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This topic is devoted to what little we know about the ancestors of Thomas Guthrey and about his posited brother, name unknown, who married Sarah Coleman.
A neighbor of Daniel Coleman and Thomas Guthrey in Cumberland County was Bernard Gaines. Because the name Bernard Guthrey appeared in the families of both sons, some connection could exist to this man.

Early Virginia Guthreys
The earliest known Guthrey’s to settle in Virginia were John Guthrey who obtained patents for 200 acres in Gloucester County in 1691 and 277 acres in King and Queen in 1714,  and Edward Guthrey who obtained patents for 600 acres and 153 acres in King and Queen County in 1695.  Although Edward was gone from King and Queen by 1704, John paid quit rents on 230 acres there in 1704.  Daniel Guthrey was a parishioner of Stratton Major Parish in 1729,  and held 8 acres in King and Queen County in 1756.  Another parishioner of Stratton Major Parish was John Guthrie Jr. who was dead by 7 Oct. 1754 leaving minor son Major Guthrie and minor daughter Ann Guthrie, who were later under the care of Richard Guthrie. 
From his 753 acres along the east side of the Mattaponi River, Edward Guthrey operated a ferry called Gutteries, which crossed the Mattaponi and Pamunkey from the upper side of the Mattaponi River to Brickhouse below the Pamunkey River, and ran to West Point.  He apparently lived near Daniel Guthrey who, with John Bailee of King and Queen County, stopped a ferry boat belonging to Jane King, who lived at Brickhouse, from landing passengers on the north side of the York River in 1702.  One John Guthry served from King and Queen County during the French and Indian War. Aged 31, he was at Fort Young in Capt. Robert Spotswood’s Company 4 Oct. 1757. 
Thomas Guthrey, perhaps a descendant of John or Edward, moved from King William to Southam Parish, Cumberland County, with a wife and several children. Although some have reached the conclusion that brothers, Thomas Guthrey, Lawrence Guthrey and William Guthrey, moved to Cumberland County around 1750, we have seen no evidence of the latter two. 

Descendants of Mr. Guthrey
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Guthrey (-1800),  
 son Guthrey,  
Sarah Coleman,  Daniel Coleman,  Patience —,  
Bernard Guthrey,  
Henry Guthrey,  
Jane Guthrey,  Samuel Ayres,  
Peyton Guthrey,  Magdalene Judith (Walker) Meredith,   
William Mason,  
William Coleman Guthrey,  Peter Harris,  Eleanor (Harris) Guthrey,  
Mary Guthrey,  
Peter Guthrey,  
Martha Guthrey,  
Philadelphia Guthrey,  Richard Elliott,  
Lucy Elliott,  
Elizabeth Elliott,  
Oriana Guthrey,  Elliott G. Coleman,  
Orana Coleman,  Henry Coleman Jr.,  
Mary D. Coleman,  John A. Allen,  
Archer Coleman,  
John H. Coleman,  
Creed P. Coleman,  
Ferdinand G. Coleman,  Elizabeth Phillips,  
Susanna Guthrey,  Lee,  
Grissell Guthrey,  Meredith,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Bernard Guthrey - Revolutionary War  

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