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 PA   Joseph Parsons (-1656)
Although I am not a descendant of Joseph Parsons, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic PA to his family.
Joseph Parsons of Charles City County may be the grandfather of William Parsons.

Joseph Parsons, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Parsons might describe his life as follows.

I lived on Bailey Creek near present-day Hopewell, Prince George County. My father may have been William Parsons who was a headright when John George received a patent for land on Bailey Creek in 1638. 
Bailey Creek was considered part of Charles City County when I was living. However, because their records are mostly missing, little is known of my life—like who I married and the names of all my children. A few remaining records reveal that I was a vestryman of Westover Parish in 1655 and that I could not read and write. 
My second wife was Jane, the widow of Thomas Gregory who died in 1655.  Unfortunately for both of us, Jane was widowed again within a year. Her third husband was John Stith  and they were the parents of five.
Of my several children left without a father, only Judith is known.

Andrew Meldrum sued Joseph in 1655, but the court made Meldrum pay all costs. 
Joseph purchased a parcel of land at “High Peak” that he assigned to James Parham 4 Feb. 1655/6.  Parham’s 1662 patent, which mentioned the assignment from Joseph Parsons, was on the east side of Bailey Creek. 
In 1656 the justices confirmed Parsons, in his lifetime, gave a 2½-year-old roan mare to Thomas Gregory, son of Thomas Gregory.  One Joseph Parsons who served on a jury in Charles City County in April 1695, may be a son. 

Descendants of Joseph Parsons
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Judith Parsons,  
Edward Mosby,  
 son Parsons,  
William Parsons,  
Thomas Hardaway,   Robert Bolling,   
John Brown,  
Mary Batty,   
John Mayes,  John Lewis Jr.,   
Thomas Willson,   
John Ingles,  
Frances Peterson,  John Peterson,   
Mary Parsons,  Edward Smith,   
Susanna Parsons,  Richard Smith,   
Edith Parsons,  
Jemima Parsons,  John Scott,  
Joseph Parsons,  Frances (—) Parsons,  
William Parsons,  
William Parsons,  Mary (—) Parsons,  
Edith Parsons,  John Thweatt,   
Susanna Parsons,  
Joseph Parsons,  Frances Peterson,   
James Nicholas Parsons,  
William Parsons,  
Batty Parsons,  
James Markham Parsons,  

Selected sources
Smith, Claiborne T., Jr. “Parsons-Thweatt,” Historical Southern Families 2:165-168. • Family of Joseph Parsons.

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