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 1540   Thomas Lewis I (-1725)
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Thomas Lewis I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Lewis I might describe his life as follows.

I resided on the south side of the Appomattox River in present-day Prince George County. My wife died after the birth of our two known children, Thomas and John, and by 15 September 1690 I was married to Norah, the widow of one of my poor neighbors Richard Titmarsh Jr.  Because his estate was so small—less than £5—the court gave it all to Norah without any formalities. 
After Virginia placed a bounty on wolves, I got 200 pounds of tobacco for shooting one in 1693. 
As Thomas Lewis Sr., I paid tax on 200 acres in Prince George County in 1704.  In 1714 I sold half my land—100 acres in Bristol Parish next to the Appomattox River—to my son John Lewis Jr. for £10.  He was Jr. to distinguish him from an older man of this name in the community, maybe my brother.
Thomas died in 1711 so when I made my will in 14 October 1716, I left 5 shillings to grandson Edward Lewis and a few miscellaneous items to granddaughter Ann Lewis, likely his children. The rest of my estate and my other 100 acres went to my son, John. 

We have not discovered the identity of Norah, Thomas’ 2nd wife.

Thomas makes his will
John Moore, Thomas Moore, and Roger Moore witnessed the will to which Thomas affixed his signature. Yet Thomas lived another 9 years; he was dead by 13 July 1725 when his will was recorded.

Descendants of Thomas Lewis I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Lewis II (c.1675-1711),  
 John Lewis (-1756),  
Mary Moore,  Richard Moore,  
Richard Bland,  Robert Bolling,   Instant Hall,   
Phillip Whitehead Claiborne,  
Elizabeth Lewis,  
Mary Lewis,  
Ann Lewis,  
John Lewis,  William Crawley,   Capt. Robert Munford,   William Parsons Sr.,   
William Lewis,  
William Lewis,  Richard Meanly,   
Frances Lewis,  
Susanna Lewis,  
Thomas Lewis,  
John Lewis,  

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