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 106   Capt. Moses Overton II (1772-1847)
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Capt. Moses Overton II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. Moses Overton II might describe his life as follows.

I was born 15 March 1772 and was only 25 when I married Mary Harwood Clements, a widower 7 years my senior, 10 January 1798.  I was suddenly stepfather to the 7 young children of Edmund Booker, a Flat Creek neighbor, who died in 1795. In 1800 I owned six horses, and six slaves more than 12 years of age. 
I was promoted to county militia captain 7 January 1808. During the War of 1812, I served in the 5th Regiment Virginia Militia, and was a corporal in the 11th and 38th regiments, Virginia Militia. 
By 1812 I had acquired 530 acres. Historians have concluded slaves built our frame home between 1750 and 1770, perhaps for my father. Each brick was handmade and the timbers were hewn by hand and fastened with wooden pegs and nails made on the property. They fashioned the gutters under the eaves from heart pine troughs and attached them with handmade iron holders. Now known as the “Hillsman House,” it is a Civil War landmark.
Mary and I were the parents of 8 children. We lost 3 in 1821 and lived to see the deaths of 4 of the remaining 5. Because only Martha who married John Albert Hillsman survived us, our house became theirs.
I died 20 January 1847 and Mary, a few months later, on 10 July 1847. We both lie buried at the Hillsman House where my gravestone reads “Captain Moses Overton, Company of Infantry 5th Reg. VA. Militia, commanded by Col. Edward Jones.” 

Moses consented for Sarah M. Booker to marry Joseph Woodson Jr. in Amelia County 19 Nov. (bond) 1807. 
A letter from Thomas W. Webster of 16 Sept. 1853 lists all the captains from Amelia County who served in the War of 1812, including Moses Overton. 
The will of Moses Overton was recorded in Amelia County in 1847. 

Overton family Bible
Here is a transcription of the Overton family Bible. 

Mary H. Booker and Moses Overton married on the 10 of January 1798
Mary H. Overton their first daughter married to Paschal Townes on 24th of Dec 1816
Nancy B. Overton their second daughter was married to Richard S. Marshall on the 1st day of April 1818
William S. Overton their first son was married to Elizabeth E. Rudd on the 13th July 181_
Susan A. Overton was married to James M. Jeter on the 5th day January 182_
Jas. Hillsman & Lula Watson married on Dec 21, 1892
Thomas C. Overton was Married to Martha W. White on the day of June 182 [smear]
Martha A. Overton was married to John A. Hillsman on the 17th of December 1829
Lucie J. Hillsman was married to M. Hillsman Oct 5th 1858
Ida Byrd Hillsman was married to Joseph L. Vaughan Dec 3, 1879
Moses Overton son of Moses Overton and Elizabeth Carlton his wife was born on 15th March 1772
Mary H. Overton wife of M. Overton and daughter of Isham Clements and Sarah Clements formerly Sarah Scott was born on the 22nd of Oct 1765
William S. Overton their first son, was born Oct 30th 1798
Mary H. Overton their first daughter was born August 15, 1800
Nancy B. Overton their second daughter was born 21st May 1802
Tho.s Carlton Overton 2nd son was born Dec 11th 1803
Martha F and Susanah A. Overton twins were born 18th of June 1806
Richard Jeffress Overton 3rd son born 15th June 1807
James Henry Overton 4th son born 21 January 1809
R. H. Hillsman first son of J. M. & Lucie J. Hillsman was born the 1st day of Feby 1860
Ida Byrd Hillsman was born June 18th 1861
Jas A. Hillsman was born 21st of March 1866
Wm J. Hillsman was born Jan 10th 1869
Chas F. Hillsman was born March 4th 1871
Mary L. Hillsman was born Jany 25th 1873
John E. Hillsman was born May 13th 1874
Marshal L. Hillsman was born July 10th 1876
Rosser N. Hillsman was born Apl 1st 187_
Richard J. Overton departed this life on the 27th day of January 1821 aged 13 years 7 mos. 12 days
Nancey B. Marshall formerly Overton departed this life on the 22nd June, 1821 under strong hopes of Christian faith aged 19 yrs, 1 month, 1 day
James H. Overton departed this life on the 17th of Oct 1821 Wednesday aged 12 years, 8 mo., 25 days
Mary H. Founel [?] formerly Overton departed this life on 20th Oct 1830
Susanah A. Jeter formerly Overton departed this life on the 21st March 183_
William S. Overton Departed this life May 5, 1841 aged 42 Years, 7 mo., 5 days
Thomas E. Overton departed this life January 3rd 1844 aged 40 years, and 22 days
Mrs Mary H. Overton Departed this life on the 10 of July 1847

Descendants of Capt. Moses Overton II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William S. Overton (1798-1841),  
Elizabeth E. Rudd,  
Dr. William S. Overton,  Louisa Alice Harrison,  
Louisa Elizabeth Overton,  
Virginia Harrison Overton,  John W. Cobb,  
Alice Goode Overton,  
Fannie Westly Overton,  
Elizabeth Rudd Overton,  
Grace Overton,  
William M. Overton,  
 Mary Harwood (Overton) Townes (1800-1830),  
Rev. Paschal Leigh Townes,   
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
John Armistead Townes,  
Mary Ann Elizabeth Townes,  
James Paschal Townes,  
Martha Jane Overton Townes,  John A. Hillsman,  William Henry Hillsman,   
Nannie Leigh Paschal Townes,  
Edmonia Greenhill Carlton Townes,  
 Nancy B. (Overton) Marshall (1802-1821),  
Richard S. Marshall,  Benjamin Marshall,  
 Dr. Thomas Carleton Overton (1803-1844),  
Martha Williams White,  
Dr. William Moses Overton,  
Sallie Johnston,  
Elizabeth Carleton Overton,  Thomas Goode Jr.,  Asa Vaughan,  
James Thomas Overton,  Louisa Phillips,  Martha Susan Gills,  
Richard Jeffress Overton,  
Nancy White Overton,  James Childress,  
John Motley Overton,   
William Archer Godsey,  Rosa May Godsey,  
Mary Howard Overton,  Henry Harper,  
Martha Susan Overton,  Lindsey Blanton Walthall,   
 Martha A. (Overton) Hillsman (1806-1865),  
John Albert Hillsman,   
 Susannah A. (Overton) Jeter (1806-183_),  
James Mason Jeter,   
Marcus Aurelius Jeter,  
Ann Eliza Jeter,  John William Jeter,  
James Richard Jeter,  Hannah Finney Jeter,   
Elizabeth Tinsley Jeter,   
Linda Mason Jeter,  
Mary Susan Jeter,  
Russell Allen Jeter,  
Nannie Lee Jeter,  
Rosa Emmafield Jeter,  
Eliza Finney Jeter,  Reps Chaffin Jeter,  George Scott Jeter,  Martha Jeter,  
 Richard Jeffress Overton (1807-1821),  
 James Henry Overton (1809-1821),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Moses Overton - War of 1812 William Moses Overton - Civil War
James Richard Jeter - Civil War  

Selected sources
Dorman, John Frederick. Claiborne of Virginia. Descendants of Colonel William Claiborne. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1995, page 112. • Family of Rev. Paschal Leigh and Mary Harwood Overton.

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