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O’Brissell 2706 Thomas O’Brissell (-1698) of Middlesex County was the father of 1353 Mary O’Brissell (c.1670-) who married 1352 John Stone (-1737).
Oldham 614 John Oldham III (c.1687-1762) of Richmond County was the father of Mary Oldham who married 306 James Tarpley III (1693-c.1781). He was a son of 1228 John Oldham II (1665-1705) and grandson of 2456 John Oldham I (-1709), both of Northumberland County.
Oliver 488 James Oliver (-1787) moved from Hanover to Amelia County about 1738. His descendants were in Amelia and Halifax. His son was 244 Richard Oliver I (-c.1810) and his grandson 122 Richard Oliver II (c.1790-1850).
Osborne Lt. Thomas Osborne I (c.1580-) of Henrico County.
Overton 212 Moses Overton I (c.1730-1810) of Amelia and Mecklenburg County had son 106 Capt. Moses Overton II (1772-1847)
Owen Thomas Owen (c.1680-1744) of Henrico County.

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