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Tanner 3522 Joseph Tanner (-c.1670) of Henrico County whose descendants were primarily in Chesterfield and Amelia.
Tatum Nathaniel Tatum II married Marie (Robertson) Tatum (c.1658-) and was the ancestor of the Tatums of Surry and Brunswick counties.
Taylor James M. Taylor (c.1810-) of Brunswick County.
Tarpley 306 James Tarpley III (1693-c.1781), of Brunswick County, was the father of Sarah Tarpley who married 152 James Elmore (c.1735-c.1800). His father was 612 Capt. James Tarpley II (-1713) of Richmond County, Virginia, likely a son of another 1224 James Tarpley I.
Thweatt Henry Thweatt married Hannah Stanley and left descendants in Southside Virginia.
Tinsley 438 Edward Tinsley (c.1705-1782) of Amherst County was son of 876 Thomas Tinsley II (c.1665-1715) of Essex County and grandson of 1752 Thomas Tinsley I (-c.1700) of New Kent County. His daughter, 219 Harriet Frances Tinsley, married 218 Joseph Johns (c.1735-1818).
Townes William Townes (c.1711-1777) of Amelia and Charlotte counties.
Trabue Family of Jacob Trabue who married Mary Wooldridge.
John James Trabue (-1775) of Chesterfield County.
Traylor Family of William Traylor and Judith Archer.
Trent Henry Trent (c1642-1701) of Henrico County married Elizabeth (Sherman) Trent Gee (c.1656-1731) and his Trent descendants were in Cumberland County.
Turpin Michael Turpin of Henrico County.
Tyus Thomas Tyus of Surry County married 529 Naomi Davis.

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