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Bagwell Richard Bagwell (-1790) of Brunswick County was the father Susanna Bagwell, the first wife of my ancestor 64 William Pritchett (-1795).
Bailey and Baley 1174 Lt. Edward Bailey (c.1655-1736) was a son of 2348 Mr. Bailey (-c.1687) of Surry County.
13738 Mr. Baley is devoted to the first family of 6869 Temperance Baley (1617-).
Baker Judith Baker married 888 William Walker II (c.1690-1752). We have placed her as the daughter of 1778 James Baker (-1706) of Henrico County.
Bagley George Bagley II (1709-1769) of Amelia County married Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of James Anderson II.
Ballow 3318 William Ballow (c.1645-1700) of Henrico County was the father of Susanna (Ballow) Pride who married 1658 John Pride I (c.1680-1743).
Banister Naturalist John Banister (1650-1692), third husband of Martha Batte. Banister was the ancestor of the prominent Banister family of Dinwiddie County.
Barber 1225 Mary — married second William Barber and was the mother of four known children born in 17th Century Richmond County, Virginia.
Barrow 184 Henry Barrow arrived in Brunswick County by 1757. He was evidently the father of 92 William Barrow who traditionally married Priscilla Hawks. Their son was 46 Dennis Barrow (c.1788-c.1865).
Baskerville John Baskerville (c.1715-1793) of York and Powhatan counties.
Bass William Bass, a son of William Bass and Mary Faile, married Martha Clay.
Batte 14096 John Batte (c.1530-1607) married Martha Mallory. Included is a topic on his father, 28192 Henry Batte (c.1505-1572), and three generations of his descendants: 7048 Rev. Robert Batte (1560-1617), 3524 Capt. John Batte (1606-1653), and 1762 Capt. Henry Batte (c.1642-c.1699).
Batty Christopher Batty of Charles City County.
Baugh 7092 William Baugh (c.1610-1687) came to Virginia and was the father of 3546 James Baugh (c.1655-1723).
Beauchamp 225282 Sir Richard de Beauchamp (1434-1502/3), Second Lord of Powyck, was husband of Elizabeth Stafford.
Belfield Thomas Wright Belfield (1704-1743) of Richmond County.
Bennett 833 Diana Bennett married 832 John Hilsman (c.1650-1704). She may have been a daughter of 1666 John Bennett of York County.
Berkeley Descendants of 112646 Maurice Berkeley (-1506), rightfully the Third Baron Berkeley, and Isabel Meade.
Bevill Essex Bevill (c.1675-1729) of Henrico County.
Bibb John Bibb (-1769) of Goochland County whose sons were in Prince Edward County.
Biddlecomb 613 Mary Biddlecomb was the wife of 612 Capt. James Tarpley II (-1713). Her father was 1226 James Biddlecomb.
Billups 491 Anne Billups (1749-1811) was the wife of 490 Capt. Joseph Jennings (1739-1804). She was likely the granddaughter of 1964 Joseph Billups (c.1700-) of Lunenburg County, who descended from 7856 George Billups (-c.1675) and 3928 John Billups (c.1660-1709) of Gloucester County.
Binford James Binford, who married Sarah (Chappell) Binford, was the ancestor of the predominately Quaker Southside Binfords.
Birchett Robert Birchett (-1760) of Prince George County. His widow married second my ancestor 148 John Parker (c.1695-1774).
Blackman William Blackman (c.1641-1698) was the father of William Blackman who married 885 Sarah Stewart.
Blanton 216 Richard Blanton II (c.1725-c.1806) of Cumberland County. His son and grandson were 108 David Blanton (c.1765-1823) and 54 Reuben Blanton (1808-1853). Richard was the son of 432 Richard Blanton I (-1734) and grandson of 864 Thomas Blanton (-1697) of Essex County.
Blunt My ancestress 1173 Mary — (-c.1677) married Richard Blunt, the progenitor of the Blunts of Surry County.
Boisseau Rev. James Boisseau (-c.1719) of New Kent County.
Booker Capt. Richard Booker I, posited son of Edward Booker and ancestor of the Bookers of Amelia, Halifax, and Prince Edward.
Booth Thomas Booth (-1766) of Prince George and Amelia
Borum 194 Richard Borum (c.1720-1789) left descendants in Amelia and Nottoway County.
Bott Thomas Bott (-c.1776) left descendants in Chesterfield and Amelia counties.
Bottom Thomas Bottom (-1766) of Prince George and Amelia.
Bouldin Col. Thomas Bouldin (1705-1783) of Charlotte County.
Bowman Robert Bowman II (c.1630-) of Henrico County.
Branch 6648 Christopher Branch I (c.1598-1681) of Henrico County. His descendants are found throughout Southside Virginia. From him descended Thomas Jefferson. His son and grandson were 3324 Christopher Branch II (c.1627-1665) and 1662 Christopher Branch III (c.1658-1727).
Brasseur Robert Brasseur (c.1597-) of Nansemond County.
Briggs I descend from 1172 Henry Briggs (-1686) of Surry County through his son 586 Samuel Briggs (c.1672-1737).
Brodnax Two brothers arrived in Virginia in the 17th Century: John Brodnax (c.1665-) and William Brodnax (1675-1727).
Brooks 81 Lucy — married 80 John Pritchett (c.1731-1804)
Browder Edmund Browder (c.1655-1739) of Prince George County who left descendants in Brunswick County.
Brown(e) 70 William Brown (-1813) of Brunswick County was the father of Armon Brown who married 34 George Daniel (c.1775-1807).
John Brown (-1753) of Brunswick County.
John Brown (-c1675) of Henrico County was the first husband of 6869 Temperance Baley (1617-).
Henry Browne of “Four Mile Tree,” Surry County.
Bruce Alexander Bruce (c.1722-1795) of Nottoway County.
Burton 3560 John Burton (c.1630-1690) of “Longfield,” was the ancestor of the Henrico Burtons. His brother was Thomas Burton of “Cobbs” and both were likely sons of 7120 Mr. Burton. John Burton was the father of 1780 Robert Burton (c.1660-c.1724) of “Longfield.” It was likely his son, John Burton, who was identical to 890 John Burton (-1776) who married Sarah (Chappell) Burton (-1781) and lived in Amelia County.
Butler 154 John Butler was the father of Susanna Butler who married 76 William Elmore (c.1760-1835).

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