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 86   Sgt. Hugh Wallace (c.1745-1820)
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Sgt. Hugh Wallace, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Sgt. Hugh Wallace might describe his life as follows.

I was working as a carpenter in 1768 when my father, William, gave me 50 acres of his plantation on Flat Rock Creek, just a couple of miles south of Kenbridge. 
During the Revolution, my Sixth Virginia Regiment was as far north as Brunswick, New Jersey.  When we tried to stop the British advance on Philadelphia at Brandywine Creek 11 September 1777, I lost my right leg and part of my thigh,  for which I received full military pay for life from a grateful Virginia,  and a pension from the U.S. 
Although disabled, I continued my carpentry work, including making coffins.  I was also an auctioneer, or “cryer,” as it was then called, when slaves or other property in an estate were to be sold to for the best price.  Although I had no horses on the 1800 tax roll, I did own two slaves more than 16 years of age. 
My wife was likely Mary Christopher, a daughter of Robert Christopher. We were the parents of 11 children.
The Revolution created tremendous inflation. In August 1779 Mary and I sold our 50 acres to William Hardy for £400—nearly 60 times what my father paid for it in 1761.  We moved a few miles east to a 200-acre farm on Crooked Creek.  I could not do much planting, but I had six sons who could. My final pension payment covered the period from 22 September 1818 to 4 March 1820. 

The certificate authorizing Hugh’s pension, dated 20 July 1787, said he was about 40 years of age, and his pension application of 1818 said he was 75 years of age, and served from 14 Feb. 1776 to 6 Dec. 1777 when he was discharged.

More about Hugh Wallace
Hugh Wallace appeared first in the records of Lunenburg County in 1765 when he witnessed a deed for John Wallace, his posited brother. 
The county taxed Hugh on two tithes and his 50 acres in 1769 and he held one tithe in 1772.  In 1774 and 1776 James Wallace, likely another brother, was among his 4 tithes.  In 1774 Hugh Wallace mortgaged all his personal estate to William Wallace and Daniel Thweatt. 
The muster roll of Capt. James Johnson’s Company, 2 Feb. 1776 - 31 May 1777 listed Hugh and several others “sick at Mindon.”  His service in New Jersey included a skirmish at Raritan Run. “Hugh Wallace, list,” paid on two tithes in 1776—perhaps because he was away in service. 
In 1790 John Atkinson of South Carolina gave Hugh his power of attorney.  Hugh appeared in the Census of 1810 in Lunenburg County, with 4 slaves and 4 daughters and a son living with him. 
Hugh’s pension of 10 July 1820 stated that he was 26 years of age. His family was then his wife and 3 daughters: Jane 50, Winifred 48, and Susanna, aged 40. 
Since Hugh left no will, the court appointed Christopher Wallace the administrator. The distribution of the estate in 1825 identified the 11 children. Robert Wallace being dead, his daughters, Susanna and Mary Wallace, shared in the proceeds. 
Daughter Elizabeth Wallace purchased Hugh’s land of 286¾ acres for $1.04 per acre,  and her nephew Ussery Wallace bought it from Elizabeth in 1835 for $398.20. 

