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Although I am not a descendant of Richard Smith, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic SM to his family.

Richard Smith, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Smith might describe his life as follows.

On 24 October 1701 the governor granted me 550 acres in Charles City County on the south side of Moccosoneck Creek and the Cattail Run next to Roger Tillman,  which was the same 550 acres upon which I paid quit rents, a form of tax, in 1704.  Only then I was in Prince George County, which Virginia created in 1702. Cattail Run is just west of present-day Petersburg in what is now Dinwiddie County.
In July 1717 as Richard Smith Sr. to distinguish me from my son of the same name, I added 83 acres on Moccosoneck and got 370½ acres on the south side of Sappony Creek. 
My wife, Jane, and I were the parents of 5 sons and a daughter named in the will I made in 1724, plus another son Thomas who was already dead.
Early records of Charles City County reveal that Richard and Jane Smith were fined 500 pounds of tobacco each for premarital sex, or “fornication before marriage,” as they then called it. In October 1665 when both testified regarding a stolen sow, Richard was about 31, and Jane, 28.  Unless my wife lived to be 100, this was another couple—perhaps my parents.

Will and probate
Robert Bolling surveyed Richard’s 83-acre tract 6 March 1711/2, and the 370½-acre tract 16 April 1712. 
Richard Smith of Bristol Parish made his will in Prince George County 7 Feb. 1723/4 naming sons, Richard, John, William, George, and Edward Smith, and daughter Jane Patterson. He provided that should Edward die then the home plantation would go to grandson John Smith.  Richard was dead by 10 May 1726. Grandson John Smith in Richard’s will was John Smith, the eldest son of Thomas Smith.
Richard’s widow, Jane was executor when they inventoried his estate 2 July 1726.  Her sons, Richard and William Smith, presented the will of Jane Smith 12 Sept. 1738 and returned the inventory of her estate 13 March 1738/9. 

Richard and Jane Smith of Charles City
The earlier Richard and Jane Smith appeared in the Charles City County order book as follows.

It is ordered that Richard Smith and Jane his wife, being presented and convinced by the grand jury of fornication before marriage pay the fine and forfeiture of 500 pounds of tobacco each of them to the use of Martin’s Brandon Parish (or be whipped) and give good caution for their good abearing and pay all costs hereof. 

Mary Bagley was bound to Richard Smith for 12 years to be taught to read, spin, etc. for which Richard received 1,200 pounds of tobacco. 

Richard’s will
The following is an abstract of the will of Richard Smith of Bristol Parish, recorded 10 May 1726.

Will of Richard Smith
7 February 1723/4
To son Richard, land in fork of Cattail Run, 100 acres.
To son John, all land from second branch to my upper line, 100 acres.
To son William, all land on north side of Cattail Run that belongs to me.
To son George, land on south side of Cattail Run where he now lives, part of which I purchased of George Tillman, 80 acres.
To daughter Jane Patterson, all my land below my son George’s land.
To son Edward, my plantation I live on. If he dies, then to grandson John Smith.
Richard Smith
James Pattillo
Robert Abernathy

Descendants of Richard Smith
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Richard Smith (-1759),  
Agnes Cocke,   Benjamin Harrison,  
 Thomas Smith (-1718),  
Francis Sheffield,  Elizabeth Rouse,  Edward Prince,  
Judith (—) Smith,  
John Smith,  Holmes Boisseau,   Holmes B. Smith,  
Sarah (—) Smith,  
Mary Smith,  
John Smith,  
Sarah Smith,  
Frances Smith,  
William Smith,  
Alexander Smith,  
Thomas Smith,  
Thomas Smith,  
Patrick Smith,  Elizabeth (—) Smith,  
Roger Tillman,  
Patrick Smith,  Lewis Parham,  
Elizabeth (—) Smith,  
Drury Smith,  
Lucy Smith,  
William Smith,  
Thomas Smith,  
William Smith,  
Richard Smith,  
Susanna Parsons,   
Henry Hampton,   William Hampton,   Ann Smith,  Robert Proctor,  
Abraham Smith,   
Robert Smith,  
Elizabeth Smith,  Hugh Lambert,   
Mary Smith,  
Benjamin Smith,  Honour (—) Smith,  John Phoenix,  
Lydia Smith,  
Ann Smith,  
Richard Smith,  Jane (—) Smith,  
Samuel Sentall,  Jane Sentall,  
Thomas Reed,  John Phoenix,  
Sarah (—) Jones,  Jesse Jones,  William Bridges,  William Moore,  
Clement Smith,  Patsy Slate,  John Slate,  Mary —,  
Richard Senter Smith,  
Eli Smith,  
Martha Smith,  Christopher Mason,   
John Smith,  
Matthew Smith,  
John Smith,  
Susanna Smith,  
Thomas Smith,  
 John Smith,  
Agnes (—) Smith,  
Elizabeth (—) Smith,  
James Smith,  
Sarah Smith,  
Moses Smith,  
 William Smith,  
Edward Evans,  Mary (—) Smith,  
Phoebe Smith,  
Catherine Smith,  
Jane Smith,  
 George Smith,  
Elizabeth (—) Smith,  Mary (—) Smith,  
David Smith,  Charles Williams,  Robert Abernathy,  Obedience (—) Smith,  
Clement Smith,  
David Smith,  
Elizabeth Smith,  
Joshua Smith,  
Jane Smith,  
William Smith,  
Susanna Smith,  
Joshua Smith,  
Millington Smith,  Betsy Matthews,  Lucy Matthews,  
 Edward Smith,  
Mary Parsons,   
 Jane (Smith) Patterson,  
John Patterson,  Lewis Patterson,  
Joseph Patterson,  Richard Bland,  Jane (—) Patterson,  Tillman Patterson,  
Smith Patterson,  
Frances Patterson,  
Edith Patterson,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
George Smith  

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