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McGehee Jacob McGehee (1707-1783) and Edward McGehee (c1702-1771) married DeJarnette sisters Eleanor (DeJarnette) McGehee (1720-1775) and Elizabeth (DeJarnette) McGehee (1709-) and lived in Prince Edward County.
Mabry and Maybury Francis Maybury of Sussex County was the progenitor of the Southside Virginia Mabry family. He married Elizabeth (Gilliam) West Bevin Maybury (c.1655-1715).
Maclin William Maclin (-1751) and Henry Maclin (-1811) of Brunswick County.
Maguffie 1730 John Maguffie of old Rappahannock County may have been the father of Jane, wife of 864 Thomas Blanton (-1697).
Mallory 7050 Rev. Thomas Mallory (c.1566-1644) of Yorkshire was the ancestor of the Mallorys of Charles City, York, New Kent, and King William counties.
Manly See Meanly.
Marchbanks George Marchbanks (-1740) married Ann (Echols) Marchbanks of Amelia County.
Markham Family of Lt. John Markham (-1770) of Chesterfield County. His children married into my family.
Marshall Alexander Marshall (1676-1743) of Henrico County married Elizabeth Worsham and left descendants in Chesterfield, Mecklenburg, Amelia, and Cumberland County.
May John May (-1767) left a will in Amelia County.
Mayo 1724 Joseph Mayo (1656-1691) of Wilts County, England, was the father of two Mayo sons, including 862 Maj. William Mayo (1684-1744), who left family in Goochland and Powhatan.
Meanly and Manly 176 Samuel Meanly I (-1783) settled in Lunenburg in 1747 and left descendants in Brunswick. I descend from him through four consecutive Meanly/Manly generations: 88 John Meanly (c.1750-1818), 44 Archibald Manly (c.1805-c.1885), and 22 Luther Napoleon Manly (c.1833-c.1896)
Mitchell Family of Henry Mitchell who married Tabitha Branch in Surry County before 1727.
Moody Henry Moody (-1787) of Chesterfield County.
Moore Family of 376 John Moore (-c.1753) who had a wife named Mary and lived in St. Andrew’s Parish of Brunswick County. His father was 752 Richard Moore (-c.1720). Included are topics on a son and grandson: 188 William Moore (-1800) and 94 John Moore (-1815).
George Hunt Moore (-1784) of Chesterfield County had several children marry into my family.
1986 Francis Moore (c.1660-1718) was the father of 993 Elizabeth Moore who married 992 Thomas Petty II (c.1705-).
Morgan William Morgan (-1726) of Richmond County.
John Morgan (-1780) of Amelia County.
Morton John Morton of Henrico County.
Moseley Arthur Moseley II married Sarah Hancock, daughter of Johan Ligon and Robert Hancock.
Motley Joseph Motley (-c.1775) of Amelia County whose descendants intermarried with the Tanner, Vaughan, and Fowlkes families.
Mountfort / Mumford / Munford 7236 Thomas Mountfort of Nansemond may have been the father of 3618 Edward Mumford (-c.1690) of York and Gloucester counties. His father was possibly Thomas Mountfort of the “First Supply” and companion of Capt. John Smith.
Muse 1852 John Muse II (c.1673-c.1722) is believed to be the grandfather of Margaret Muse who married 462 James Clay (c.1721-1790). His father was 3704 John Muse I (1633-1723) of Westmoreland County.

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