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Garland David Garland (-1781) of Hanover and Lunenburg.
Garton 3970 John Garton of Richmond County was the father of 1985 Catherine Garton (-1748) who married 1984 Thomas Petty I (-1750).
Gee Capt. James Gee married Boyce Scott.
George 906 John George (1704-1784) was father of Edna George who married 452 Capt. James Pemberton DeJarnette (c.1740-1826). John descended from 7248 Lt. Col. John George (1603-1678), 3624 Isaac George (1635-1689), and 1812 Robert George (1665-1733).
Giles Includes descendants of William Giles who married Bethania Knowles and left descendants in Chesterfield County and Amelia counties.
Digression: Giles of Amelia mentions John Giles and William Giles.
Gilliam 1168 John Gilliam (c.1614-1673) was the ancestor of the Gilliam family of Sussex, Prince George, Greensville, and Brunswick counties. I descend from John through 584 Capt. Hinchia Gilliam I (c.1666-1734), and 580 Hinchia Gilliam (-1737).
Gillintine 418 Nicholas Gillintine (-1773) was in Amelia County by 1736 and married a daughter of 838 John Echols. He died in Halifax County where most of his descendants remained.
Glascock 3929 Mary Glascock married 3928 John Billups (c.1660-1709) in 1695. She was likely a daughter of 7858 Richard Glascock of Gloucester County.
Thomas Glascock of Richmond County.
Goode John Goode I (c.1632-1709), the immigrant, married first Martha and second, Ann. His seat was “Whitby,” south of the James River.
Edward Goode I (c.1645-) was a near contemporary of John Goode and lived north of the James River.
Gould Family of 1726 Enoch Gould (c.1670-1720), an Englishman banished to Barbados for landing on the wrong side of a rebellion.
Green(e) Thomas Green II, the “Seagull” left descendants in Amelia and Mecklenburg.
Elizabeth Greene said to be wife of 488 James Oliver (-1787)
Digression: Other Greens of Amelia identifies of other Greens of Amelia County.
Gunn Families of brothers John B. Gunn who married Lucy Jane (Elmore) Gunn (1829-1901) and Samuel Harrison Gunn who married Martha (Daniel) Gunn (c.1825-1855).
Thomas Gunn (-1777) of Amelia County.
Guthrie and Guthrey 928 Mr. Guthrey was the ancestor of the Guthries and Guthreys of Cumberland County. Three lineal descendants were 464 Thomas Guthrey (-1800), 232 Travis Guthrey (-c.1818), 116 James Guthrie (c.1783-1851), and 58 Wesley H. Guthrie (c.1818-)

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