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Hall Instant Hall of Dinwiddie County married likely Mary Willson and left descendants in Amelia County.
John Hall of Amelia County married Anne Bolling.
Hammock William Hammock (-1701) of Richmond County left descendants in Brunswick County.
Hampton 360 William Hampton (-1776) of Brunswick County was possibly the great grandfather of 45 Ann Elizabeth Hampton (c.1810-c.1865) who married 44 Archibald Manly (c.1805-c.1885).
Hancock Simon Hancock (c.1600-c.1653) had descendants who intermarried with the Ligons and Moseleys.
Hardaway John Hardaway of Charles City County.
Harris 7042 Capt. Thomas Harris (c.1586-c.1649) of Charles City County left descendants in Henrico, Hanover, and New Kent.
Benjamin Harris (-c.1758) of Cumberland County.
Harrison Benjamin Harrison I (-c.1645) was the progenitor of the prominent Harrison family of Virginia.
Harvey 238 Mr. Harvey reveals what we know of the Harvey family of Southside Virginia. Sarah Ann Harvey is a posited wife of 118 Joel Sparrow (c.1801-1862).
Harvey Brothers of Lunenburg is devoted to two brothers who resided in Lunenburg County.
Harwood I descend from 1716 Capt. Joseph Harwood (-1737). Family Topic 3432 Mr. Harwood is devoted to what we know about his brothers and mother.
Haskins Descendants of Edward Haskins I of Henrico County who married Martha (Tanner) Jones Haskins.
Hatcher 7076 William Hatcher (c.1615-c.1679) of Henrico County left descendants throughout Southside Virginia. His son was 3538 Henry Hatcher I (-c.1677).
Hatchett John Hatchett (c.1673-1756) of Henrico County. His descendants were later in Chesterfield, Amelia, Charlotte, and Lunenburg counties.
Hawks Priscilla Hawks married 92 William Barrow.
Hicks Two Family Digressions cover Robert Hicks and Capt. Robert Hicks (1658-1739).
Hightower Joshua Hightower (-1772) of Richmond and Amelia counties.
Hill 1656 James Hill I (c.1655-1708) of Henrico County left descendants in Henrico, Amelia, and Mecklenburg. I descend from his son and grandson: 828 John Hill (-c.1747) and 414 James Hill (1726-1765)
Digression: Other Hill Families of Amelia identifies several other 18th Century Amelia County Hill families.
466 Thomas Hill II (-1773) of Spotsylvania County died in Cumberland County. His descendants moved to Halifax County on Catawba Creek and later Edgefield District, South Carolina. He was a son of 932 Thomas Hill I (-c.1730).
Hillsman / Hilsman 832 John Hilsman (c.1650-1704) of York County was the ancestor of the Hil(l)smans of Southside Virginia. Five lineal descendants are the following: 416 Nicholas Hilsman (c.1680-1761), 208 Matthew Hillsman (c.1715-c.1781), 104 James Hillsman (c.1770-1847), 52 Col. John Albert Hillsman (1806-1859), and 26 James Moses Overton Hillsman (1835-1918).
Hooper 3450 George Hooper of Somersetshire. One daughter married 1724 Joseph Mayo (1656-1691), the ancestor of the Southside Virginia Mayos, and another married Nicholas Cabell, the ancestor of the prominent Cabell family of Virginia. A grandson, Joseph Hooper, was in Goochland County.
Hoare 14086 Thomas Hoare (-1627) was the father of Audrey Hoare who married 7042 Capt. Thomas Harris (c.1586-c.1649).
Howlett Thomas Howlett of Henrico County.
Hubbard 234 John Hubbard (-c.1804) of Halifax County had a daughter marry 116 James Guthrie (c.1783-1851).
Robert Hubbard (c.1600-c.1663) of York County left descendants in Southside Virginia.
Hudson Christopher Hudson (-1788) of Hanover and Amelia.
Hughson Robert Hughson of Henrico County.
Hunnicutt Robert Hunnicutt (c.1675-) of Prince George County.

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