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 HM   William Hammock (-1701)
Although I am not a descendant of William Hammock, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic HM to his family.

William Hammock, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Hammock might describe his life as follows.

To get some land in Northampton County 9 October 1656, James Price paid the passage to Virginia of one William Hammack, who may have been me.  Grace and I were the parents of three known children, including William Hammock.
Thomas Freshwater sold me 300 acres in old Rappahannock County 3 March 1672/3.  Grace was still alive when I sold a tract of land in Farnham Parish to Francis Elmore 1 February 1682/3. William Barber and James Tarpley witnessed the indenture. 
Grace died by 1688 when my then wife, Alice, gave birth to another son by the name of William. To keep things straight, court records call the first William Hammock as “the elder” to distinguish him from his younger half-brother.
After Alice Jones slandered my wife in 1690, we successfully sued her. Her husband had to pay me 1,500 pounds of tobacco, or pay the court costs and let the sheriff dunk his wife in the river 3 times.  I married third soon before my death Margaret Macey, the widow of Henry Macey of Westmoreland County. 
I prepared my will 11 July 1701 leaving the 200 acres upon which I was then living to the younger son William. Should he have no children, the land would go to my daughter Elizabeth. To my eldest son, I left one shilling, and stipulated that my son William would be of age at 18, and Elizabeth, at 16, which is something a Colonial father could do then. I appointed son, Richard, sole executor and marked the instrument with an “O.” 

According to the abstract of the court records, his will was recorded 2 July 1701. Yet this date precedes the date of the will.

Either William Hammock or his elder son of this name held 300 acres on Totuskey Creek in Richmond County 18 Dec. 1694. 

William’s will

Will of William Hammock
11 July 1701
In the Name of God Amen. I William Hammock of the County of Richmond in the Colony of Virginia do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. Viz.
I bequeath my Soul into the hand of God my Heavenly father hoping by the meritts of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior to receive it again at my resurrection and my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried by my executor hereafter named.
Imprs. I give and bequeath all the land whereon I now live being about two hundred acres to my youngest son William Hammock to him and his heirs forever and in case the said William my son should die without Issue then I give the aforesaid land to my daughter Elizabeth and the heirs lawfully begotten of her body forever.
Imprs. I give unto my daughter Eliz. two feather beds and all the furniture belonging to them and all the household stuff.
Imprs. I give unto my said daughter one dark gray iron mare called Jenny.
Imprs. I give unto my youngest son William aforesaid two dark gray mares.
Imprs. I give to my son Richard on feather bed with all furniture belonging to it in the outer roome.
Imprs. I give all my cattle and hoggs to my youngest son William + my daughter Elizabeth to be equally divided between them.
Imprs. I give to my eldest son William one shilling to be paid by my executor after my decease.
Imprs. I make my son Richard my whole & sol. executor of this my last will and testament revoking and disannulling all other will and testament by me formerly made of devised. In witness whereof to this my last will and testament. I have sett my hand and fixed my seal this eleventh day of July ano: Dom 1700.
Imprs. I do make my son William of age to receive his estate at eighteen years of age but not to designate or, sell any part of it till he arrive to the age of one and twenty.
Imprs. I do make my daughter Elizabeth at age at the years of sixteen to receive her estate.
William (0) Hammock
Rebecca Hartley (her mark)
John Hartley

