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Scarborough 66 William Scarbrough (c.1730-c.1804), of Brunswick County, was the father of 33 Ann Scarbrough (c.1765-1838) who married 32 Lt. Moses Pritchett (c.1758-1823). He descended 132 Edward Scarbrough II (c.1700-c.1742), the son of 264 Edward Scarbrough I (c.1670-c.1716), the son of 528 William Scarbrough (-1676), all of Surry County.
Scott 860 Col. John Scott (-1729) of New Kent County and left descendants in Cumberland, Powhatan, and Amelia County. His son was 430 Joseph Scott (c.1696-c.1748).
Dr. James Scott (-1761) and Thomas Scott (1718-1772) covers two Southside Scott families.
John Scott (c.1665-1724) of Prince George County.
Seay Jacob Seay (-1790) of Amelia County had several children and grandchildren marry into my family.
Sherman 3326 Henry Sherman (c.1630-1695) of Henrico County left no Sherman descendants but his daughters married into families Trent and Branch.
Sheppey Descendants of Martha () Sheppey Stratton (-c.1695) of Henrico County.
Simmons John Simmons (-1749) of Surry and Isle of Wight counties.
Skerme Edward Skerme (-1677) of Henrico County.
Skipwith William Skipwith (1707-1764).
Smith 446 John Smith (c.1745-c.1816) of Prince Edward believed to be the son of 892 William Thornton Smith (-1749) of Amelia and grandson of 1784 John Smith (c.1690-c.1745) of Gloucester. John was the father of Mary Ann Smith (17681820) who married 222 Capt. William Walker (1757-1840).
Richard Smith of Prince George County outlived his son Thomas Smith, the father of Richard Smith of Brunswick County.
Snead Family of Samuel Snead and his wife, Jane, of Amelia and Lunenburg counties. Their children married into the Stone and Wilkes families.
Sparrow 118 Joel Sparrow (c.1801-1862) was a son of 236 Reuben Sparrow (c.1770-c.1855) and his first cousin 237 Mary Sparrow. Both were grandchildren of 944 John Sparrow I (c.1725-c.1780), an early settler of Halifax County. Reuben was a son of 472 Thomas Sparrow, and Mary, a daughter of 474 John Sparrow II (-1800).
Springall Descendants of 6500 Robert Springall (-c.1639) of Sheringham, Norfolk, England, and his son, 3250 Thomas Springall.
Sterling Ann Sterling married William Smith, a posited ancestor of 446 John Smith (c.1745-c.1816).
Stewart 3544 John Stewart (c.1632-1706) of Henrico County was the father of 1770 John Stewart (c.1660-1714) and 1772 Daniel Stewart (c.1670-1737) and grandfather of 886 Robert Stewart (c.1700-).
Stone 338 Richard Stone (c.1725-1797) appeared in early Lunenburg County. His brothers were likely John and William covered in the topic on 676 Mr. Stone. Richard was likely a grandson of 1352 John Stone (-1737) of Staffordshire, England.
William Stone (-1729) came to Lunenburg County from York County and was the ancestor of many Stones of Lunenburg.
Thomas Stone (-1795) came to Brunswick County from Great Britain.
Stratton Edward Stratton I (-1688) of Henrico County.
Swepson Sarah (Swepson) Carlton (1726-1795) married 426 Thomas Carleton (1721-1786). 854 Mr. Swepson is devoted to what we know about her Swepson ancestors..
Sydnor Family of Anthony Sydnor (1682-1759) and Elizabeth Dew (1694-1778).

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