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We have yet to identify much about John Butler. One John Butler, either the father or son, married Elizabeth Nicholson in Charlotte County 5 Oct. 1782.  He alone was in the personal property tax list of Charlotte County in 1782 and he had some livestock in the county in 1787. He was delinquent on his 1787 taxes in Charlotte County, but the sheriff did not indicate that he left the county. 
Although a John Butler held land in Charlotte County in 1755, as shown below, he was gone by 1770.

Three John Butlers of Pittsylvania County
A literate John Butler patented two tracts on both sides of Sandy Creek of the Dan River in Pittsylvania County 15 Aug. 1764: 435 acres and 400 acres.  He may have been the same John Butler who was in the household of James Hamlet in Cumberland Parish in 1764.  Nevertheless, he was a resident of Prince George County when he sold the entire 835 acres to Thomas Wynne in 1771. 
In 1755 John Atkins sold 120 acres on a branch of Wards Fork in what was then Lunenburg County to John Butler,  which, as John Butler of Pittsylvania County, he sold to Caleb Johnson 25 July 1770 and bought 150 acres from Joseph Mayes in Pittsylvania County 30 Aug. 1770.  No wife relinquished her dower right when he sold the land. An illiterate John Butler of Pittsylvania County deeded 400 acres on the south side of Childrey Creek in Halifax County to John Smith 21 June 1770.  Pittsylvania County charged Butler on one tithe and 150 acres in 1770. 
James George deeded 380 acres in Halifax County on the Pittsylvania line to Butler 18 Aug. 1774. 
When Butler sold his 150 acres to Nathaniel Pope in 1771, Mary relinquished her dower right,  and they then disappeared from Pittsylvania County. Both deeds of sale portray Butler as illiterate.
John Butler owed the Pittsylvania County store of Buchanan, Hastie & Co. £24.3.10½. A British mercantile claim revealed that he died in Bedford County in very good circumstances. His widow, Fanny, was executrix and the estate was able to pay.  Yet no will for him is in Bedford County.

Descendants of John Butler
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Susannah (Butler) Elmore (c.1765-c.1825),  
William Elmore,   
 John Butler (-1719),  
James Cocke,   William Lowe,   
Mary Wallace,  James Wallace,  
Elizabeth (—) Woodliffe,  George Woodliffe,  
Nicholas Vaughan,   
Robert Munford,  
Francis Poythress,  Mary (—) Butler,  John West,  
John Banister,  
James Wallace,  Jane Wallace,  Thomas Wheeler,  Richard Taylor,  
Joseph Johnson,  John Judspeth,  Francis Page,  
Elizabeth Ramsey,  
James Ward,  
Elizabeth (Nance) Walpole,  Caesar Walpole,  
Robert Bolling,   
Thomas Edwards,  
Elizabeth Crooke,  George Crooke,  Richard Turbefield,  
John Butler,  
William Parson,  
Ann (—) Butler,  Sarah (—) Butler,  
John Bonner,  
William Cain,  
John Butler,  
Martha Butler,  
James Butler,  
Ann Butler,  
Elizabeth Butler,  
Mary Butler,  
William Butler,  
John Butler,  
James Butler,  Robert Bolling,   
James Petillo,  
Tabitha (—) Butler,  
John Butler,  Elizabeth Stanton,  Cecilia Hargrave,  
Staunton Butler,  Gulielma Maria Binford,   Elizabeth Binford,   
Elizabeth Butler,  
John Butler,  
James Butler,  Priscilla Thomas,  
Robert Butler,  
James Butler,  
Mary Butler,  William Bloxsom,  Richard Bloxson,  Ann —,  
Tabitha Butler,  Etheldred Carroll,  
Jonathon Butler,  Elizabeth Harris,  
Sarah Butler,  Zacheus Campbell,  William Campbell,  
Ann Butler,  
Elizabeth Butler,  Nancy Harris,  
Edward Butler,  
Robert Butler,  Mariah Bailey,  Joshua Bailey,  
Edna Butler,  
Martha Butler,  
Joseph Butler,  Ann Thomas,  John Thomas,  
Elizabeth Butler,  
James Butler,  
Tillman Butler,  
Martha Butler,  
Simmons Butler,  
Henry Butler,  
Robert Butler,  
Mary Butler,  
Priscilla Butler,  
Jane Butler,  
Mary Butler,  William Hunnicutt,   
Sarah Hunnicutt,  Joseph Bailey,  Joseph Bailey,  Mary Stanton,  
Ann Hunnicutt,  Richard Hargrave,  
Mary Hargrave,  Josiah Peebles,   Elizabeth Hunnicutt,   
Elizabeth Hargrave,  
Matthew Jones Hargrave,  Nancy H. Ladd,   
Mary Hunnicutt,  Joseph Andrews,   
James Hunnicutt,  Delitha Bailey,  Joshua Bailey,  Patience Stanton,  
Joshua Bailey Hunnicutt,  Elizabeth Chappell,  
William Hunnicutt,  Ann Sears,  
Peter Hunnicutt,  
John Hunnicutt,  
Martha Hunnicutt,  
Elizabeth Hunnicutt,  Josiah Peebles,   Mary Hargrave,   
Tabitha Hunnicutt,  Exum Bailey,  Joshua Bailey,  Ann Sears,   
Louisa Bailey,  Stephen Butler,  Stephen Butler,  Mary —,  
Eliza Bailey,  
William Hunnicutt Bailey,  
Joshua Bailey,  
Mary Bailey,  
Delitha Bailey,  
Robert Hunnicutt,  Martha Binford,   
Elizabeth Andrews,   
Joseph Butler,  Ann —,  Robert Bolling,   
Joseph Butler,  Priscilla —,  
Peninah Butler,  
Mary Butler,  
Ann Butler,  
Lazarus Butler,  
Jesse Butler,  
John Butler,  
Susanna Butler,  William Peebles,   
William Butler,  Elizabeth (—) Butler,  Margaret (—) Butler,  
Robert Bolling,   
Peter Butler,  
Martha Butler,  
Elizabeth Butler,  
Sarah Butler,  
Jesse Butler,  
Joseph Butler,  Miriam Hunnicutt,   
John Butler,  Elizabeth Ladd,   
Cecilia (—) Butler,  
George Butler,  Anna Page,  
Wallace Butler,  
Sarah Butler,  
Thomas Edwards,  
 William Butler,  
Elizabeth (—) Butler,  
Thomas Butler,  Martha (—) Butler,  
Robert Bolling,   
John Butler,  
Sarah Butler,  
Joseph Butler,  

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