Descendants of William Hammock
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Hammock (-1707),  
William Hammock,  
 William Hammock (c.1670-1730),  
Christian (—) Hammock,  Christian Middleton,  Robert Middleton,  Benedict Middleton,  John Middleton,  
Mary Butcher,  John Harris,  
Thomas Kidd,  
Robert Middleton,  
William Hammock,  Margaret (—) Hammock,  
William Hammock,  
Daniel Hammock,  
Benedict Hammock,  Elizabeth —,  
Benedict Hammock,  William Hancock,  Elizabeth (—) Hammock,  William Holloway,  
Christian Hammock,  John Bentley,  
John Hammock,  Ann —,  Sarah (—) Hammock,  William Holloway,  
Abigail Hammock,  
William Hammock,  Elizabeth —,  
Robert Hammock,  Ann Lambert,   
William Hammock,  
René Hammock,  Samford,  
William Samford,  
John Hammock,  
Hugh Hammock,  
Anne Hammock,  Thomas Jesper,  
Elizabeth Jesper,  
Robert Jesper,  
Anne Jesper,  
William Jesper,  
Sarah Jesper,  
Milly Jesper,  
John Jesper,  
Raney Jesper,  
Mary Anne Jesper,  Thomas Stephens,  William Jesper,  
Eleanor Jesper,  Mark Stephens,  Daniel Brown,  
Robert Hammock,  Milenor Jackson,  Edward Jackson,  Abigail —,  Charnel Hightower,   John Wilkes,   
Benedict Hammock,  Sarah (—) Hammock,  
John Hammock,  
Lewis Hammock,  
William Hammock,  
Sarah Hammock,  
Molly Hammock,  
Christian Hammock,  Samford Jones,   
Charles Jones,  
Lambert Hammock Jones,  
Lambert Hammock,  
Mary Hammock,  Crallé,  
Lewis Hammock,  
Milly Hammock,  
Edward Hammock,  
Richard Hammock,  Frances (—) Hammock,  
John Hammock,  
Mary Hammock,  Charles Jones,  Edward Jones,  Alicia —,  
Samford Jones,  
Alicia Jones,  
Nancy Jones,  
Samford Jones,  Christian Hammock,   
Betty Jones,  
Edward Jones,  
Jane Hammock,  John Seaman,  John Seaman,  Abigail —,  
Elizabeth Hammock,  John Morgan,   
William Morgan,  
John Morgan,  
Nanny Morgan,  
Benjamin Hammock,  Elizabeth (—) Hammock,  
Christian Hammock,  
William Hammock,  
 Richard Hammock (1674-),  
 William Hammock (1688-),  
Eleanor (—) Hammock,  
Alice Hammock,  
John Hammock,  Mildred Lambert,   
Samuel Meanly,   Lewis Lambert,   
William Hammock,  
Elizabeth (—) Hammock,  
Robert Blackwell,  John Williams,  John Hammock,  
William Hammock,  
John Hammock,  Katy Hanks,  Rev. John Rogers,  Mary P. (—) Meanly,  John Meanly,   Mary Catherine Manly,   
James Hammock,  Elizabeth Amos,  
John Hammock,  
George Hammock,  
James Hammock,  
Lewis L. Hammock,  Elizabeth S. Freeman,  
Ann E.H. Hammock,  
Hugh Marshall Hammock,  Martha R. Bishop,  
Joseph H. Hammock,  
Samuel P. Hammock,  
Elizabeth Hammock,  Samuel Meanly,   
Elisha Grant,  
Ann Hammock,  Thomas Hanks,  
Ann Hammock,  
John Hammock,  
Hugh Hammock,  
Anna (—) Hammock,  
Robert Hammock,  
Lewis Hammock,  
Hugh Hammock,  Lucy M. Peace,  
John Lewis Hammock,  
Emma Hammock,  
James R. Hammock,  
William C. Hammock,  
Cephas Hammock,  
Lucy E. Hammock,  
Mildred Hammock,  
Catherine Hammock,  
Anna Hammock,  
William Hammock,  
Alice Hammock,  
Elizabeth Hammock,  
Catherine Hammock,  
Eleanor Hammock,  
 Elizabeth Hammock,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Lewis L. Hammock - Civil War Hugh Marshall Hammock - Civil War
Joseph H. Hammock - Civil War John Lewis Hammock - Civil War

Selected sources
Wynn, Adaline Evans. Southern Lineages Records of Thirteen Families, 1980:78-105. • Family of William Hammock.

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