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Farmer Family of Henry Farmer who married Sarah Ward.
Farrar William Farrar I of Henrico County married 13739 Cicely (c.1600-).
Fawdon 7250 Maj. George Fawdon (c.1615-1655) was the father of Esther Fawdon who married 3624 Isaac George (1635-1689).
Featherstone 1654 William Featherstone I (-c.1720) of Charles City County left descendants in Dinwiddie, Amelia, and Nottoway. Charles Featherstone (c1637-c1690) of Henrico County left family in Chesterfield and Amelia. They are presumed to be the grandson and son, respectively, of 6616 Mr. Featherstone
Feild Theophilus Feild of Prince George County as the progenitor of the Southside Feilds. He married possibly Susanna Vaughan.
Finney William Finney (-1759) married Mary Punch and they had several sons and daughters marry into my family.
1002 Thomas Finney (c.1710-1783) of Halifax County was the father of 501 Winifred Finney (c.1730-c.1770) who married 500 Benjamin Dickson.
Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald of Prince George County.
Fleming Charles Fleming of New Kent County.
Flood 4700 Col. John Flood (-1685), of Surry County was the father of 2350 Thomas Flood (-1670).
Ford Hezekiah Ford of King William County married Elizabeth (Clement) Ford Ellyson. Their descendants are in Amelia and Cumberland.
Forrest Abraham Forrest (-1759) of Gloucester and Amelia County.
Fowlkes 408 Gabriel Fowlkes (c.1690-c.1775) settled in what is now Caroline county. His descendants came through Hanover and are found in Amelia and Nottoway. I descend from him through: 204 Capt. Joseph Fowlkes (-c.1789) and 102 Capt. Joseph Jennings Fowlkes (1769-1844)
Fox 3490 Capt. John Fox (c.1620-c.1682) was the father of 1745 Jane Fox who married 1744 Richard Johns (-1703) of King William County. His father was likely 6980 Thomas Fox (-c.1625).
Friend Capt. Thomas Friend (1700-1760) was the ancestor of substantially all the Friends of Southside Virginia. His wife was Frances Cox.
Fry Col. Joshua Fry (-1754) of Albemarle County.

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