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Unknown I have been unable to discover the surname of a number of women from whom I descend. In some cases, I have devoted an Unknown Family Topic to what I know about part of their family: sisters or children by another husband or husbands.
2346 Unknown covers the family of Mary () Blunt Ford Washington Briggs (-c.1677), wife of 1172 Henry Briggs (-1686), by her other husbands, Richard Blunt and John Washington.
2450 Unknown presents the family of Mary () Tarpley Barber by her husband William Barber.
3170 Unknown includes the family of Ann () Price Hallom Llewellyn (1603-c.1665) had by her second husband Robert Hallom and her third husband Daniel Llewellyn.
3566 Unknown depicts the family that Sarah () Chappell Crawley (-c.1760), widow of 1782 Robert Chappell I (c.1680-1724), had by her second husband William Crawley.
3630 Unknown is the family Ann () Burke Jordan Mayo (-1743) had by her husbands John Burk and Valentine Mayo.
7046 Unknown covers the family of Martha () Sheppey Stratton (-c.1695), the sister of 3523 Mary (c.1640-1700), wife of 3522 Joseph Tanner (-c.1670).
7154 Unknown reveals more about the family of Henry Rowen and 3577 Alice (c.1633-) who married second 3576 John Watson (c.1648-c.1705).
27478 Unknown is a topic devoted to the family of Cicely () Baley Jordan Farrar (c.1600-), mother of 6869 Temperance Baley (1617-), by her second and third husbands, Samuel Jordan and William Farrar.

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