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 908   Henry Walker I (1704-)
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Henry Walker I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry Walker I might describe his life as follows.

I was baptized 28 January 1704/5 in Abingdon Parish, a son of Thomas Walker.  Although no wife was mentioned, Mother was likely Barbara to whom Father was later married and for whom I named a daughter.
Likewise, the parish records do not reveal the name of my wife as Susanna until the birth of Thomas in 1733. We were the parents of at least two children until our minister wrote in that same register, “Susanna, wife of Henry Walker, departed this life 25 August 1737.” 
Ann and I were the parents of two before, “Ann Walker departed this life 23 June 1751.” 
I was later in Essex County where I was the mayor of the City of Bristol, wherever that is. 

Descendants of Henry Walker I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Walker II,  
 Joanna Walker (-1729),  
 Elizabeth Walker (1730-1739),  
 John Walker (-1737),  
 Thomas Walker (1733-),  
Susanna (—) Walker,  
Susanna Walker,  
Joanna Walker,  
Elizabeth Walker,  
 Barbara Walker (1735-),  
 Mary (Walker) Saunders DeJarnette (1742-),  
Alexander Saunders,  
James Pemberton DeJarnette,   
William Saunders,  
John Saunders,  
John Saunders,  
Henry Saunders,  
Edward Saunders,  
Susanna Saunders,  Sallé,  
Alexander Saunders,  Susanna —,  William Fowler,  Judith Sallé,   
Lucy Saunders,  James A. Patterson,  
Frances Saunders,  Sallé,  
 Frances (Walker) Bond Wormeley (1745-),  
William Bond,  William Bond,  Constant (Davis) Smithers,  John Davis,  
John Wormeley,  
Anna Bond,  
John Bond,  
Thomas Bond,  

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