Descendants of Sgt. Hugh Wallace
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (Wallace) Wilkes (c.1787-1873),  
Richard H. Wilkes,   
 Robert Wallace,  
Phoebe Wilkes,   
 William Wallace (-1838),  
Robert Christopher,   
Temperance (—) Wallace,  
Hugh Wallace,  Nancy Brown,  John Brown,  Rev. George Petty,  Martha B. Morgan,  
Mary T. Wallace,  Edwin G. Bailey,  
Martha A. Wallace,  Jonathan S. Ashworth,  
Elizabeth S. Wallace,  
Benjamin F. Wallace,  
Missouri C. Wallace,  
Jane N. Wallace,  
Ussery Wallace,  Elizabeth Wrenn,  Elizabeth Weaver,  
Henry Wallace,  
Sterling Leach Wallace,  
Richard H. Wallace,  
John Ussery Wallace,  
Anderson Wallace,  Mildred A. Smithson,  
Temperance Ann Wallace,  John R. Roach,  
Eliza Wallace,  
Samuel Wallace,  
Sarah Wallace,  
William Wallace,  
Josephine Wallace,  
Eliza H. Wallace,  
William D. Wallace,  
Collin Wallace,  Elizabeth H. Brown,  Washington Brown,  William H. Brown,  
Cassandra N. Wallace,  
Jane A. Wallace,  
Elizabeth H. Wallace,  
Minerva B. Wallace,  
Elizabeth F. Wallace,  Samuel Ussery,  
 Sally Jane Wallace,  
 Benjamin Wallace (1790-1861),  
Lettie Wilkes,   
William Wallace,  Parthenia Hudson,  
Margaret Wallace,  Jesse Carpenter,  
Tabitha Wallace,  
Thomas C. Wallace,  Elizabeth Jordan,  Andrew Jordan,  Mary Chapman,  
Jonathan Jordan Wallace,  Sarah Elizabeth Hambrick,  
Rosetha Wallace,  
James Vernon Wallace,  
Hattie C. Wallace,  
Lilly N. Wallace,  
Elvina Wallace,  
Edna Wallace,  
Cue Wallace,  
John M. Wallace,  Jane Hill,  
Mary A. Wallace,  
Levanus G. Wallace,  
Elvira Wallace,  Lewis,  
Nancy Caroline Wallace,  Benjamin Hall,  
Samuel Jackson Wallace,  
Charles C. Wallace,  Mary Kate Alford,  Elizabeth McGuire,  
Walter Earnest Wallace,  Rose McKibbon,  
Owen Wallace,  Mora Weeks,  Daniel Meeks,  Malinda —,  
Katherine E. Wallace,  Fred Thomson,  
Andrew Lafayette Wallace,  Elizabeth Alford,  William Alford,  Ethel Aubrey Barnett,  
Elizabeth L. Wallace,  McGuire,  
Thomas Allen Wallace,  
Timothy Early Wallace,  Lou Emma Ball,  James Wesley Ball,  Julia Locke,  
Verneena Wallace,  
Armathea Neva Wallace,  
Thelma Ava Wallace,  
Emily C. Wallace,  Adams,  
Peter Wallace,  Nancy Ann Jordan,  
Martha Ann Wallace,  Cue Frazier,  
Mary Margaret Wallace,  John Calvin Dabney,  
Love Christopher Wallace,  Delilah Ellen Locke,  James Locke,  
Ellis M. Wallace,  
Emma Larzina Wallace,  Richard Barnett,  
Ira Wallace,  Ella Meadows,  
Navada Ola Wallace,  Aaron Everett Jordan,  
Mora Wallace,  
Leander Wallace,  
Amon Wallace,  Margaret Scurrah,  
Samuel Vernon Wallace,  Bessie Emily Tripp,  
Emmazette Wallace,  James Wright,  
Allen Wallace,  
Oti Nancy Wallace,  Theodore Snodgrass,  
Orville Wallace,  
Shelby Ernest Wallace,  Mary Mayes,  
Lona May Wallace,  Van Buren Wright,  
Sarah Ellen Wallace,  Isaac Henry Ball,  Zachariah Ball,  Mary Erwin,  
Alice Ora Ball,  William Alexander Miller,  William Armentrout Miller,  Margaret Ann Oyler,  
Nancy L. Ball,  E.L. Duffer,  
Leotie C. Ball,  John H. Miller,  
Calvin C. Ball,  Mattie Chambers,  Mattie Ball,  
Mount Etna Wallace,  Ida Linkfield,  
Virginia Wallace,  John George,  
William Monroe Wallace,  Elizabeth Luella Ball,  Rev. J.L. Moses,  Davis Henry Ball,  Orpha McAllister,  
Virgie Lee Wallace,  James H. Taylor,  
Peter William Wallace,  Era Wright,  
