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Cabanis Huguenot Henry Cabanis (-1720) of Prince George County and ancestor of the Cabiness (and other spellings) family of Southside Virginia.
Cabell Nicholas Cabell (1667-1734). This family is elegantly presented in The Cabells and Their Kin by Alexander Brown. Nicholas married Rachel (Hooper) Cabell, daughter of 3450 George Hooper.
Cain Isham Cain (-1785) of Sussex County.
Carleton 1704 Christopher Carleton of King and Queen County is believed to be the grandfather of 426 Thomas Carleton (1721-1786) who left descendants in Lunenburg and Mecklenburg County.
Carr 228 William Carr (c.1752-1835), with kinsman John and Thomas Carr, appeared in Halifax County around 1760. These are the ancestors of the Carrs of Halifax County. They were likely the son of 456 Thomas Carr (-c.1755). Two William’s sons were 114 Thomas B. Carr (-1828) and 112 William H. Carr (c.1790-1882). Included are topics of three generations of descendants of William H. Carr: 56 Capt. Paul W. Carr (1819-1903), 28 John Robert Carr (1843-1919), and 14 Charles Paul Carr (1875-1960).
Carrington George Carrington (1711-1845) married Johanna (Mayo) Carrington (1712-1785). The Carringtons were very prominent during the Revolutionary Period.
Carter 341 Phoebe Carter married 340 John White (c.1720-c.1792).
Cave 1678 Mr. Cave is devoted to Virginia Colonial Caves of who could be the ancestors of Mary Cave, wife of 838 John Echols.
Benjamin Cave (c.1703-) of Orange County.
Caynhoe Rev. William Caynoe (-1644) was the father of Sibella (Caynhoe) Ham Hubbard Aylett who married Matthew Hubbard (-1667).
Chappell 7128 Thomas Chappell II (c.1640-), son of the immigrant of the same, was the father of 3564 Thomas Chappell III (c.1660-c.1703) of Charles City County, the ancestor of the Chappells of Surry, Sussex, Amelia, and Halifax Counties. Included is a topic about his son, 1782 Robert Chappell I (c.1680-1724)
Cheatham 1660 Thomas Cheatham I (c.1645-1726) of Henrico County was the father of my ancestor 830 William Cheatham I (c.1695-1752) who married 831 Obedience Branch (-1774).
Chisum John Chisum (c1704-c1793) married Eleanor (Gillintine) Chisum (-1804) and left descendants in Amelia and Halifax.
Christopher 348 Nicholas Christopher (c.1670-1754) was the father of 174 Robert Christopher of Lunenburg County.
Clack James Clack (-1757) of Brunswick County.
Claiborne Anne Fox married Capt. Thomas Claiborne of “Sweet Hall.” Several others of my family intermarried with the Claibornes.
Clarke 3314 William Clarke (c.1634-1713) of Henrico County, ancestor of the Clark(e)s of Chesterfield County.
Henry Clarke (-1678) of Old Rappahannock County.
Clary Descendants of Benjamin Clary of Brunswick County who married Winifred Kelly.
Clay 1848 Charles Clay I (c.1635-1686) of Henrico County was a son of 3696 John Clay (c.1587-) of Charles City County. The Clays spread throughout Southside Virginia including Chesterfield, Prince George, Amelia, Pittsylvania, Powhatan, Cumberland, and Halifax counties. A son and grandson were 924 Charles Clay II (-1765) and 462 James Clay (c.1721-1790)
Clement 856 William Clement I (c.1690-1760) moved from King William to Amelia County about 1735. His father was likely 1712 Benjamin Clements (c.1650-) of Gloucester County. William descendants intermarried with the Pigg, Ford, Cook, and Hubbard families. Included are topics about his son, 428 William Clement II (c.1715-c.1765), and grandson 214 Isham Clements (c.1740-c.1803).
Cocke 6868 Lt. Col. Richard Cocke (1602-1665) was the progenitor of the Henrico, Charles City, Isle of Wight, Prince George, Goochland, Amelia, Cumberland, Powhatan, Chesterfield and Albemarle Cockes. I descend also from his son 3434 Thomas Cocke I (c.1639-1697).
Cobbs Col. Samuel Cobbs (-1757) of Amelia County.
Cole 14498 Humphrey Cole (c.1552-1624) of Essex, England, was the father of Jane Cole who married 7248 Lt. Col. John George (1603-1678). His son William Cole was the progenitor of the Warwick County Coles.
Cook 492 Mr. Cook of Amelia County, father of 246 Lt. James Cook (1750-1804).
Copeland John Copeland (1611-1682) of Nansemond County.
Cousins Family of George Cousins who married Margery Archer. Their descendants were later in Chesterfield and Amelia counties.
Cox Digression: James and William Cox of Orange is devoted to brothers James and William Cox of Orange County.
Family Digressions have been included for John Cox (-c.1696) of “Arrowhattocks,” John Cox (-1794) of Bluestone Creek, and John Cox (-1785) of Goochland County.
Craddock 412 William Craddock (-1795) was living in what is now Amelia County by 1734. His son was 206 Capt. William Cross Craddock (c.1735-1795). They were very likely related to the Craddocks of Charles City County.
Crawley 1783 Sarah — (-c.1760) of Amelia County married second William Crawley. Her son William Crawley was the ancestor of many of the Crawleys of Southside Virginia.
Cross 826 John Cross (-1730) of Charles City County was the ancestor of the Crosses of Amelia, Lunenburg, and Dinwiddie Counties. He as a son of William Cross.

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