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 CA   Rev. William Caynoe (-1644)
Although I am not a descendant of Rev. William Caynoe, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic CA to his family.

Rev. William Caynoe, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Rev. William Caynoe might describe his life as follows.

I paid my passage to Virginia some years before 10 September 1639 when I acquired 300 acres in Charles River County.  As William Caynhoe, clerk, I got another 400 acres on the north side of the Charles River by Poropotank Creek in 1642. 
You will not find Charles River on maps because when the Civil War against King Charles began in 1642, we changed the name of the river and the county to York. I lived on what is now the King William County side of Poropotank Creek.
They called me a clerk, which is how they spelled and pronounced “cleric,” because I was the minister of Hampton Parish. I preached from the pulpit, baptized the infants, and ministered to the sick and dying in my little 4- by 20-mile territory.  For funeral sermons, I charged 100 pounds of tobacco. 
Dorothy was my wife, and Sibella was our daughter. I was dead and Dorothy married to John Underwood by 24 July 1646 when he delivered the final accounting of my estate.  It showed that our physician Richard Lee charged 440 pounds of tobacco for treating me in my last sickness! 

In 1640 William Caynhoe of Chiskiack Parish, clerk, leased 50 acres to Thomas Scarlett for 13 years.  Chiskiack Parish was changed to Hampton Parish in 1643. A patent to William Barber next to William Caynhoe confirms their land was in Hampton Parish. 
That William’s wife was Dorothy is revealed by the false arrest of John and Dorothy Underwood in 1647.  By 1650 Underwood had deeded Caynhoe’s land to George Light. 
Caynhoe’s 300 acres was later in the hands of Adam Miles and his 400 acres belonged to Richard Gregory. 

Descendants of Rev. William Caynoe
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 Sibella (Caynhoe) Ham Hubbard Aylett,  
Jeremy Ham,  Joseph Ham,  
Matthew Hubbard,   
William Aylett,  
Elizabeth Ham,  
Jeremy Ham,  

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Legislators - colonial and state
Jeremy Ham - Virginia  

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “Hubbard of Virginia, Kentucky, and other Southern States.” Historical Southern Families, 13:1-27. • Covers the family of Rev. William Caynoe and Robert Hubbard and his descendants.

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