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This topic is devoted to what we know about the early Daniels of Prince George and Brunswick counties.
William Daniel, Joseph Daniel, and Thomas Daniel settled along the western portion of Waqua Creek in the early 18th Century. No records definitely place these 3 men as brothers—sons of an unknown Daniel—but we will presume that they were for purposes of arranging their families in this topic.
I descend from both William and Joseph Daniel, and possibly Thomas Daniel. Although we have not identified the father of these men, they were likely born in Prince George County where a large Daniel family appeared. Here is how their father might report what we know about him.

Mr. Daniel, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Mr. Daniel might describe his life as follows.

Thomas, Joseph, and John Daniel were three of four brothers who came to their ends in Prince George County in the early 18th Century and I was likely a son of one of these men. Since records are mostly missing there, I can reveal little about me—not even my name. The tradition that five Daniel brothers came to Virginia from England may be referring to my father and his brothers.
Seeking new land, three of my sons, Thomas, Joseph, and William, settled on Waqua Creek that flows across the northern portion of Brunswick County. Waqua, an Indian name, appeared as “Waquiyough” in early land records. These men lived north of present-day Danieltown and were the antecedents of the Daniels of Brunswick County. Although some of my nephews settled in other parts of Brunswick County, they soon moved on.
My wife may have been Sarah Daniel who was under the care of several parishioners of St. Andrew’s Parish from 1768 until her death in 1782.

Five Daniel brothers who came from England
Dr. William Pritchett, a prominent Brunswick County historian and genealogist, as well as others, placed both Joseph, William, and Thomas Daniel as the brothers of Reese Daniel and Marmaduke Daniel. Dr. Pritchett recalled his father, Henry, saying that they descended from 5 brothers who came to Brunswick County from England and that they were sons of John Daniel. Yet this appears not to be entirely correct. While we know Reese was a son of John Daniel, he lived in the eastern part of Brunswick County and nothing shows he was a brother of the Waqua Creek Daniels. Similarly, Marmaduke Daniel lived south of the Meherrin River, far from Waqua Creek.
That is not to say that the Waqua Daniels are not connected to Reese and Marmaduke, they simply do not appear to be brothers. Both the Waqua Creek Daniels and the Prince George Daniels used the names Joseph, Thomas, Sarah, and Elizabeth.

Was Sarah Daniel their mother?
Possibly the mother of William, Joseph, and Thomas Daniel was Sarah Daniel, apparently an aged widow, who was under the care of several parishioners of St. Andrew’s Parish from 1768 until her death in 1782.  While several different individuals cared for her over the years, we are unable to draw any solid conclusions regarding her relationship to them because she was “let out to the lowest bidder.” 
Receiving payments from the parish for her care were George Simmons,  William Willis two years,  James Fisher,  John Barrow Joseph Daniel Jesse Potts two years,  and Moses Hampton who buried her.  All these individuals lived in the western portion of the parish, around Waqua Creek.
Thomas Daniel, Joseph Daniel—one of the care givers—and his son, Joseph, had daughters named Sarah. Another benevolent parishioner noted above, John Barrow, was Joseph’s son-in-law, and William Willis was Joseph’s immediate neighbor and supposed by some to be a brother-in-law.

Other Daniels of Brunswick Prince George
Following what we know about the 3 Daniels of Waqua, Digression: Daniels of Prince George and Brunswick describes other Daniels who appeared in Brunswick and Prince George, some of whom were likely brothers. Briefly, they are the following:
1. An unnamed—Daniel was the father of 4 Daniel brothers who died in Prince George County 1705-15. They are associated with the Reese family and one is likely the father of 2. Dr. John Daniel.
2. A Dr. John Daniel appeared briefly in Brunswick County and was the father of Reese Daniel.
3. One Peter Daniel came from Prince George County to settle near present-day Callaville in northeastern Brunswick County.
4. Another John Daniel, a carpenter, was very likely the brother of the 3. Peter Daniel. Like 2. Dr. John Daniel, he had a connection to the Reese family of Prince George County.
5. One Hugh Daniel witnessed a deed for the above Peter Daniel and could have been a brother. Yet he arrived in Brunswick County ahead of 3. Peter Daniel and 4. John Daniel and lived in the southern part of Brunswick County, on Poplar Creek.
6. Lastly, Marmaduke Daniel lived beside 5. Hugh Daniel on Poplar Creek, but does not appear to be his son.
Except 5. Hugh Daniel, all these families disappear from Brunswick County in the 1760s, if not earlier. By 1782 the descendants of none appear on Brunswick County tax rolls.

