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 100   John Robertson (c.1745-1826)
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John Robertson, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Robertson might describe his life as follows.

I grew up south of present-day Crewe, Nottoway County, along Lazaretto and Mallorys creeks that merge into the Little Nottoway River where I later bought land.
Mr. William Jennings, who came here from Hanover County, settled on the Little Nottoway and I married his daughter Sarah Jennings.
I probably participated in the Revolution. Yet so many men had my name, it’s hard to tell. My father and brothers were millers, but I may have been a planter since I had 5 slaves in 1782 and 17 in 1820.
Sarah’s uncle Joseph Jennings ran an “ordinary” that could serve meals to people passing through. In August 1797 Nottoway County granted me a license to keep an ordinary at our house.  Called Robertson’s Tavern, and later “Eleven Oaks,” it was on the outskirts of Crewe on the old road to Nottoway Court House. In 1800 I owned 5 horses and 11 slaves more than 12 years of age. 
Sarah was already dead and buried by the time I made my will in July 1826. When I died three months later, I still owned eleven slaves, some of whom would live to emancipation.
The Union Army burned “Eleven Oaks” during the Civil War and a frame church later stood on the site. A warped and rusted iron fence around the family grave yard is all that remains. 
Georgia named Lanier County for my great-great grandson, the acclaimed poet Sidney Lanier.

Evidently John married twice. His first unknown wife, who was perhaps an Archer, was likely the mother of Elizabeth and Archer whose births were much earlier than the other children. Walter Allen Watson seems to confirm this when he wrote, “I think ‘Lame’ Archer was kin to the Archers of Amelia.” 

Various deeds and court records
John’s name appeared in a variety of court records. He witnessed the will of Thomas Yarbrough in 1768,  and was security for the estate of William Johnson in 1769. 
On 23 May 1775 he and Sarah deeded Henry Jennings 100 acres in Nottoway Parish, Amelia (now Nottoway) County, for £80. The deed described the land as on the south waters of Little Nottoway River, next to Snail Creek and John Fowlkes Jr., Marston Green, and Waller. Although according to this deed, John had acquired the land earlier from a Johnson, we can find no such deed. 
On 23 Oct. 1775 John Jennings sold 202 acres near Mallorys Creek in Amelia County to John Robertson for £100.  When John bought this land from Dickerson Jennings 19 May 1773 for £100, it was next to the property of Henry Anderson, William Craddock, and Richard Ligon and was about two miles south of present-day Crewe, Va. 
In 1782 and 1785 Amelia County listed John Robertson head of a household of 8 whites and 5 blacks. 
In 1791 John and Sarah Robertson sold tracts of land between Mallorys Creek and Cold Water Branch to James Jennings and to Henry Jennings This was probably part of the 202 acres. In 1792 John bought 100 acres from his half-brother George Cabiness Robertson that had belonged to their father. 

In 1801 John was a surveyor of the road from Nottoway Meeting House to Rowland’s Church. Tax records of 1811 show John Robertson and 3 of his sons owned “chairs,” or buggy. By 1820 John Robertson was farming with 17 slaves.
John Robertson was the foreman of the jury that returned a verdict of not guilty in the celebrated trial of Dr. George Langston Griffin Bacon for the murder of Dr. John Segar Hardaway in 1818. 

John’s will
Sarah was dead when John prepared his will 11 July 1826. 

Will of John Robertson
11 July 1826
Item. All debts to be paid.
Item. To son James D. Robertson one bedstead and furniture and one cow and calf to him and his heirs forever.
Item. After the payment of debts and the above specified legacy to son, James D. Robertson, the balance of my estate, both real and personal, to be equally divided amongst the following named children and grandchildren. One portion to Archer Robertson, one other portion to William Robertson, one other portion to James D. Robertson, one other portion to Henry I. Robertson, one other portion to the children to Jennings Robertson, one other portion to the children of John Robertson, one other portion to Nancy Jennings, and one other portion in the hands of Archer Robertson, as trustee for the benefit of Edward Robertson’s wife and children.
Item. The Negro man Booker, for which a bill of sale was lately executed to Henry I. Robertson to be included within the estimate of the estate, or said Henry I. Robertson to account for his full value.
Item. The Negro girl in the possession of daughter, Nancy Jennings, to be taken into estimate of estate and to be accounted for in like manner.
Item. Property heretofore given daughter Elizabeth May to be considered as her full part of estate, conferred on her and her heirs forever. She is therefore, intentionally omitted from this will.

Witnesses to the will were John Howell Knight, Joseph Motley Fowlkes, and Forster Hudson. John died in Nottoway County during Oct. 1826 and they proved his will 2 Nov. 1826.
John’s sons, Archer and William Robertson, were executors and they and Henry R. Anderson, Joseph C. Fowlkes and Tyree Glenn Bacon were sureties for a $10,000 bond. The inventory of his estate listed 11 slaves, extensive land holdings, and personal property of $4,053.

