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 1174   Lt. Edward Bailey (c.1655-1736)
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Lt. Edward Bailey, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Lt. Edward Bailey might describe his life as follows.

The son of Mary Jordan, I was born about 1655 because I testified in 1693 that I was about 38 years.  Consequently my name appeared on Surry County tax ledgers beginning in 1674, when I would have been 18.
Mother was the sister of Lt. Col. George Jordan, a member of the House of Burgesses and the colony’s attorney general from 1676 until his death 2 years later. The tombstone of his first wife, Alice Miles, still stands at “Four Mile Tree.”
Uncle George’s will, which mentioned me, asked that a sermon be preached at his home every 15 October, the anniversary of the death of his only child, Fortune Hunt.
No records reveal the name of my wife, or wives, since I may have had more than one. We lived along Cypress Swamp in Surry County where we reared 2 sons and 6 daughters. Once in 1695 a jury found me guilty of not clearing the highway and repairing the bridge over Cypress Swamp.  The 1679 tax ledger listed me as Lt. Edward Bailey, meaning I was a militia officer.  Neither my will nor tax ledgers show that I ever owned slaves.
I was about 80 when I composed my will 7 September 1735. Because most colonial fathers provided for daughters when they married, my will left Mary Briggs only 40 shillings and Faith Blackburn and Sarah Andrews, a cow each. Of course, I divided my land along Cypress Creek between Thomas and Edward, and asked 3 neighbors to split the rest among the 3 spinster daughters. I died the next year.

Edward Bailey was a tithable in Surry County from 1674 through 1703 when surviving tithable lists end. He was in the household of his stepfather Christopher Bailey in 1680-1,  but was living next door from 1682, with no slaves. Nicholas Davis was in his household in 1689-90. 
To the land he inherited from his uncle George Jordan, Edward added 220 acres on Cypress Swamp next to Christopher Foster and Francis Sowerby 20 April 1687. 

Bailey’s will
This is the abstract of Edward Bailey’s will recorded 15 Dec. 1736. 

Will of Edward Bailey
7 September 1735
To son Thomas Bailey all land of which he is possessed, divided from rest of my land by a lately marked line. Beginning at Cypress Swamp, northerly to a pine in my head line to a white marsh and Cypress Swamp to beginning. Also a Gold Ring, two new chairs, besides what he is possessed of.
To my son Edward Bailey the remaining part of my land which lies above the lately marked line including the plantation where I now live with all the land belonging. If he die, it is my desire that my three daughters, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Jane inherit for their children (if they please to) and to possess my now dwelling and that part of my son Edward’s land which lies between the dividing line and the slash between the two springs.
To daughter Mary, wife of Samuel Briggs, 40 shillings, or its value out of the estate.
To daughter Hannah a cow.
To daughter Faith widow of Joseph Blackburn, deceased, besides what she already has, a cow.
To daughter Sarah, wife of Benjamin Andrews, besides what she already has, a cow.
Three friends Nicholas Magett, Robert Watkins, and John Chapman value estate and divide in three parts for three daughters, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Jane.

Descendants of Lt. Edward Bailey
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Bailey (-1771),  
 Lt. Edward Bailey (-1762),  
Elizabeth Jordan,   Holliday Fort,  
Thomas Bailey,  
Robert White,   
William Andrews,  Thomas Andrews,  
John Nicholas Burt,  
William Bailey,  Frances (—) Bailey,  William Blunt,   
Mary Bailey,  Thomas Bartle,  
James Bailey,  Mary Putney,  
Henry Bailey,  Peggy Anguish,  Ann Foster,  
Thomas Bailey,  Nancy Bailey,  William Bailey Sr.,  
Edward Bailey,  William Green,  
William Bailey,  
Benjamin Putney,  
Sarah (—) Bailey,  Sarah Putney,  Sarah (—) Putney,  Richard Putney,  
John Bailey,  William Clinch,   Mary (—) Bailey,  
Henry Bailey,  
Sarah Bailey,  Benjamin Putney,  
Mary Bailey,  Thomas King,  
Ann Bailey,  Henry Dugger,  Daniel Dugger,   Stephen Sowersby,  
Joseph Cheatham,   John Dugger,  
James Dugger,  Ann Brown,   
Sally Dugger,  Shell,  
John Shell,  Tabitha (—) Shell,  
Ann Shell,  
Rebecca Shell,  Thomas Carroll,  
Sarah A. Carroll,  
Rebecca Carroll,  
Thomas B.R. Carroll,  
John D.R. Carroll,  Susan J.M. Parrish,   
Henry Dugger,  Armon Dugger,  
Joseph Dugger,  Martha Peebles,  Jesse Peebles,  
Henry Dugger,  Ann Eliza Clayton,  William Clayton,  William Scarbrough,  
Thomas Dugger,  
Armon Dugger,  Thomas Kirkland,  
William J. Kirkland,  Rosanna F. Dugger,   
Samuel M. Kirkland,  Ann E. Rawlings,   
Joseph Kirkland,  
Charles Kirkland,  
Edward Kirkland,  
Ann B. Dugger,  William Kirkland,  
James Dugger,  
Sterling Dugger,  Frances Parrish,  Jones Parrish,  Vicey Rawlings,  
Sarah Ann J. Dugger,  William Joseph Browder,   
Rebecca L. Dugger,  Charles A. Sadler,   
Rosanna F. Dugger,  William J. Kirkland,   
Mary E. Dugger,  Joseph J. Saunders,  
William Alfred Rawlings,   
Margaret Dugger,  Richard E. Daniel,  
Martha J. Dugger,  
Sterling Dugger,  
Henry T. Dugger,  Elizabeth Frances Michael,  
John Dugger,  Sarah E. Parrish,  
Henry James Dugger,  
John Jones Dugger,  
Sarah L. Dugger,  James M. Kirkland,  
Charles A. Dugger,  
Rebecca Dugger,  
Lucy Bailey,  Edward Marks,  
 Faith (Bailey) Blackburn,  
Joseph Blackburn,  Mary (Blackburn) Brown,  
Faith Blackburn,  
Mary Blackburn,  
William Blackburn,  
 Mary (Bailey) Briggs,  
Samuel Briggs,   
 Sarah (Bailey) Andrews,  
Benjamin Andrews,   
William Andrews,  
Ann Andrews,  
 Elizabeth Bailey,  
 Hannah Bailey,  
 Jane Bailey,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Joseph Dugger - War of 1812 Henry Dugger - War of 1812
William J. Kirkland - Civil War Joseph J. Saunders - Civil War
William Alfred Rawlings - Civil War Richard E. Daniel - Civil War
Sterling Dugger - Civil War Henry James Dugger - Civil War
John Jones Dugger - Civil War James M. Kirkland - Civil War
Charles A. Dugger - Civil War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Bailey - Virginia  

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “The Arthur Bailey Family.” Southside Virginia Families. Redwood City, Cal.: Pacific Coast Publishers, 1955(1):14-16. • Family of Edward Bailey.

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