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Laffoon 254 Matthew Laffoon (-1789) of Brunswick and Lunenburg counties. What we know about his ancestors and brother Nathaniel Laffoon is depicted in 508 Mr. Laffoon.
Lambert William Lambert (-1716) of Richmond County left descendants in Brunswick County.
League James League of Amelia County.
Leigh John Leigh (-c.1785) of Prince Edward County.
Lester Jacob Lester (-1794) of Chesterfield County.
Lewis 770 Thomas Lewis II (c.1675-1711) of Prince George County, son of 1540 Thomas Lewis I (-1725), was likely the father of 385 Ann Lewis who married 384 Nicholas Vaughan (c.1685-c.1738).
Ligon and Lygon 450560 Thomas Lygon, descendant of the Lygons of Madresfield, married 450561 Joan Bracy. He is the Colonial ancestor of the Southside Ligons. I descend from him through twelve generations of Ligon/Lygons: 225280 Thomas Lygon (c.1425-1507), 112640 Richard Lygon (-1512), 56320 Sir Richard Lygon (c.1490-1556), 28160 William Lygon (1512-1567), 14080 Thomas Lygon (-1615), 7040 Thomas Lygon (c.1577-1626), 3520 Col. Thomas Ligon (1623-1675), 1760 Maj. William Ligon I (c.1650-1689), 880 William Ligon II (c.1682-1764), 440 William Ligon III (-1796), 220 Thomas Ligon (c.1745-c.1807), and 110 William Baxter Ligon (-c.1849).
Lilley 7860 John Lilley was an early settler of Gloucester County. He was likely the grandfather of 1965 Margaret Lilley (1700-) who married 1964 Joseph Billups (c.1700-).
Lockett Thomas Lockett I (-1686) left descendants in Powhatan, Cumberland, Goochland, and Amelia.
Logwood Edmund Logwood (-1775) of Chesterfield County had several children to marry into my family.
Lound 3526 Henry Lound (c.1619-1708), father-in-law of 1762 Capt. Henry Batte (c.1642-c.1699) and 1770 John Stewart (c.1660-1714)

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