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Two men named Abbott appeared in Halifax County in the mid 18th Century: Benjamin Abbott and Joseph Abbott.

Was Benjamin Joseph’s son?
Many have placed Benjamin as Joseph’s son because Joseph left one shilling to a son of this name in his will. Yet Benjamin’s appearance in tax records in 1750 places his birth 50 years before the births of Joseph’s younger children.
More specifically, to have been the father of a man of an age to be taxed in 1750, Joseph would have been born by 1715. The Census of 1850 identifies Joseph’s son Moody as 70 years of age, placing his birth in 1780, thus born when Joseph was at least 65. Yet Joseph’s will leaves land to Moody and then mentions “my three young sons John, Moses, and Fleming.”

Who was their father?
Benjamin Abbott appeared as a single tithable in the Lunenburg County tithe list of 1750.  That same year Lunenburg County charged William Abbott on two tithables including his son, George Abbott.  In 1752 his son William Abbott appeared in the household.  This Abbott family was living in what would later become Mecklenburg County. Halifax County ordered Richard Brown to pay George Abbott 100 pounds of tobacco for serving as a witness for him.  Since both Joseph and Benjamin Abbott lived next to Richard Brown, one wonders what connection they may have also had to George Abbott.
Joseph Abbott, whom we have tentatively placed as Benjamin’s brother, came to Halifax County from King and Queen County about 1765. Quit rent lists of 1704 identify Francis Abbott in James City County,  John Abbott and Roger Abbott in Accomack,  Robert Abbott in King William County,  and William Abbott in Essex County. 
Although Benjamin named a son Armistead, we can find no connection to this family.

Descendants of Mr. Abbott
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Benjamin Abbott (c.1730-1804),  
 Joseph Abbott (-1788),  
Andrew Wade,  Richard Brown,  Isaac Lynch,  
Frances (—) Abbott,  
William Abbott,  
Mary Parker,  John Yates,  
Rebecca Abbott,  Cornelius Beasley,  
Elizabeth R. Abbott,  
Carter Asbury Abbott,  
Susanna Sharp Abbott,  Thomas G. Lindsey,  
Mary Abbott,  William Gilley,  
Melinda Gilley,  
Ann Gilley,  
Sarah Gilley,  
John H. Gilley,  
Mary Gilley,  
Daniel Gilley,  
Robert Gilley,  
William Gilley,  
Louisa Gilley,  
Keturah P. Abbott,  
Wesley Mansfield Abbott,  Elizabeth Ann Robertson,  
Rebecca Ann Abbott,  John Quincy Snead,  
William H. Abbott,  Ann Lindsey,  Mattie W. Caldwell,  
James W. Abbott,  
Allie Abbott,  
Samuel H. Abbott,  
John R. Abbott,  Reba Frances Waller,  
Ann French Abbott,  William Cabell Waller,   
Milton Cayce Abbott,  Harriet Rebecca Snead,  
Jeannetta F. Abbott,  Samuel E. Snead,  
Delphia Abbott,  Perrin Giles,  
Onisha May Abbott,  Alfred R. Pincham,  
Mary E. Pincham,  
Mariah K. Pincham,  
Alfred R. Pincham,  
Frances L. Pincham,  
Stanfield Abbott,  
William Isaac Abbott,  Louisa Corbin,  Thomas Corbin,  
Sarah Abbott,  
George Abbott,  
Eliza Abbott,  
Richard Abbott,  
James Abbott,  
Chesley Abbott,  
Benjamin Abbott,  
Richard Abbott,  Catherine Fulkerson,  
Richard Boyd,   
Leonard Abbott,  Susanna Ferguson,  Rev. Thomas Dobson,  
Thomas Abbott,  Nancy Edmundson,  
Leonard Abbott,  Catherine Shaw,  Nancy (—) Shaw,  
Leonard Benjamin Abbott,  Mary Ann Eliza Jones,  Delanson Jones,  Rebecca Crews,  
Royall F. Abbott,  
John W. Abbott,  
Sarah Abbott,  
Moody Abbott,  
John Abbott,  Margaret Lyon,  
Abraham Abbott,  
John Abbott,  Catherine (—) Abbott,  
Polly Abbott,  Burwell Perry,  
Sarah Abbott,  James Wiggins,  
William Abbott,  Elizabeth Snead,  
Joseph Abbott,  Lucy Myers,  
Moses Abbott,  
Fleming Abbott,  
Mary Abbott,  Hatcher Owen,   
Moody Owen,  Martha Jane Johnson,  
George W. Owen,  
Mary Owen,  
Martha Owen,  
James Owen,  
John Owen,  
Elizabeth Owen,  
William Owen,  
Lucy Owen,  
William Owen,  
Rebecca Owen,  Edwin Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Owen,  Royall Daniel Jr.,   
Elizabeth Abbott,  
Frances Abbott,  John Robertson,  
Martha Abbott,  
Annie Abbott,  Ephraim Knight,  
Sarah Abbott,  John Keeling,  
Rachael Abbott,  
Joseph Abbott,  
Mary Magdalena Lacy,  Thomas Lacy,  Catherine (—) Lacy,  
Samuel M. Abbott,  
Catherine A. Abbott,  
Prudence Abbott,  
Nancy Abbott,  Drury Owen,  

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