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Dance Thomas Dance (c.1680-) of Surry and Henrico counties.
Daniel I descend 68 William Daniel (c.1740-1786) through his son 34 George Daniel (c.1775-1807), and from 36 Peter Daniel (c.1788-1864) through his son 18 Pryor Daniel (1817-1875). Peter was a son of 73 Sarah Daniel (c.1765-) and 72 Mr. Daniel (-c.1790) and grandson of 146 Joseph Daniel (c.1725-c.1794). Family Topic 136 Mr. Daniel is devoted to early Daniels of Prince George and Brunswick counties from whom both lines undoubtedly come.
Two Daniel families of Brunswick County are possibly connected to the above Brunswick County Daniels: Richard T. Daniel (c.1824-1872) and Thomas Daniel (c.1823-c.1900).
Richard Daniel (-1782) of Halifax County.
Davis 1058 Mr. Davis presents the family of 529 Naomi Davis by Walter Holdsworth and Thomas Tyus.
DeJarnette and de Jarnat Huguenot 1808 Jean de Jarnat was the immigrant ancestor of the DeJarnettes (and other spellings) of Southside Virginia specifically, Amelia, Nottoway, Halifax, and Prince Edward. I descend from him through 904 Joseph DeJarnette I (1716-1791), 452 Capt. James Pemberton DeJarnette (c.1740-1826), and 226 George DeJarnette (1763-1841).
Dennett Digression: John Dennett of York relates the Dennett family of York, possible relations of 1868 George Abney (1613-1661).
Dennis Richard Dennis (-1725) of Charles City County married Mary Gower and left descendants in Amelia County.
56322 Sir William Dennis of Durham and Pucklechurch married Anne Berkeley, the daughter of 112646 Maurice Berkeley (-1506) and Isabel Meade.
Dickenson 1624 Griffith Dickenson (c.1620-c.1670) came to Virginia about 1656. His descendants were in Hanover, New Kent, Louisa, Caroline, and Amelia Counties and were early settlers of Southwestern Virginia. A son and grandson were 812 William Dickenson and 406 Thomas Dickenson (c.1680-c.1734).
Dickson 1000 Thomas Dickson (-1763) of Halifax County was the father and grandfather of 500 Benjamin Dickson and 250 Thomas Dickson (c.1750-1812).
Digges Dudley Digges, the progenitor of that prominent family of Warwick County married Susannah Cole.
Dortch David Dortch (-1782) of Mecklenburg County.
Dupuy Capt. James Dupuy (1758-1823) of Nottoway County.
DuVal Col. Samuel DuVal (1714-1784) of Gloucester and Henrico whose children intermarried with the Fox family.

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