Allied Family Topic SI

 SI   John Simmons (-1749)
Although I am not a descendant of John Simmons, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic SI to his family.

John Simmons, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Simmons might describe his life as follows.

The son of William Simmons, I married Mary Cocke, a daughter of Thomas Cocke who mentioned daughter Mary in his 1697 will in Princess Anne County. Her mother was Elizabeth Mason, a daughter of Lemuel Mason who left a will in Norfolk County.
Mary and I lived first in Surry County where I was a justice,  tobacco agent,  and member of the House of Burgesses 1710-14, 1720-22, 1728-34.  After we moved to Isle of Wight County, I represented that county from 1736 until 1749 when my land fell into Southampton County where its first court of 10 August 1749 appointed me its highest-ranking military officer.  Yet I had little time to get our militia organized. Having prepared my will 25 June 1746 naming nine children, I was dead by 14 December 1749. 

John and his brother William Simmons were sons of William Simmons of Southwark Parish as revealed in their 250-acre patent of 25 Oct. 1695.  By 1704 John held 1,300 acres in Surry County,  to which he added 230 acres in the Upper Parish in 1714 and 740 acres on Main Blackwater Swamp in 1724.  In Isle of Wight County he secured patents to 710 acres in 1716, 350 acres in 1718, 340 acres in 1724, 280 acres in 1731, and 300 acres in 1732.  As Capt. John Simmons Gent. of Surry County, he got 794 acres in Brunswick County 7 July 1726, which was later in the hands of Henry Harrison. 