Descendants of Mr. Daniel
Information about the children of Mr. Daniel, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joseph Daniel (c.1725-c.1794),  
 William Daniel (c.1740-1786),  
 Thomas Daniel (c.1735-c.1780),  
Nathaniel Edwards Jr.,  Thomas Stith,  
Susanna (—) Daniel,  John Potts,   
John Gilliam,   John Potts,   John Pritchett,   Richard Bagwell,   William Walker,   William Pritchett,   Hezekiah Davis,   
Robert Daniel,  
Martha Hawks,  Samuel Gilliam,   
 son Daniel of Prince George County,  
George Hicks,  Cornelius Cargill,  
John Johnson,  Edward Winfield,  William Cargill,  
Mary (—) Anderson,  
Thomas Daniel,  Ann Ledbetter,  Francis Ledbetter,  
Sarah Daniel,  
Mary Daniel,  
Ann Daniel,  
Hannah Daniel,  
Rebecca Daniel,  
John Daniel,  Mary (—) Daniel,  Roger Reese,  Michael Rosser,  Thomas Kirkland,  
Joseph Daniel,  Elizabeth (—) Daniel,  
Joseph Daniel,  Sarah Daniel,  John Poythress,  
Roger Daniel,  William Rives,  Elizabeth Rives,  
Henry Daniel,  
Roger Daniel,  
Thomas Daniel,  John Tucker,  
John Daniel,  Dr. John Daniel,   John Daniel,   John Daniel,   
Elizabeth Daniel,  
Elizabeth —,  
John Daniel,  
 Dr. John Daniel (-c.1756) of Brunswick County,  
John Daniel,  
John Daniel,   
Reese Daniel,  Henry Gee,   
Mary (—) Daniel,  Samuel Zachary,  
 Peter Daniel of Crab Louse Creek,  
Charles King,  Hugh Daniel,   
Isaac House,  Lewis Parham,  Roger Tillman,  Richard Lanier,  
William Daniel,  Joshua Daniel,  
John Browder Jr.,  
Sarah (—) Daniel,  George Tatum,  Sarah Randle,  Mary Johns,   John Randle,  Josias Randle,   
Robert Gee Jr.,  
William Daniel,  Robert Short,  Sarah (—) Daniel,  John Avery,  
Peter Daniel,  Winifred (—) Daniel,  Luke White,  
Paul Daniel,  
Sarah Daniel,  Hugh Edwards,  John Daniel Jr.,   Randle Daniel,   
Randle Daniel,  Dionysus Wright,  William Daniel,   Robert Gee Jr.,  Hugh Edwards,   William House,  
Buckner Daniel,  Buckner Lanier,   
Randle Daniel,  James Lanier,  John Birdsong,  Shepherd Lanier,  
Lucy Smith,  Cuthbert Smith,  
James Daniel,  
 John Daniel of St. Andrew’s Parish, Carpenter,  
Francis Lett,  Charles King,  William McKnight,  Diana (—) Cook,  
Col. John Wall,  Joseph Kennon,  
William House,  William Tillman,  Capt. Edward Goodrich,  William Smith,  Joel Mabry,   
Elizabeth (—) Daniel,  John Pearson,  
Roger Reese,  John Daniel,   Robert Gee,  Hannah Reese,  
John Daniel,  John Pearson,  Mary (—) Daniel,  
Isham Daniel,  John Jones,  William Jones,  Martha (—) Daniel,  
Hinchia Mabry,   
 Hugh Daniel (c.1710-) of Poplar Creek,  
Peter Daniel,   Ann (—) Daniel,  
Col. John Wall,  Col. Nathaniel Edwards,  
Robert Walker,  
Capt. Isaiah Hogan,  
 Marmaduke Daniel of Poplar Creek,  
Daniel Carroll,  
Allen Love,  Sarah (—) Daniel,  Hugh Daniel,   
William Thornton,  Frederick Maclin,   Nathaniel Edwards,  
Richard Ledbetter,  Flood Nicholson,   Robert Nicholson,   John Nicholson,   
David Carroll,  
William Ledbetter,  Cuthbert Smith,  Capt. Isaiah Hogan,  
Marmaduke Daniel,  
Nannie Still,  Catherine (Downing) Still,  

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