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 126   Henry Russell (c.1780-1863)
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Henry Russell, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry Russell might describe his life as follows.

Rev. Aaron Brown officiated when I married Lucretia Laffoon in Brunswick County 14 January 1803.  Like all grooms, I put up a marriage bond ensuring the marriage would be legal, and my father signed as my surety. Lucretia’s father was dead so her mother, Mary, was named as parent.
By 1820 we were living in Halifax County and were the parents of four daughters and two sons. I was surety on the marriage bonds of two brothers named Farmer who married our daughters, Mary and Ann. Martha, another daughter, married Thomas Petty, a Halifax County neighbor.
Long after Lucretia died, I married a very young Mary B. and she gave me two more daughters. I lived to be more than 80 years old and died during the Civil War.

The Census of 1820, taken after 17 years of marriage, listed Henry and his wife, both aged 26-45, with 5 daughters and a son less than 16, and a son 16-18. A male aged 18-26 was evidently a brother or overseer. 
The 1850 census shows 70-year-old planter Henry Russell with Mary B., Virginia 5, and Mary Russell, aged 3,  all of whom were still living with him in 1860 when his estate was appraised for $67,000.  Although the age of his wife is hard to distinguish in the 1850 enumeration, it was clearly 33 in 1860, when Henry was about 60, and was thus about 18 when her first daughter was born.
Henry made his will 8 Aug. 1859 leaving land and slaves to his wife Mary B. Russell and her daughters Mary Henry Russell and Sarah Virginia Russell. He then named his 4 married daughters and their husbands, Mary and Henry Farmer, Anna and L.B. Farmer, Wilmouth and Nathaniel Lovelace, and Martha and Thomas Petty. Apparently concluding he should mention his sons, he made a codicil 23 Dec. 1862 leaving William and Alfred $1 each. Both were recorded 27 April 1863. 

Descendants of Henry Russell
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Martha M. (Russell) Petty (c.1820-),  
Thomas Petty,   
 Mary (Russell) Farmer (c.1805-),  
Henry Farmer,  
 Anna (Russell) Farmer (c.1809-),  
Lodowick B. Farmer,  
Elizabeth H. Farmer,  
Ann Farmer,  
Jeremiah Farmer,  
 Alfred Russell (c.1817-1854),  
Elizabeth P. (—) Russell,  
Laura A. Russell,  
Albert H. Russell,  
 William Russell (c.1805-),  
Jane Crews,  
Frances (—) Russell,  Margaret (—) Russell,  
Lucinda P. Russell,  
Henry B. Russell,  Fannie —,  
John J. Russell,  Nannie V. Morris,  
William Russell,  Mary J. —,  
James Russell,  
Sallie C. Russell,  
Louisa E. Russell,  
 Wilmoth (Russell) Lovelace (c.1812-),  
Nathaniel Lovelace,  
John W. Lovelace,  Catherine —,  
Martha Lovelace,  
Charles H. Lovelace,  
Robert C. Lovelace,  
Thomas T. Lovelace,  
William D. Lovelace,  
Harriet Lovelace,  
Nathaniel A. Lovelace,  
 Mary Henry Russell (c.1845-),  
 Sarah Virginia Russell (c.1848-),  

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