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Walker 888 William Walker II (c.1690-1752) of Cumberland County was the father and grandfather of 444 Warren Walker (c.1730-c.1785) and 222 Capt. William Walker (1757-1840). His father was likely 1776 Capt. William Walker I (-1723) of New Kent and Henrico County.
Anne Walker married 226 George DeJarnette (1763-1841). She was the posited daughter of 454 Henry Walker II of King and Queen County. We have tentatively placed Henry as the son of 908 Henry Walker I (1704-) and grandson of 1816 Thomas Walker.
Edmund Walker (-1768) of Amelia County.
Wall A daughter of 1586 John Wall married 396 John Price III (-1711).
Wallace 86 Sgt. Hugh Wallace (c.1745-1820) was likely the son of 172 William Wallace (-1782), an early settler of Lunenburg County.
Walthall William Walthall (c1615) of Henrico County, the ancestral head of the Walthalls of Southside Virginia. He married Ann (Archer) Walthall Morris.
Walton Sons of John Walton (-1772) of Hanover were later in Amelia County.
Ward 3536 Richard Ward I (-1682) was the father of 1768 Capt. Seth Ward I (c.1661-c.1707) whose son and grandson were 884 Joseph Ward I (-1743) and 442 Joseph Ward II (-c.1800).
Warren 3554 Francis Warren (-c.1700) of New Kent County was the posited father-in-law of 1776 Capt. William Walker I (-1723).
Washington My ancestress 1173 Mary (-c.1677) married John Washington, the progenitor of the Washingtons of Surry and Brunswick counties.
Waterhouse John Waterhouse (-1533) was the father of Sybil Waterhouse who married 28192 Henry Batte (c.1505-1572).
Watkins 482 William Watkins (-1794) of Halifax County.
7238 Joseph Watkins was the father of Mary (Watkins) Mumford who married 3618 Edward Mumford (-c.1690). Joseph was a son of 14476 Richard Watkins of York County.
John Watkins (-1763) of Prince Edward County had sons in Halifax County.
Watson 894 John Watson (c.1710-c.1800) of Prince Edward County was the father of Susanna Watson who married 446 John Smith (c.1745-c.1816). He was the grandson and son of 3576 John Watson (c.1648-c.1705) and 1788 Benjamin Watson (c.1675-1716), both of Henrico County.
Webber Phillip Webber (c.1695-1761) of Cumberland County.
Westmoreland Joseph Westmoreland of Brunswick County.
White Descendants of 340 John White (c.1720-c.1792) and his son, 170 Carter White (c.1745-1833), of Lunenburg County. Their family intermarried with the Wilkes.
Wilkes 336 John Wilkes (-1778), is the posited father of four Wilkes men from New Kent who settled in Southside Virginia: John, Joseph, Minor, and Benjamin Wilkes. Topics include those of his male descendants: 168 Minor Wilkes I (c.1735-1811), 84 Minor Wilkes II (c.1761-1801), and 42 Richard H. Wilkes (c.1787-c.1865).
Williams Phillip Williams (-1786) of Amelia County.
Thomas Roper Williams (-1798) of Amelia County.
Willson and Wilson 3698 John Willson I (c.1625-1685) of Henrico County was ancestor of the Wil(l)sons of Henrico, Chesterfield, and Amelia.
Digression: Other Amelia County Willsons covers William Willson and Robert Willson.
Winn Daniel Winn (c.1715-1799), an early settler in Lunenburg County.
Wood Maj. Gen. Abraham Wood (1610-c.1680), the prominent Virginia explorer.
William Wood I (-c.1759) of Elizabeth City County who left descendants in Amelia County.
Woodson John Woodson (-1715) of Henrico County was the father of several children who married into my family.
Wooldridge John Wooldridge, an Henrico County blacksmith, married Martha Osborne.
Worsham William Worsham I (-c.1660) of Henrico County left descendants in Henrico, Chesterfield, and Amelia.

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