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Raines 986 Thomas Raines (c.1705-) of Prince George County was the son of 1972 William Raines (-c.1725).
Rawlings Alexander Rawlings of Brunswick County.
Randolph William Randolph (c.1650-1711) of “Turkey Island” is not an ancestor but a number of his descendants married into my family.
Read Clement Read (-1763) of Charlotte County had several children who married into my family.
Roberts Thomas Roberts of Prince George County married Hannah Baugh and left a will in Amelia County.
Timothy Roberts of Sussex County.
Robertson and Robinson 400 Christopher Robertson (c.1685-c.1748) moved from present-day Dinwiddie to present-day Nottoway in 1733. Posited grandson of 1600 Christopher Robertson I (c.1625-c.1665) who lived in what is now Chesterfield County and posited son of 800 Henry Robertson (c.1656-1718). I descend from the younger Christopher through three Robertson generations: 200 Edward Robertson (c.1718-1769), 100 John Robertson (c.1745-1826), and 50 Capt. Henry I. Robertson (1798-1842).
Rev. George Robertson of Henrico County married Mary Worsham and left descendants in Chesterfield and Amelia.
Digression: Other Southside Robertson Families describes the families of several early Robertson families including Rev. George Robertson of Chesterfield and Amelia, Nicholas Robertson of Prince George, Christopher Robertson of Prince Edward, Christopher Robinson (-1792) of Middlesex, Jeffrey Robertson of Chesterfield, Archibald Robertson of Prince George, John Robinson of Henrico. Also included are Thomas Robertson of Henrico, George Robinson of Brunswick, William Robertson (-1758) of Chesterfield.
Rogers 1764 Charles Rogers was the father of 882 Robert Rogers (c.1685-1740) of Goochland County. His daughter 441 Ann Rogers (1725-) married 440 William Ligon III (-1796).
Rowlett Peter Rowlett I (c.1640-1702), father of Peter Rowlett who married Mary (Ligon) Anderson Rowlett and William Rowlett who married Frances Worsham.
Ruffin Family of William Ruffin (1617-1674) of Southside Virginia.
Russell Martha Russell married 62 Thomas Petty (1819-1874). She was the daughter of 126 Henry Russell (c.1780-1863). Henry was grandson and son of 504 Jeffrey Russell (c.1720-1800) of Cabell County and 252 Isaac Russell of Brunswick County. 1008 Mr. Russell is devoted to what we know about the family of Jeffrey Russell’s unidentified father.

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