Descendants of John Robertson
Information about the children of John Robertson, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Elizabeth (Robertson) May (c.1770-),  
James May Porter,   Edward Robertson,   
Rowland Ward Jr.,   
 Archer Robertson (c.1775-1830),  
Archer Robertson,   Elizabeth Ann Knight,   
Martha Robertson,  Maj. Hezekiah R. Anderson,   Harry Dyson,  
Col. John Tinsley Jeter,   William R. Johnson,  Capt. William Junkin Harrison,  John R. Goode,  John Randolph,  
Capt. Richard Jones,   
William Henry Anderson,  
Clifford Anderson,  Anna LeConte,  
Mary Jane Anderson,  Martha C. Oliver,   Peter Epes,  Robert Sampson Lanier,  Sterling Lanier,  Sarah Vivian Fulwood,  Sampson Lanier,   
Sidney Clopton Lanier,  
Clifford Anderson Lanier,  
Gertrude Lanier,  
Emily Anderson,  Owen,  
Halbert Anderson,  
Melville Anderson,  
Waverly Anderson,  
Martha Anderson,  Rev. Lawrence King,  
Mallory W. Robertson,  Tabitha (—) Robertson,  
Abner H. Robertson,  
Granville Robertson,  
Ann Eliza Robertson,  
Henry W. Robertson,  
Atwell Robertson,  
Egbert Robertson,  
Woodson Robertson,  
Emmett Robertson,  
John Archer Robertson,  Carolina K. (—) Robertson,  Harriet K. Roberts,  
Roubella A. Robertson,  
Jacquelyn S. Robertson,  
Archer Robertson,  
Harriet A. Robertson,  
John P. Robertson,  
Theodorick P. Robertson,  
Helen L. Robertson,  
Benjamin L. Robertson,  
Kendrick H. Robertson,  
James Henry Robertson,  Martha B. (—) Robertson,  
William Archer Robertson,  Ann Davis,  Dr. John Davis,  Elizabeth Dunant,  
Eliza D. Robertson,  
Lelia V. Robertson,  
Marius G. Robertson,  
Elizabeth H. Robertson,  
James H. Robertson,  
Robert M. Robertson,  
William Archer Robertson,  Elizabeth Henry Southall,  
Gertrude Robertson,  
Mary A. Robertson,  Henry R. Jennings,   
Eliza Woodson Robertson,  Burwell Kendrick Harrison,  Rev. Theodorick Bland Pryor,   
Eva Harrison,  H.K. Robertson,  
Reuben Luckey Harrison,  
William H. Harrison,  
 John Knight (-1772),  
Elizabeth Woodson,  Robert Woodson,  Elizabeth Jordan,  
Lucy Cook,  
Peter Knight,  Mason Anderson,   
Jonathon Knight,  Judith Woodson,  
Charles Knight,  Mary (—) Knight,  
Jesse Lewelling,  
Elizabeth Ann Knight,  Archer Robertson,   
Misaniah Knight,  Worsham Anderson,   
Mary Knight,  Thomas Coffee,  
Elizabeth Knight,  Lodowick Farmer,   
Judith Knight,  George Bagley,   
Mary Knight,  Lea,  
Woodson Knight,  
Patty Walton,  George Walton,  
John Hughes Knight,  Sallie Everett Carter,  
Thomas W. Knight,  
Tarleton Woodson Knight,  Elizabeth W. Farmer,   
Betsy W. Knight,  David H. Williams,  
Walton Knight,  Nancy Hughes Yarbrough,   
Robert Knight,  
Sally B. Knight,  John C. Jeffress,   
Joseph Knight,  James Crook,  
Rachel Knight,  William Dudley,  Bowler DeJarnett,   
John Knight,  Joseph Thompson,  Mary (—) Knight,  Abraham Hatchett,   
 William Robertson (-1830),  
Bolling Robertson,  Susan —,  
Sarah C. Robertson,  
Nancy D. Robertson,  
Mary W. Robertson,  
Julia Robertson,  
William Robertson,  
Littleton Robertson,  Martha —,  
 Capt. Henry I. Robertson (1798-1842),  
 Jennings Robertson (-1820),  
Sarah Craddock,   
Richard Barrett,  
Wealthy Ann Robertson,  Jesse McDaniel,  
Joseph Robertson,  Nancy Myers,  
Daniel Robertson,  
Nancy Jane Robertson,  James H. Wright,  
John James Robertson,  Mary Wright,  
Jennings Robertson,  Eliza Jane Hamilton,  Sarah Stuteville,  
William Henry Robertson,  
Marian Robertson,  Charles McDaniel,  
 John Robertson (-1813),  
Nancy Jennings,   
Peter B. Robertson,  
Allen Robertson,  
Maria Robertson,  
Dolley Robertson,  
Paschal J. Robertson,  Seluda A.E. Bradshaw,  
John E. Robertson,  
Indiana Robertson,  
Thomas A. Robertson,  
Robert A. Robertson,  
Abner B. Robertson,  Ann Thomas Dalton,  Walter Allen Watson,   
Mary M. Robertson,  
Henry A. Robertson,  
Sidney J. Robertson,  
John Robertson,  
 Nancy (Robertson) Jennings (c.1789-),  
William Jennings,   
William E. Jennings,  
 Edward Robertson,  
 James D. Robertson,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Hezekiah R. Anderson - War of 1812 Robert Sampson Lanier - Civil War
John H. Knight - War of 1812 Thomas W. Knight - War of 1812
Thomas A. Robertson - Civil War Robert A. Robertson - Civil War
Abner B. Robertson - Civil War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Clifford Anderson - Confederate  

Legislators - colonial and state
Hezekiah R. Anderson - Virginia John Hughes Knight - Virginia

Names on the map
Lanier County, Georgia, named for Sidney Lanier  

Selected sources
Harrison, John M. and Aubrey Starke. “Maternal Ancestors of Sidney Lanier.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(4):160-182. • Poet Sidney Lanier was the son of Mary Jane Anderson. This article covers Lanier’s ancestors including Hezekiah R. Anderson, Archer Robertson, John Knight, and Knight’s wife, Elizabeth Woodson.
Jackson, Lena E. and Aubrey Starke. “New Light on the Ancestry of Sidney Lanier.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(4):151-159. • Emphasis on the Lanier ancestry of Sidney Lanier, son of Mary Jane Anderson, and grandson of Sampson Lanier.

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