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 16   Joseph Samuel Pritchett (c.1800-1845)
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Joseph Samuel Pritchett, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Samuel Pritchett might describe his life as follows.

I was born in St. Andrew’s Parish, Brunswick County, about 1800 during the administration of Thomas Jefferson. Like my father, Moses Pritchett, I grew tobacco on a plantation south of Danieltown that my grandfather, also a planter, bought in 1765.
I married one of our neighbors, Elizabeth Ann Daniel, in Brunswick County 21 June (bond) 1824.  She was just a little girl when her father, George Daniel, died in 1807. We were Methodists—likely members of Rocky Run Methodist Church.
Like Elizabeth’s father, I did not get to see my girls grow up and marry either. I was in only my 40s when I died in 1845 leaving Elizabeth with 8 children and a daughter on the way.
I can tell you now most of what little I owned at my death: 5 hogs and 12 pigs, 1 yoke of oxen, a black cow, 3 oat stacks, a black mare, a colt, 1 cart, a grindstone, an oven, a plow, 3 saws, 1 bedstead, a desk, 2 large guns, saddle and bridle, 1 buffet, and a scythe. It sold for $169. 
Elizabeth, who lived a widow more than 25 years, suffered the loss of Julia who was “generally diseased,” Albert to tuberculosis, and Benjamin from eating too many green peanuts. The Civil War was terribly devastating to everyone. Although Joseph, William, Moses, and David enlisted to serve, I am happy to say all returned safely. Elizabeth’s personal property, valued at $2,500 in 1860, fetched only $103.87 after her death in 1873 at age 68.
Elizabeth and I rested in the family burial ground until 1965 when our family moved our remains to New Hope Christian Church at Danieltown where new granite stones now mark our graves.

Joseph and Elizabeth Ann appeared in the Census of 1830 with 3 children—Indiana J.C., Julia A., and Joseph W. Pritchett—and 18 slaves.
In 1839 for $400 Joseph added to his farm a piece of land that John B. Coleman and his wife, Susan W. Pritchett—Joseph’s sister—had purchased two years before from their brother Edwin Pritchett.
When Joseph and Elizabeth Ann sold 2¼ acres to Edward Elmore in 1840, the deed described this small tract as the place “where Peter Davis lived.” Peter Davis was Joseph’s 1st cousin. In the Census of 1840, Joseph appears with a larger family, a total of 6 children—four boys and two girls—and just 6 slaves. Joseph and Elizabeth Ann were between 30 and 40 years of age.

Joseph’s estate
John Orgain, Nicholas Sterling Edmunds, and James Elmore appraised Joseph’s personal estate 3 Feb. 1846 for $176.75, and when auctioned off a week later, it brought $169.625.
The county named Isham Edward Trotter the administrator of the estate since Joseph left no will. Isham, a leading citizen in St. Andrew’s Parish, farmer, and merchant, operated Trotter’s Store and was frequently called on by the Brunswick County court to help settle estates.

The widow, Elizabeth Ann
In 1850 Elizabeth Ann and her children were continuing to live there on the farm: Julia Anna, Joseph Washington, William Rufus, Moses B., Albert, Benjamin James, David, and Henrietta Pritchett. Indiana J.C. had married to Alfred Robins in 1843. 
In 1860 Elizabeth Ann posted a bond as guardian of David and Henrietta. When the census was taken that year, it reported that Elizabeth owned real estate valued at $1,250 and that she had a personal estate valued at $2,500. By then 3 more children were married—Julia, Joseph, and William. James had died and Moses was working as overseer for Sidney Manson Kennedy. At home with their mother in 1860 were David, Albert, and Henrietta.
In 1863 Albert died of tuberculosis, and Elizabeth Ann was left with only David and Henrietta at home with her, and after David was called to the Confederate Army, she was left with no sons at home. David returned from the war and lived the rest of his life on the old plantation, taking care of his mother and rearing his family. He married Susan Louisa Daniel, daughter of Pryor Daniel and Mary Susan Elmore, in 1867. He lived at the house people remember as his old home, which burned, while his mother apparently lived in the old house between David’s house and the public road.
This older house was occupied by various tenants in the 1920s and later David’s daughter Cora and her family lived there. Henrietta married John Eddie Daniel, a brother of Susan Louisa, in 1867, and they lived on his farm back of the present New Hope Christian Church, where Waverly Addison Daniel lived, called the “Pryor Daniel Farm.”
When the Census of 1870 was taken, Elizabeth Ann was living on the farm near her son David. The enumerator reported that she could read and write, showing she received a nominal amount of education as a child. 

Anna Pritchett
Living with Elizabeth Ann in 1860 and 1870 was Ann A. Pritchett, or Anna Pritchett, whom we have not identified. She was born 2 Nov. 1847 and married Thomas J. Callis in 1874. On her wedding certificate, Ann said that her mother was Julietta Pritchett but gave no name for her father. Amorette Abernathy recalled that her mother used to visit Anna and Thomas, but did not know her relationship to the family.  See their family [38.5.3]

