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 84   Minor Wilkes II (c.1761-1801)
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Minor Wilkes II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Minor Wilkes II might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1761 in Lunenburg County, a son of Minor and Phoebe Wilkes, and was old enough to serve in the county militia during the American Revolution. 
I was married to Margaret White by 1789 when we witnessed deeds in Lunenburg County for Peter Stokes and David Stokes.  We were the parents of at least Richard H. Wilkes named in the will of her father, Carter White.
Between 13 January and 25 September 1791, our Baptist minister, Rev. William Ellis, led me and Phoebe White in our marriage vows.  She also was a daughter of Carter White. Although I could have been prosecuted for marrying sisters, it was all right to marry half-sisters, which they apparently were.
Although my father was a slave-owner, I didn’t have any on the tax rolls in 1800. Still, I did own one horse. 
Since I prepared no will, the court appointed my father-in-law to administer my estate, beginning in September 1801,  and made my brother Richard Stone Wilkes guardian of my younger children. On 13 January 1810 Richard delivered official guardian accounts for Letty, Washington, Phoebe, and Sally.  Since Phoebe and I married in 1791, all 4 had to be hers. Richard and perhaps other children by my first wife, required no guardian.
Phoebe was still living when her father made his will in 1832.

Family Topic 170 devoted to Carter White reveals the how I concluded that Minor married 1st a daughter of Carter White, likely by the name of Margaret.

Descendants of Minor Wilkes II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Richard H. Wilkes (c.1787-c.1865),  
 Phoebe (Wilkes) Wallace Davis (c.1795-),  
Robert Wallace,   Rev. Jesse Brown,  John Davis,  Rev. Thomas Adams,  
Thomas Keeton,  
Susanna Wallace,  
Mary Wallace,  
 Lettie (Wilkes) Wallace (1796-1887),  
Benjamin Wallace,   
 Washington Wilkes (c.1799-),  
Christianna (—) Wilkes,  
 Sally W. (Wilkes) Christopher (c.1801-),  
John M. Christopher,  
Ann Christopher,  
William Christopher,  
John W. Christopher,  
Abner C. Christopher,  
Charlotte Christopher,  
Sarah Christopher,  
Frances E. Christopher,  
Mary J. Christopher,  
Robert R. Christopher,  
George Christopher,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Minor Wilkes II - Revolutionary War  

Selected sources
Crews, Lillian, Wilkes Records 1216-1984, published privately (1987). • Comprehensive work on the Wilkes and Stone families, including John Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, and Richard Stone.
Lillian Crews, Wilkes Records 1216-1984, published privately (1987). • Family of John Wilkes, including my ancestors Minor Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, and Richard H. Wilkes.

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