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 1004   John Adams II (c.1685-c.1750)
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John Adams II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Adams II might describe his life as follows.

I can say little of myself. I was “John Adams, son of John Adams,” when I purchased a tract of land in Stafford County 13 February 1705/6.  Unfortunately, few records of Stafford remain. Although my land fell into the newly-created Fairfax County in 1742, I didn’t stay around long enough to leave much of a mark in their records.
Since I left no will when I died in Fairfax County around 1750, the court let my wife, Elizabeth, administer my estate. On 18 September 1754 as required, she delivered an accounting of disbursements, which included payments to John Adams Jr., Nipper Adams, and Will Adams, presumably our sons. Some of the other gentlemen whose names appear could be our sons-in-law. 

Descendants of John Adams II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Adams (c.1700-1769),  
 William Adams,  
Lawrence Redman,  Benjamin Timberlake,  
David Maddox,  Robert Brumfield,  Burwell Vodin,  
William Adams,  Lucy (—) Adams,  
James Adams,  John Lee,  
John Middleton,  David Maddox,  Jane (—) Maddox,  
Leanna Perrin,  William Sullivant,  Joseph Perrin,  Joel Sullivant,  Paul Sullivant,  William Perrin Sullivant,  
Ebenezer Vernon,  
James Adams,  Mary Prusit,  Joseph Prusit,  
David Adams,  Mary Johnson,  Reuben Johnson,  
Margaret Adams,  Michael Randall,  
William Adams,  Susanna Maddox,  
Sarah Adams,  George Lawson,  
Anna Adams,  
Mary Adams,  Thomas Augustine Stephenson,  
Elizabeth Adams,  James Brown,  
John A. Adams,  Mary Cook,   
Thomas J. Adams,  Judith J. Pugh,  
Martha L. Adams,  Hezekiah Jackson,  
Ann E. Adams,  Asa C. Pugh,  
Paul V. Adams,  
John S. Adams,  
Robert C. Adams,  
John Adams,  Jeremiah Hatcher,   
Elizabeth (—) Adams,  John Hardy,  
John Adams,  Sarah Meade,   
Elizabeth Adams,  Harrison Williams,  
Lucy Williams,  
Mary Williams,  
Nancy Williams,  
Robertson Williams,  
Williamson Williams,  
Jackson Williams,  
Elizabeth Harrison Williams,  
Wilmoth Williams,  
Allen Adams,  
Nathan Adams,  
David Maddox,  
Ann (—) Adams,  
John Adams,  Nancy Burton,   
Joel Adams,  Dionetia Walden,  Jane Payne,  
Nathan Adams,  Agnes Campbell,  Abram Campbell,  
William Adams,  Fanny Mitchum,  
Mary Adams,  
Sarah Adams,  Rice Beadles,  
Elizabeth Adams,  Thomas Prosise,  
Rebecca Adams,  Robert S. Mabry,   
George Adams,  Joseph Walker,  
Thomas Adams,  Agnes (—) Adams,  
William Adams,  
Wilson Adams,  
John Adams,  
James Adams,  
Susanna Adams,  William Rigsby,  
Elizabeth Adams,  
Nancy Adams,  
Mildred Adams,  Minor McBride,  
Robert A. McBride,  
Lewis McBride,  
Mary Adams,  
Sarah Adams,  Charles Thomas,  
Ann Thomas,  
Frances Thomas,  
Nelson Adams,  
Robert Adams,  William Pigg,  Mourning Pigg,  Paul Pigg,  
Absalom Adams,  
Thomas Adams,  
Elijah Adams,  Elizabeth Maneas,  
Milley Adams,  Laban Rowden,   
Susanna Adams,  Joseph Rowden,   
Rosamond Adams,  James Meade,  
Molly Meade,  Lewis Adams,  
Meredith Meade,  
Lucy Meade,  William Davis,  
Sarah Meade,  John Adams,   
Talelet Mayo Meade,  Lucy (—) Meade,  
Julia Meade,  
Middleton Meade,  Elizabeth Ramsey,  
Edith Meade,  
Morrison Meade,  
Betsy Meade,  
Meady Meade,  
 Nipper Adams,  
Joshua Adams,   Lucy McKendree,  James McKendree,  
Isaac Easley,   
Nipper Adams,  Polly Farmer,  Obedience Farmer,   Frances (—) Carter,  
Rebecca Adams,  William R. Anderson,  
Elizabeth Adams,  Joseph Jones,  
Nancy Adams,  John Farmer,  
Elizabeth Adams,  Absalom Jones,  Patsy Jones,  

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