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 1058   Mr. Davis
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My ancestress Naomi Davis married 3 times, yet we cannot identify her father. This Ancestral Family Topic is devoted to Naomi’s families by her marriages to Walter Holdsworth and Thomas Tyus.

Descendants of Mr. Davis
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Naomi (Davis) Holdsworth Scarbrough Tyus,  
Walter Holdsworth,  
Thomas Mason,  Thomas Tyus,  
Mary (—) Holdsworth,  Mary Holdsworth,  
Charles Holdsworth,  Robert Napier,  Elizabeth (—) Phillips,  William Phillips,  
William Scarbrough,   
Richard Tyus,  
Naomi Holdsworth,  Charles White,  Thomas Scarbrough,   
John White,  Jane (—) White,  Robert Rouse,  
William Gray,  John Moring,  
John Case,  
John White,  
Charles White,  Thomas Fort,  
Robert White,  Mary (—) White,  Thomas Bailey,   
Charles Holdsworth,  Rebecca (—) Holdsworth,  
Charles Holdsworth,  William Drummond,  
Rebecca (—) Holdsworth,  
Robert White Holdsworth,  Mary Garland,  
Charles Holdsworth,  Elizabeth Cole,  
Ann Holdsworth,  Samuel Hargrave,  
Mary Holdsworth,  Banks,  
Benjamin Banks,  Mary Valentine,  
Jane White,  James Clinch,  John White,  
William Clinch,  
Elizabeth White,  
Ann White,  
Walter White,  Hannah (—) White,  
Benjamin White,  
Henry White,  Elizabeth Sowerby,  Thomas Sowerby,  
William White,  
James White,  Martha Evans Judkins,  
Samuel White,  Mary Clary,  Mary (—) Clary,  
Charles White,  
Walter White,  Rebecca Edwards,  
Sarah White,  Burwell Sharp,  Thomas Ellis,  
Elizabeth S. White,  John Gibbons Sharp,  
Henry White Carrell,  
Lucy White,  
Joe White,  
Ann White,  
Mary White,  John Humphries,  
Richard Blunt,   
Christopher Hudson,  Lewis Delony,  James Tucker,  
Richard Wood,  Susanna Wood,  John Lloyd,  
John Adams,  
William White,  
Creed Haskins,   James Scott,   
John White,  
Martha (—) White,  Joseph Ragsdale,  Baxter Ragsdale,  Edward Bevill,   
John Smith Jr.,  Francis Epes,   
William Humphries,  Mary —,  
John Humphries,  Monica —,  Benjamin Lanier,  Warner Tucker,  James Tucker,  
John Ruffin,   James Tucker Jr.,  Richard Stith,  
Lewis Green,  
John Humphries,  
Susanna Reynolds,  Sherwood Reynolds,  
Nancy Humphries,  William Mealor,  
Monica Humphries,  Benjamin Burton,   
Martha Humphries,  Thomas Haliburton,  
Stacy Humphries,  Ephraim Andrews Jr.,  Frances (—) Andrews,  Richard Meanly,   
Thomas Humphries,  
Benjamin Humphries,  Mary Keeton,  
Mary Humphries,  Alston,  
Catherine Humphries,  Reynolds,  
Robert Humphries,  Hester Durrem,  
Elizabeth Humphries,  Blackard,  
Henry Humphries,  Margaret Dixon,  Jacob Dixon,  Agnes Pettypool,  John Pettypool,  
Thomas Humphries,  
Charles Humphries,  John Pilkinton,  Thomas Cadet Young,  Mary (—) Humphries,  
William White,  Joseph Freeman,  
William White,  
Thomas White,  
Ann Holdsworth,  
Walter Holdsworth,  
John Tyus,  Mary (Jordan) Sowerby,   
Elizabeth Tyus,  
Priscilla Tyus,  
Joanna Tyus,  
Thomas Tyus,  
Grace Tyus,  Moss,  
John Tyus,  Ann Lewis,   William Simmons,  Richard Hamlin,  
Agnes (—) Tyus,  
Lewis Tyus,  Amy Gilliam,   
Richard Tyus,  Elizabeth (—) Tyus,  
Susanna Tyus,  
Dorothy Tyus,  
Absalom Tyus,  Sylvia Williamson,  
William Bonner,  Nicholas Thompson,  
Williamson Bonner,  
Rebecca Tyus,  
Thomas Tyus,  Elizabeth (—) Tyus,  Robert Owen,  
James Hall,  David Owen Jr.,  
John Tyus,  
Thomas Tyus,  Nancy Hall,  James Hall,  
Benjamin Tyus,  Elizabeth Williamson,  
Polly Peace,  
Williamson Tyus,  
Pamela Tyus,  James Howell,  Epaphroditus Howell,  Mary —,  
Williamson Howell,  Susan Graves,  
Thomas T. Howell,  
James L. Howell,  Minerva H. Moss,  
Epaphroditus Howell,  Sallie Stuart,  
Edwin Tyus,  Nancy Whittington,  Frederick Whittington,  
Joseph Williamson Tyus,  
Pinkey Tyus,  Polly Niblett,  
Cherry Tyus,  William Gilliam,  
Sarah Tyus,  Flowers,  
Lucy Tyus,  William Green,  
Frances Burwell Green,  
Sally Green,  Joshua Owen,  
Burwell Green,  Elizabeth Hartley,  
Elizabeth Mary Tyus,  John Hunt,  
John Hunt,  
Ann Tyus,  Michael Hill,  
John Avery,  
John Holt,  
Michael Hill,  James Bell,  
Elizabeth Hill,  
Isaac Hill,  John Dillihay,  
Mary Hill,  
John Avery,  
Richard Tyus,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Robert Humphries - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
John Humphries - North Carolina  

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “Tyus.” Southside Virginia Families. Redwood City, Cal.: Pacific Coast Publishers, 1955(1):385-387. • Includes the family of Thomas Tyus and Naomi Davis.
Herreid, Charlene Humphries. “Leaving Southside Virginia: Tracking the Humphries Brothers from Brunswick County, Virginia, to Wake County, North Carolina.” The Virginia Genealogist. 49:177-187 (2005). • Outlines what became of the sons of Mary White and her husband, John Humphries.
Holcomb, Brent Howard. Ancestors and Descendants of Charles Humphries (d. 1837) of Union District, South Carolina, 1677-1984. Columbia, S.C. 1985. • Family of Charles Humphries.
Humphries, John D. Descendants of Charles Humphries of Virginia, A Supplement. n.p. 1939. • Family of Charles Humphries.

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