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 892   William Thornton Smith (-1749)
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William Thornton Smith, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Thornton Smith might describe his life as follows.

I was likely a son of John Smith of Gloucester County who owned 400 acres on Flat Creek in Amelia County. Brother John sold his 200-acre shares in the 1750s. Another John Smith and his wife Susanna sold another 200 acres in 1768. Since this second John named a son after me, he was likely my son.
I also acquired 400 acres on the lower side of Sandy Creek in Prince Edward County 20 March 1745/6, where John later lived. 
I was evidently a wealthy merchant. Taxed on only 1 slave in 1742, I held 10 in 1749.  Called Thornton, I did my civic duty serving on juries,  and helping lay out county roads. 
I paid taxes in Amelia County from 1741 until my death in 1749. The county then charged my widow, Ann, from 1751 until she became the wife of George Smith 15 April 1754. 

The court fined Thornton for failing to serve on a grand jury in 1746.  He was evidently a merchant since Ann sued many individuals for debts in Amelia and Lunenburg counties after his death.  In 1748 Amelia County taxed Smith on 4 slaves. 
William was living 21 July 1749 when he witnessed a deed for Elias Downs,  but was dead by 19 Sept. 1749 when the court granted Ann administration of his estate.  On 24 Sept. 1756 they laid off her dower on Flat Creek. 
Four Amelia County citizens appraised his estate for more than £700.  Thornton must have been among the wealthiest men in the county for they required of his wife an administratrix bond of 1,500 pounds of tobacco—among the largest in the county. 
At the Oct. Court 1749, Amelia County justices judged Moll and Rachel, slaves belonging to Ann Smith, to be 13 years old each. 

George Smith
George Smith who married the widow Ann Smith was the brother of William Smith whose 1785 will in Powhatan County mentioned land belonging to his brother George Smith in Prince Edward County.  Both were sons of Robert Smith of Gloucester County who purchased 200 acres on Flat Creek from William Thornton Smith’s brother John Smith 27 Feb. 1752. 
When George Smith sold 200 acres on Flat Creek to Joseph Tanner in 1755, the deed revealed that it was part of a patent to John Smith of Gloucester that it had been given to John Smith.  Although no wife relinquished her dower right in the land, George and Ann Smith witnessed the deed when Tanner sold the tract in Sept. 1755. 
George sold another 200 acres on the upper side of Flat Creek that he had purchased from Gardner Mayes in 1755 to Edward Barden in 1757. 
George Smith of Amelia County bought 388 acres on both sides of Briery Creek in Prince Edward County 12 June 1747 and got 300 acres on both sides of Little Buffalo River from John Watson 10 March 1761.  He evidently bought another 50 acres because Prince Edward County charged George Smith on 12 tithes and 738 acres in 1767.  Among his slaves were Barnaby, George, Will, and Moll, all formerly the property of William Thornton Smith, who owned Barnaby as early as 1746.  George Smith patented 24 acres in Amelia County on the branches of Flat Creek 14 Feb. 1761. 
On 28 July 1768 James Vaughan bought the 24 acres from George Smith and 200 acres from his stepson John Smith.  The estate of George Smith was taxed on 3 horses and 4 slaves in Prince Edward County in 1800. 

Descendants of William Thornton Smith
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