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 146   Joseph Daniel (c.1725-c.1794)
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Joseph Daniel, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Daniel might describe his life as follows.

I arrived in Brunswick County in 1748 and by 1767 accumulated 946 acres along Waqua Creek near present-day Danieltown, named for my family.
I married Mary in the 1750s for our eldest children appear to have been born in that decade. By 1770 children Mary, Sarah, Dianna, Thomas, and Joseph were living at home. Elizabeth and Martha were born in the 1770s and by 1780 son Thomas and our older daughters were married and Joseph was on his own.
Neither I nor our son Joseph owned slaves in 1782.  The 1788 personal property tax list marked me “tax free,” because of my age and the court again excused me from levies 10 March 1780. 
To set up our sons on their own, I gave Joseph 241 acres on Waqua Creek in 1789 and Thomas 200 acres on both sides of Waqua in 1792. 
I lived out my days on my plantation with, Mary, and daughters, Elizabeth and Martha. Perhaps as old as 70 and “infirm in body” I made my will on 12 January 1793. Having already provided for my sons and married daughters, I left Mary the last 500 acres from my plantation and nearly all my personal possessions. After her death, it would all belong to Elizabeth and Martha.  I was dead by 27 October 1794 when the justices ordered my will recorded at the Brunswick County courthouse at Lawrenceville. 
“Mary Daniel, deceased,” appeared in the tax rolls of Brunswick County in 1803.

One source said Joseph’s wife was Mary Willis, but we have no evidence.
John Marshall and Henry Morris were securities for the collection of tithables in St. Andrew’s Parish for the year 1762. Thomas Jackson, the acting collector, failed to account for the tithes properly, threatening Marshall and Morris with bankruptcy. In response, several hundred parishioners, including Joseph Daniel, voluntarily released the two men from their obligation in 1773. 

Joseph’s plantation
Joseph Daniel secured a patent to 367 acres on both sides of Waqua Creek in Brunswick County 20 Aug. 1748.  If we presume Joseph was in his mid-20s when he got his land, then he was born about 1725.
Joseph added a neighboring 175 acres by patent 25 Sept. 1762.  A 1756 patent and a 1767 deed of Richard Willis to William Willis for land on Waqua Creek identified neighbors as Joseph Daniel, Gilliam, and Parrish.  Parrish was evidently John Parrish of New Kent County who sold his neighboring land, 404 acres, to Joseph Daniel 28 March 1767.  Parish had acquired the tract, then next to Gilliam and Daniel, by patent 12 Jan. 1747/8.  Gilliam was John Gilliam who inherited his land.

Joseph’s will

Will of Joseph Daniel
12 January 1793
To my wife Mary, lend to her for life or her widowhood 500 acres where I now live, with all my stock, household stuff, and plantation utensils; after her death or widowhood I give the land with 1 horse, 2 cows & calves, 2 sows & pigs, 1 feather bed & furniture to my 2 daughters Elizabeth Daniel and Martha Daniel.
To my sons Thomas and Joseph the lands they live on “as bounded by Deeds made to them.”
To my daughter Mary Hawlkes, 1 shilling.
To my daughter Sarah Daniel, 5 shillings.
To my daughter Dianna Barrow, 1 cow and calf, 1 ewe, after her mother’s decease.
To my daughters Martha and Elizabeth Daniel, the residue of my estate after my debts are paid.
Thomas Edmunds
John Orgain
Charles Edmunds

The heirs of Joseph Daniel sued his son Joseph Daniel in Brunswick County in April 1808. Litigants included Patsey Daniel; children of Dianna and John Browder: David, Patsy P., Polly A., Jesse, and Milley; children of Thomas Daniel, deceased: Joseph Jr., James, William, Hezekiah, Betsy and her husband John Smith, Polly and her husband Avery Buckner, Lucy and her husband John Buckner, Peggy Daniel, and Richard Daniel; children of Mary and Frederick Hawks: Frederick and James; and sons of Sally Daniel, deceased: Mabry and Peter. 

Descendants of Joseph Daniel
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joseph Daniel,  
Sally Cordle,  
Thomas Daniel,  
Joseph Daniel,  Betsy —,  
Mack C. Daniel,  Mary F. Laffoon,   
Edward H. Daniel,  Katherine Bell Stone,  
Mary Bell Daniel,  Peter Henry Daniel,   
Burnell H. Daniel,  Peter Drew Daniel,   
Lula B. Daniel,  Bloomy M. Mayton,   
Reps J. Daniel,  
Joseph Bernard Daniel,  
George C. Daniel,  
Sarah Daniel,  
Harrison Daniel,  
Andrew Daniel,  Permelia Bennett,  Elizabeth Archer Manly,   
H. William Daniel,  
Thaddeus Daniel,  
Lee Andrew Daniel,  Susan Virginia Pritchett,   
Amanda Daniel,  Indie Lee Pritchett,   
Carter Jones Daniel,  Hattie Sue Bottoms,  Thomas G. Bottoms,  Alethea Hammonds,  
Gladys Evelyn Daniel,  Earl Jasper Wilson,  T. Levi Wilson,  Mary Alice —,  
Viner Jones Daniel,  Virgie Mae Salmon,  
Mary Daniel,  Wesley Daniel,   
Cary Daniel,  
Joan Daniel,  
Sarah Daniel,  
 Mary (Daniel) Hawks,  
Frederick Hawks,  John Hawks,  Christian —,  
Frederick Hawks,  
James Hawks,  
 Sarah (Daniel) Daniel (c.1765-),  
 Dianna (Daniel) Barrow (c.1760-c.1810),  
John Barrow,   William Barrow,   Capt. John Haskins,   
Nancy (—) Parker,  
Polly A. Barrow,  William R. Daniel,   
Jesse Barrow,  Elizabeth Thomasson,  
David Barrow,  Chaney Davis,  
John Daniel Barrow,  Elizabeth Belcher,  
William M. Barrow,  Elizabeth J. King,  
Elizabeth Jane Barrow,  James A. Hankins,  
Jesse Barrow,  Elizabeth (—) Barrow,  
Martha Barrow,  
Wesley Arthural Barrow,  
Mary Barrow,  
David Barrow,  
Milley Barrow,  Thomas Daniel,  
Martha P. Barrow,  
 Thomas Daniel (-1803),  
Mary Russell,  William Russell,  
Freeman Jordan,  Jesse McKinney,  
Robert Daniel,   Samuel Gilliam,  
Joseph Daniel,  Mildred Nelson,  
Paschal Daniel,  Mary E. Powell,  
William Thomas Daniel,  
Sarah A. Daniel,  
John Henry Daniel,  
Joseph Russell Daniel,  
Mary Elizabeth Daniel,  
Lucy Jane Daniel,  
Paschal Daniel,  
Samuel Washington Daniel,  
Martha Susan Daniel,  
Robert Lee Daniel,  
Mary Daniel,  
Joseph N. Daniel,  
Nancy Daniel,  
Mildred Daniel,  
Lucy Ann Daniel,  
Hezekiah Daniel,  Nancy Lewis Tarpley,  
Elizabeth Daniel,  John Smith,  
Mary Daniel,  Avery Buckner,  
William R. Daniel,  Polly A. Barrow,   
James Daniel,  
Richard B. Daniel,  
Lucy Daniel,  John Buckner,  
Margaret Daniel,  
 Elizabeth Daniel (c.1777-),  
Solomon Potts,   Nathaniel Potts,   
 Martha Daniel (c.1760-1815),  

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Danieltown, Brunswick County, Virginia, named for family of Joseph Daniel  

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