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Echols 838 John Echols, father of the Echols who were in Amelia County until about the 1760s when they moved with the Gillintines and Hubbards to Lunenburg and Halifax.
Edloe John Edloe I (c.1660-) of Charles City County, son and grandson of Matthew Edloe, married first Rebecca Hubbard and second, Martha (Hatcher) Edloe Blanks.
Edmundson Upton Edmundson (-1771) of Amelia County.
Edwards I descend from 120 John Edwards II (1767-1849), son of John Edwards I of Halifax County through his son and grandson, 60 John Edwards III (c.1805-1885) and 30 Richard Thomas Edwards (1843-1919).
William Edwards (-1780) of Halifax County is likely connected to my Edwards family.
Eggleston Joseph Eggleston (-1792) of Amelia County.
Elam Descendants of Gilbert Elam II who married Mary Hatcher.
Gilbert Elam I (c.1630-1696) of Henrico County.
Eldridge Family of Thomas Eldridge I who married Judith Kennon.
Ellington John Ellington was in Prince George (now Dinwiddie) County by 1712 and the posited father of John Ellington Jr. and David Ellington of Amelia County who left descendants in Nottoway, Prince Edward, and Lunenburg.
Elmore 1216 Thomas Elmore I was in Virginia before 1654. His descendants were later in New Kent and Lunenburg. I descend from five more Elmore generations: 608 Peter Elmore I (-1730), 304 Peter Elmore II (1700-1738), 152 James Elmore (c.1735-c.1800), 76 William Elmore (c.1760-1835), 38 James Elmore (c.1787-1883)
Embry Henry Embry (-1763) of Brunswick County.
Epes Francis Epes of “Causons,” Prince George County.
Evans John Evans I (c.1649-) of Prince George County whose son of the same name married Sarah Batte.

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