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Parker 148 John Parker (c.1695-1774) lived on the Lunenburg/Brunswick line. He was likely the grandfather of 37 Elizabeth Parker (c.1794-1855) who married 36 Peter Daniel (c.1788-1864).
Parry 14098 Roger Parry (c.1548-1634) was the father of Elizabeth Parry who married 7048 Rev. Robert Batte (1560-1617).
Parsons Joseph Parsons (-1656) of Prince George County.
Patram Family of Rebecca Stratton who married Anthony Patram. Their grandson married Judith Willson.
Payne Archibald Payne (1748-1831) of Goochland County had several children marry into my family.
Penick Jerusha Penick who married 198 Pugh Price (c.1700-1775) was the daughter of 398 William Penick (1694-1750) and granddaughter of 796 Edward Penick.
Perrin Richard Perrin (-1695) of Henrico County.
Petty My earliest Petty confirmed ancestor was 1984 Thomas Petty I (-1750), son of 3968 Mr. Petty and father of 992 Thomas Petty II (c.1705-). 496 Francis Moore Petty (1728-1802) came to Halifax County and was the ancestor of 248 Joseph Petty (c.1750-1825), 124 Joel Petty (c.1779-1854), and 62 Thomas Petty (1819-1874), father of 31 Frances Randolph Petty (1851-1894) who married 30 Richard Thomas Edwards (1843-1919).
Pemberton Mary Pemberton married 904 Joseph DeJarnette I (1716-1791).
Penick 796 Edward Penick was the father of 398 William Penick (1694-1750) and the grandfather of Jerusha Penick who married 198 Pugh Price (c.1700-1775).
Perkinson Two Perkinson brothers of Henrico County are covered in a topic Mr. Perkinson.
Peterson John Peterson (-1732) of Prince George County was the father of several children who married into my family.
Pew 794 Henry Pew (c.1634-1711) was the father of Jane Pew who married 396 John Price III (-1711).
Philips Richard Phillips (-1793) of Amelia County.
Potts Jesse Potts of Brunswick County.
Povall Richard Povall (-1771) had many children marry into my family.
Price 198 Pugh Price (c.1700-1775) of Henrico, Amelia, and Prince Edward counties, was the son of 396 John Price III (-1711), grandson of 792 John Price II (c.1628-), and great-grandson of 1584 John Price I (1584-1628).
Pride 3316 William Pride I (c.1650-1723) of Henrico County left descendants were in Henrico, Chesterfield, and Amelia. A son was 1658 John Pride I (c.1680-1743)
Pritchett 320 Joshua Pritchett (c.1672-) was likely the grandfather of 80 John Pritchett (c.1731-1804) and 64 William Pritchett (-1795) These two men were ancestor of the Pritchetts of Brunswick County. Family Topics include the following: 1 John William Pritchett, 2 William McCaddin Pritchett (1914-1989), 4 Henry McCaddin Pritchett (1885-1929), 8 David Pritchett (1844-1922), 10 John William Pritchett (1855-1931), 16 Joseph Samuel Pritchett (c.1800-1845), 20 Edward Pritchett II (c.1803-1856), 32 Lt. Moses Pritchett (c.1758-1823), and 40 Edward Pritchett I (c.1770-)
Lt. John Pritchett (-1797) of Greensville County may have been related to these other men.
Pulliam 98 George Pulliam (-1786) was the father of Mary Price Pulliam who married 48 John Vaughan (1780-1848).
822 James Pulliam was the father of Mary Jane Pulliam who married 410 William Jennings I (1702-c.1774).

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