Arnold G. Wallace,  Irma I. Melton,  
Ace Wallace,  
Hobert Wallace,  
Minnie Opell Wallace,  Casby Meadows,  
Warren Wallace,  Glenna Mehl,  
Kenneth Paul Wallace,  Mary Wogan,  
Nancy Winfred Wallace,  Andrew Laurence Meadows,  Franklin Monroe Meadows,  Rosalie Doutt,  
Henry Donald Wallace,  Bernice Elizabeth Lilly,  Rev. A.M. Crabtree,  Dr. Milton J. Lilly Sr.,  Henrietta Moore,  
Orpha Dorothy Wallace,  Morris Haskins,  
Emmesetta Wallace,  
Alice Wallace,  
Sarah A. Wallace,  Joshua Lunsford,  
Susanna Lunsford,  
William J. Lunsford,  
Mary E. Lunsford,  
George W. Lunsford,  
Edmund Taylor Wallace,  Mary Ann Elizabeth Mathis,  
Susan Frances Wallace,  Thomas C. Davis,  Benjamin Wallace,   
Charles Lewis Wallace,  Frances Elizabeth Reynolds,  John Reynolds,  Cassey Ann Chapman,  
Alice Maye Wallace,  
John Edgar Wallace,  Mattie Qualls,  Zelma Holly,  
Rosey Bell Wallace,  Jake Connard,  George Price,  
Joseph Franklin Wallace,  Effie B. Hysell,  
Charles Albert Wallace,  Stella Berry,  Hazel Estept,  Ida Davis,  
Ludeal Wallace,  Spergon Janey,  Richard Hinkle,  Willie Legg,  Ethel Mae Connor,  Joseph Conwelza Conner,  
Lena Frances Wallace,  John Ross Qualls,  
Renay Ann Wallace,  Kevin Hunter,  John Searls,  
Venay Delander Wallace,  Owen Barrett,  John Brown,  
Goldie Ethel Wallace,  John Hall,  Enoch Harper,  
Silvey Ocle Wallace,  
Elsie Margaret Wallace,  Joseph B. Conner,  
Burrie Marie Wallace,  Ellet Sovine,   
America Ann Wallace,  Poindexter Davis,  
Abigail Jane Wallace,  Ebenezer C. Deal,  Henry Deal,  Ira —,  
Mary Elizabeth Wallace,  George W. Davis,  
Missouri Wallace,  Samuel B. Jones,  
Sarah Catherine Wallace,  John M. Tracy,  
Lettie Jane Wallace,  William Hughes,  
Parthenia Meriah Wallace,  Orla L. Eager,  
William Riley Wallace,  Clara A. Jacobs,  Janetta Wallace,   
Sampson Simeon Wallace,  
Welson Wallace,  
Lucinda Wallace,  Samuel P. Yoder,  
Jacob Samuel Yoder,  Johanna Dorothea Buss,  Alma Borland,  
Earl Friday Yoder,  Minnie Link,  
Bert Harrison Yoder,  Nora Overfield,  
Seva Esta Yoder,  John George Grabher,  
Jay Arnold Yoder,  Anna Mae Hengstenberg,  
Lesta Joy Yoder,  Floyd H. Stone,  
Nettie Jayne Yoder,  H. Fay Sandritter,  
Ray Ross Yoder,  Katherine Helen Roschewski,  
Roy Lester Yoder,  Edna Lucille Kyle,  Edith May Hughes,  
Janetta Wallace,  Frank L. Schofield,  Frank H. Jacobs,  William Riley Wallace,   
Earl Lester Shofield,  Winnie Holly,  Maxine (—) Schofield,  
Richard Orla Jacobs,  Anna Sweedberg,  Clara Moore,  
John Moses Wallace,  Ida K. Renstrom,  
William Clyde Wallace,  Bernice Clare Meek,  
Jesse Wallace,  Sarah Margaret Crowder,  Henry Crowder,  Delilah Likens,  
Henry Benjamin Wallace,  Louvenia A. Dunn,  Hezekiah Dunn,  Mary Margaret Knapp,  
Carrie Wallace,  Lon Holstein,  
Hughie Minor Wallace,  Bonnie Bowman,  
Ethel Wallace,  George Graley,  
Opal Wallace,  Barton Lay,  
Gladys Esta Wallace,  
Delmer Wallace,  Geneva Evelyn Brown,  
Bervil Wallace,  Estil Smith,  
David Alexander Wallace,  E. Ora Sovine,  
Sarah Isabel Wallace,  George Daniel,  
Mary Delilah Wallace,  Andy Roach,  
Cera Wallace,  John Long,  
William Addison Wallace,  Grace Queen,  
Ada Wallace,  Kelley Bess,  
James Monroe Wallace,  May Gelfilen,  Edith Hoffer,  
Christina Wallace,  Latton Long,  
Argella Wallace,  Pearl Edgar Call,  Albert Call,  Mollie Childress,  