Descendants of John Simmons
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Simmons (-1749),  
Frances Cocke,  
 Benjamin Simmons (-1772),  
Elizabeth Spratley,  
 Charles Simmons (c.1722-1770),  
Eleanor Butts,  Mary Wainwright,  
Albridgton Jones,  
Sarah Simmons,  Jesse Judkins,  
Ann Simmons,  Benjamin Kirby,  
Mary Simmons,  William Urquhart,  
John Urquhart,  Nancy Williamson,  James Burwell Urquhart,  
Catherine Simmons,  
John Simmons,  Lucy Simmons,  
Mason Simmons,  
William Simmons,  Jane Lewis,  Benjamin Lewis,  Temperance Murfee,  
Edwin Simmons,  Rebecca Simmons,   
Jane Simmons,  Person Westbrooke,  
 Henry Simmons (-1766),  
Susanna (—) Simmons,  
Thomas Simmons,  Ermine Embry,   
Henry Simmons,  Martha Rosalie Lanier,  Lewis Lanier,  Martha Speed,  Theophilus Feild,   
Thomas Simmons,  Thomas Lundie,   
Mary Simmons,  Drury Jones,  
Thomas Simmons,  Martha Ann Jones,   
Lucy Simmons,  Francis Jones,  James Feild,   Edmund Feild,   
Benjamin Simmons,  Martha Embry,   
Elizabeth Simmons,  William Bowden,  
Jane Simmons,  Alexander Brown,  
Mary Simmons,  John Tillman,  John Daniel,   
Henry Tillman,  Mary —,  
Jane Tillman,  Thomas Hardaway,  
Henry Simmons Hardaway,  Maj. John Hardaway,  Susanna Randolph Lundie,   
Mary Simmons Hardaway,  Robert Pegram,  
Benjamin Hardaway,  
Julianna Hardaway,  Edward Scott,  
Thomas Peterson Hardaway,  Susan Lundy Hardaway,  
Eliza Jane Hardaway,  
Mary Tillman,  Washington Croft,  
Susanna Tillman,  
Susanna Simmons,  Capt. William Edwards,  Frederick Maclin,   Peter Pelham Jr.,  
John Edwards,  Temperance Parker,  William Parker,  Mary (—) Parker,  
Hartwell Harwell,  
Polly P. Edwards,  Mary Parker Edwards,  
Charlotte Edwards,  John Wynne,  
Temperance Edwards,  Benjamin Peterson Boisseau,  
John Edwards,  
Lucy Edwards,  
Martha Edwards,  David Jackson,   
Susanna Edwards,  John Hardaway,  Richard Brown Owen,   
Mason Simmons,  Henry Morris,  
Benjamin Simmons Morris,  
Henry Simmons Morris,  
 Lucy (Simmons) Ruffin (-1799),  
Benjamin Ruffin,   
 Ann (Simmons) Edmunds Ruffin (-1749),  
Thomas Edmunds,   
Edmund Ruffin,   
 Elizabeth (Simmons) Jones,  
Albridgton Jones,  
Mary (Wainwright) Simmons,  Charles Simmons,   
Albridgton Samuel Hardy Burges,  Richard Urquhart Burges,  Samuel B. Kello,  Griffin Stith,  
 John Simmons,  
Rebecca (—) Simmons,  Christopher Moring,  
William Simmons,  Edmund Ruffin,   Sarah Butts,  
John Simmons,  Ann —,  William Parrish,  
Thomas Simmons,  Lucy Clements,  Thomas Brown,  James Bennett,  
Daniel Simmons,  Mary Gray,   Elizabeth Hughes,  
Mary Simmons,  Stephen Lucas,  
Rebecca Lucas,  Henry Cooke,   
Mary Lucas,  Richard Cooke,   
Ann Lucas,  Richard Christian,  
Elizabeth Lucas,  Thomas Adkins,  
Richard Harrison,  
Thomas Simmons Adkins,  
Mary Simmons Adkins,  Burwell Temple,  
Martha Adkins,  
Lurainey Adkins,  
Stephen Lucas,  Rebecca Barham Chappell,   
Susanna Lucas,  
Sally Lucas,  
John Lucas,  
John Simmons,  
 Sarah (Simmons) Gray,  
Joseph Gray,  
William Gray,  
Mary Gray,  Littleton Tazewell,  
Archibald Wager,  Rev. William Fanning,  
Henry Tazewell,  Dorthea Elizabeth Waller,  Col. John Maclin,   
Sophia Anne Tazewell,  Taliaferro,  
Littleton Waller Tazewell,  
Sarah Tazewell,  
Mary Smith Fanning,  
Elizabeth Gray,  William Newsum,  
William Newsum,  Mary Starke,  
Anne Gray,  Thomas Blunt,   
Richard Blow,  Mills Goodwyn,  
Sarah Gray,  James Wall,  
James Wall,  
Sarah Wall,  
John Wall,  Mary Turner,   
Jane Gray Wall,  Thomas Shore,  
Henry Haxall,  
Jane Grayson Shore,  
Elizabeth Smith Shore,  John Gilliam,   
Mary Louisa Shore,  William Shippen,  
Joseph Shippen,  
Peter Gray Wall,  
James Wall,  
Mary Wall,  John Grayson,  
Martha Wall,  Alexander Madill,  
Jane T. Madill,  Edward Atkinson,  Alexander T.B. Merritt,  
Lucy Wall,  John Fisher,  
Edwin Wall,  
Sarah Elizabeth Wall,  Thomas Bennett,  
John Gray,  
Edwin Gray,  Juliana Godwin,  
Joseph Gray,  
Thomas Gray,  Anne (Cocke) Browne,   
Henry Mills Gray,  Martha F.B. Hines,  
Edwin Gray,  
Mary Gray,  Daniel Simmons,   
Peter Gray,  
James Gray,  Elizabeth Grizzie Cowper,  John Cowper Gray,  
Joseph Gray,  
Lucy Gray,  John Flood Edmunds,   
Jane Gray,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Simmons - French and Indian War Henry Haxall - War of 1812

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Henry Tazewell - U.S. Littleton Waller Tazewell - U.S.
Edwin Gray - U.S. John Cowper Gray - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Littleton Waller Tazewell - Virginia  

Legislators - colonial and state
John Simmons - Virginia Benjamin Simmons - Virginia
John Urquhart - Virginia James Burwell Urquhart - Virginia
Drury Jones - Virginia Robert Pegram - Virginia
Benjamin Hardaway - Virginia Albridgton Jones - Virginia
Richard Urquhart Burges - Virginia Albridgton S.H. Burgess - Virginia
Samuel B. Kello - Virginia Griffin Stith - Virginia
Joseph Gray - Virginia Henry Tazewell - Virginia
Littleton Waller Tazewell - Virginia William Newsum - Virginia
James Wall - Virginia Edwin Gray - Virginia
Edwin Gray - Virginia John Cowper Gray - Virginia

Selected sources
Hart, Lyndon H. Hart III. “The Cocke Family in Virginia.” The Virginia Genealogist. 44:41-61, 146-156, 203-215 (2000) • Includes the family of John Simmons who married Mary Cocke.

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