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 112640   Richard Lygon (-1512)
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Richard Lygon, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Lygon might describe his life as follows.

The eldest son of Thomas Lygon, I inherited all the Lygon estates. I was fortunate to marry Anne de Beauchamp, coheir of Richard Beauchamp of Powyck. When he died without male heirs about 1502, all the Beauchamp property became mine, too. I now owned manors at Madresfield, Warmedon, Bracy’s Leigh, Holfast, and Farley. Warmedon near Worcester in Worcestershire, now known as Warndon, was built in 900. 
Anne and I were anticipating the birth of the first of our eight children about the same year Christopher Columbus discovered the New World.
Because I outlived my father only a few years, not many family records have my name in them. I was serving as justice of the peace in Worcester in 1509 and 1510.
I died 1 May 1512 at Madresfield and Anne, 22 July 1534. 

Descendants of Richard Lygon
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Sir Richard Lygon (c.1490-1556),  
 Thomas Lygon,  
 John Lygon,  
Eleanor Hickford,  
Mary Lygon,  
Sybil Lygon,  
Eleanor Lygon,  
Frances Lygon,  
Wynefrid Lygon,  Nicholas Carr,  George Carr,  
 Edward Lygon,  
 George Lygon (-1593),  
 William Lygon,  
 Roger Lygon (-1584),  
Lady Katherine Buckler,  Katherine Dennis,   William Lygon,   
Ferdinand Lygon,   Richard Lygon,  
 Michael Lygon (-c.1583),  
Ursula Hornyold,  
John Lygon,  
George Lygon,  
Robert Lygon,  
Richard Lygon,  
Henry Lygon,  
William Lygon,  
Anne Lygon,  Robert Strange,  William Strange,  Elizabeth Fare,  Richard Fare,  

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