Lillian Call,  Leonard Taylor,  
Inez Call,  Howard Welker,  
Mildred Call,  Walter Beckett,  
Dellie Call,  George Taylor,  
Helen Call,  Bill Esters,  
Albert Odell Call,  
Ivan Call,  Lillian Harbor,  
Bernadine Call,  Carl Handley,  
Eldora Call,  McKinley Clark,  
Ernestine Call,  Junior Rice,  
Ernest Clay Call,  Edna Leadman,  
Pauline Call,  Jake Saunders,  
Launa Mae Call,  Thomas Davis,  
Hugh M. Wallace,  Harriet Keeton,  
Uriah Wallace,  Hannah S. Irwin,  Thomas Hawkins,  
Timothy Wallace,  Lizzie (—) Wallace,  
Oscar Wallace,  Ada Holley,  
Josey Wallace,  
Harriet A. Wallace,  
Margie J. Wallace,  
Thomas G. Wallace,  
Ada Wallace,  
Hugh M. Wallace,  
Mary E. Wallace,  
Ida Wallace,  Charles C. Sovine,  Rev. Thomas Hawkins,  
Roscoe Sovine,  Blanche Newman,  
Alpha Sovine,  
Ellet Sovine,  Burrie Marie Wallace,   
Anna Harriet Sovine,  Bura Carpenter,  
Emery Sovine,  Ella Clag,  Thelma Adkins,  
Cecelia Sovine,  Creath Chapman,  
Stella May Sovine,  Ernie Conner,  
Ora Marie Sovine,  Vernon Chapman,  
Charles Clayton Sovine,  Grace Ramsey,  Agnes Nibert,  
Ada Wallace,  Henry C. Morris,  Rev. Thomas Hawkins,  
Oda Wallace,  Charles H. Gibson,  Rev. Thomas Hawkins,  
Mary T. Wallace,  John W. Johnson,  Rev. James Mitchell,  Hugh M. Wallace,   Jesse Wallace,   
Nancy Ann Johnson,  Billups,  Fannin,  
Henry Johnson,  
Alfred Johnson,  
Susan Frances Wallace,  Isaac Munson Ball,  John Ball,  Nancy —,  Sarah Hand,  
Calvin Ball,  
Conwellsee Ball,  
George Wesley Ball,  
Emily Ball,  
Alice Ball,  John H. Hawk,  
Isaac Ball,  Luella Chapman,  
Sarah Isabel Ball,  
Willie May Ball,  
Mary Magdalene Ball,  
Henry Washington Wallace,  Naomi Edna Ball,  Isaac Munson Ball,  Sarah Hand,  
Georgia Wallace,  
Emily Mae Wallace,  Watkins M. Brandum,  
Isaac Benjamin Wallace,  Anna Mariah Laywell,  
Lora Bertis Wallace,  
Harry Clay Wallace,  Virgie Thomas,  
Carl McKinley Wallace,  Edna Pearl Perry,  
Ivan Homer Wallace,  Violet Edwards,  
Alma Fay Wallace,  Harvey Harrison Moses,  
Bertha May Wallace,  Franklin Hodges,  
Sylvia Agnes Wallace,  Arthur Robinson Coleman,  
Henry Owen Wallace,  Helen Hardbarger,  
Jeannetta Wallace,  Stanton,  
Lavinia Wallace,  
William Wallace,  Electa Susan Carte,  Isaac W. Carte,  Adeline Phillips,  
John J.J. Wallace,  Martha Adaline Carroll,  Adam E. Carroll,  Mary Handley,  
Erlie Wallace,  Rowsey,  
Rosa B. Wallace,  Williams,  
Naomi B. Wallace,  
Belle Wallace,  Bell,  
Thena Wallace,  Erwin,  
Amanda Wallace,  Joseph Holley,  
Betsy Wallace,  James Forth,  
William Forth,  
Mahalia Forth,  
Hugh Forth,  
Frances Forth,  
Martha Forth,  
Mary Forth,  
Jane Wallace,  Witt,  
 Elizabeth Wallace (-1841),  
Hugh Wallace,   Ussery Wallace,   Anderson Wallace,   William Wallace,   
 Christopher Wallace (-1872),  
Ann P. Rash,  
 Winifred Wallace,  
 Hugh Wallace,  
Sally Pully,  
Elizabeth Wallace,  Samuel S. Cook,  
Sally Jones Wallace,  William Sudsbury,  
 Joseph Wallace,  
Jincey Hardaway Alexander,  Rev. Matthew Dance,   
 Susanna Wallace (c.1780-1831),  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Sgt. Hugh Wallace - Revolutionary War Sterling Leach Wallace - Civil War
Arnold G. Wallace - World War I John Brown - World War I
Earl Friday Yoder - World War I Creath Chapman - World War I

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