James Ashley McAden,  George Stone,   
Elizabeth Ann Yates,  Bazzell Yates,  
Cox,  Bettie Ann Davis,  
William Bazzell Pritchett,  Mackie Sarah Goodwin,  John Goodwin,  Caroline Covington,  Rev. A. Lafayette Pritchett,  
John Otis Pritchett,  Clara Parham,  
Otis Dean Pritchett,  Mary Katherine Gray,  
Joel Gray Pritchett,  
Timothy Dean Pritchett,  
Kathryn Pritchett,  
Diane Pritchett,  
Carmon Landis Pritchett,  Laurie —,  
Andrew Jay Pritchett,  
Richard Bryant Pritchett,  
John William Pritchett,  
James Rama Pritchett,  
James Prentice Pritchett,  
William L. Pritchett,  
Kathryn Pritchett,  Campbell,  
William Harris Pritchett,  
James Fisher Pritchett,  
Lucy Minerva Pritchett,  George Melton,  
Jimmie Melton,  Lillian Davis,  
Lucy Elizabeth Melton,  
Virginia Elizabeth Pritchett,  
Virginia Lee Pritchett,  
A. Lafayette Pritchett,  M.C. Hall,  R.W. Hall,  
Robert Pritchett,  
Mary Pritchett,  
Lela Pritchett,  W.W. Templeton,  
Mary Minerva Pritchett,  
James Wesley Pritchett,  Mary Ann Givens,  Sharp Givens,  Susie Catherine Pruitt,  
Rupert Pritchett,  Mary Lee Elrod,  
Florence Pritchett,  Robert Paschall,  
Mary Pritchett,  Wilson,  
Ellie Pritchett,  Ora Paschall,  
Bettie Pritchett,  Charles Smith,  
Willie Barton Pritchett,  Samuel Joseph Hill,  
Susanna E. Pritchett,  
Berganine Sterling Pritchett,  
Minerva A. Pritchett,  Able Covington Miller,  
Mary E. Pritchett,  
Virginia Lee Pritchett,  Dr. Able Covington Miller,  Henry Miller,  
John Edwin Miller,  
Maria Miller,  
Sterling Abel Cassius Miller,  
James Miller,  
Mabel Miller,  
Dr. Armistead Henry Miller,  Margaret McGowan,  
Thomas Emmett Pritchett,  Harriet Biles,  
Thomas Hassel Pritchett,  Nell Olive,  
Emmett Cornelius Pritchett,  Nadine (—) Pritchett,  
Mabel Pritchett,  Herman Lee Hearn,  
Armistead Emmett Pritchette,  Edna Earl Lankford,  
Lela Margaret Pritchette,  John Thomas Neese,  
Robert A. Pritchette,  Faye Bomar,  
Charles C. Pritchett,  Odessa Wiggins —,  
Edward Pritchett,  
Mildred Pritchett,  John Robertson,  
Mary Elizabeth Pritchett,  
Rebecca Pritchett,  
Lucy Ann L. Pritchett,  Ezra Dugger,  
Jane Averilla Dugger,  
George P. Pritchett,  Mary Jane —,  
Mary Emmett McCearman,  
 Edward Pritchett I (c.1770-),  
 Daniel Pritchett (c.1776-1811),  
Mary R. Campbell,  
John Elliott,  
Richard F. Pritchett,  Sally Anne Edmunds,  Thomas Edmunds,  
Mary Simmons,  Rev. John Gregory Claiborne,   Thomas Simmons,  
Sally Abernathy,  
Martha Anne Pritchett,  Dr. Robert H. Crawley,  
Harriet Frances Pritchett,  Dr. Mumford B. Hurt,  
Mary Louisa Pritchett,  James H. Ferguson,  
Richard Henry Pritchett,  Capt. David Thomas Poynor,  
Sarah Elizabeth Pritchett,  
Thomas Daniel Pritchett,  
 William Pritchett (c.1780-1834),  
Ann —,  Joshua Pritchett,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Robert Henry Pritchett - Civil War William Edward Pritchett - War of 1812
Ira A. Pritchett - Civil War Charles Wesley Pritchett - Civil War
John James Pritchett - War of 1812 Edward Hill Pritchett - Civil War
John Muse Swanson - Civil War Robert Edwin Pritchett - Civil War
Walter Pritchett - Civil War Marcellus Pritchett - Civil War
William H. Pritchett - Civil War James Robert Pritchett - Civil War
Francis Alexander Pritchett - Civil War Joseph Bell Pritchett - Civil War
Thomas Blackwell - War of 1812 John William Pritchett - Civil War
Richard F. Pritchett - Civil War Mumford B. Hurt - Civil War
Richard Henry Pritchett - Civil War Thomas Daniel Pritchett - Civil War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Claudius Augustus Swanson - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Claudius Augustus Swanson - Virginia  

Names on the map
Pritchett, Colorado, named for Henry Smith Pritchett  

Selected sources
Doris Melissa (Pritchett) Horlacher. Pritchett’s in America - Waller, Pritchard, Prickett, Phelan, Orem, Utah, Horlacher & Sons Publishers, 1987, pp. 203-274. • Includes the family of John Pritchett and Edward Pritchett.

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