Elizabeth’s estate
John B. Gunn, Thomas Howard Callis, and James Pryor Daniel appraised Elizabeth Ann’s personal estate 27 Jan. 1874 for only $80.05, which compares with $2,500 in 1860, reflecting the economic effects of the Civil War.
Sidney Manson Kennedy, administrator, sold the estate for $103.87 in Feb. 1874. Among those attending the sale and making purchases were James P. Daniel, son Moses B. Pritchett, son-in-law John Eddie Daniel, unidentified Samuel Pritchett, son David Pritchett, Richard Madison Daniel, Susan M. Pritchett, son William R. Pritchett, Thomas Howard Callis, John B. Gunn, Benjamin Wilkes Lewis, James Henry Elmore, Bassett E. Tucker, John T. Elmore, James William Bailey, and many more. They sold Elizabeth Ann’s 60 acres from the estate of her husband to her son David for $420.
Samuel Pritchett, who made a purchase at the estate sale, was living with Elizabeth’s son David Pritchett in 1870 and was at the sale of the estate of David’s wife, Susan, in 1934. It is not known how, if at all, he was related to David or Susan.
Sidney Manson Kennedy, who lived on the road to Blackstone, ran Kennedy’s Post Office and general store. He married 1st Mary Emma Callis 13 Jan. 1843,  and 2nd, Georgia C. Jones.

Descendants of Joseph Samuel Pritchett
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Indiana J.C. (Pritchett) Robins (c.1824-),  
Alfred A. Robins,  Solomon Robins,  
Susan M. Robins,  Wesley Daniel,   Mary A. Robins,  James J. Kennedy,  Lucy James Robins,  Robert C. Garland,  Solomon Robins,  Mitchell Robins,  Prudence Robins,  
Robert Robins,  
Rufus A. Robins,  Laura E. Rhea,  
W.P. Rhea,  Sarah Pile,  
Maud E. Robins,  
Bernice P. Robins,  
S. Irma Robins,  
Neil R. Robins,  
Pauline Elizabeth Robins,  Tracy,  
Lillias Robins,  
Mary Robins,  
Louisa Robins,  
Lucy Robins,  
Henrietta Robins,  
George Robins,  Lula Curtis Heberling,  
 Julia Anna (Pritchett) Kennedy (c.1827-1862),  
James W. Kennedy,  Joseph A. Kennedy,  Julia A. Parrish,  
Joseph William Kennedy,  
 Joseph Washington Pritchett (c.1830-),  
Rebecca R. Johnson,  Rev. James Jones,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   John H. Johnson,  Lucy Ragsdale,  
Richard A. Johnson,  Nathaniel Johnson,  Lucy Ann Johnson,  Elizabeth Caroline Johnson,  Susan G. Johnson,  John H. Johnson,  Martha A. Epperson,  
James Monroe Pritchett,  Mary J. Gallion,  William T. Gallion,  Sarah J. —,  Rev. George W. Potts,  
Glenville Lee Daniel,   
Charles W. Pritchett,  Mollie Clary,   Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Robert P. Pritchett,  
Gracie Pritchett,  
Agnes V. Pritchett,  Robert J. Callis,   Rev. R.M. Maxey,  
Alexander Pritchett,  Glenville Lee Daniel,   
James Monroe Pritchett,  
Alice Crawley Pritchett,  John Henry Daniel,   Rev. C.E. Habday,  
Wesley Daniel,  
Edward Pritchett,  Gracie M. Clary,   Rev. S.E. Lucas,  
Thomas J. Pritchett,  Annie B. Mayton,  H.M. Mayton,  Martha A. —,  Rev. Lloyd C. Moore,  
Mamie L. (Moore) Lewis,  John S. Lewis,   
Indie L. Pritchett,  John T. Payne,  Ernest Russell Daniel,   Sallie A. Thomas,  
Mary Pritchett,  
Carrie Pritchett,  Knobb,  
Elizabeth Pritchett,  
 William Rufus Pritchett (c.1832-1889),  
Christianna Watkins,  Rev. James Jones,  William M. Watkins,  Elizabeth —,  Thomas B. Watkins,  William Nash Watkins,  
John J. Zuber,  
Thomas Daniel,   Henry McCaddin Pritchett,   
Ola Poole,  
Fenton P. Pritchett,  
Rufus W. Pritchett,  
Indiana Pritchett,  
Susan Elizabeth Pritchett,  Henry J. Pritchett,   
 Moses B. Pritchett (c.1837-1890),  
Sidney Manson Kennedy,  
Mary Ann Hughes Burroughs Kennedy,  David Baker Kennedy,  Margaret Ann Walker,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Jesse Kennedy,  Susanna Manson,  
Richard L. Kennedy,  Robert F. Kennedy,  Susan Agnes Kennedy,  William Franklin Kennedy,  Emma J. Kennedy,  Margaret E. Kennedy,  Norman Kennedy,  
John J. Cole,   Mary Jane Daniel,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Thomas Garner Gee,   Stanley Mayton,   Alonza Wilkins Laffoon,   
Irene Pritchett,  
Lillie Pritchett,  Willie Hawthorne,  
Jesse William Pritchett,  William Franklin Kennedy,  William Henry Valentine,  J.P. Ferguson,  S.C. Skinner,  
Hunter Wood Pritchett,  Margaret King,  
William W. Pritchett,  O’Neta Kellum,  
Hugh B. Pritchett,  
Charles Pritchett,  
Alice Elizabeth Pritchett,  Leon Gill,  
Bessie Bell Pritchett,  Thomas Garner Gee,  Dr. Edward Crymes Gee,  Mary Frances Webb,  Rev. W.W. Lear,  
Sarah Margaret Gee,  Thomas Franklin Saunders,  John Thomas Saunders,  Martha Edmundson Blackwell,  
Elizabeth Blackwell Saunders,  John Franklin Plummer,  
Margaret Gee Saunders,  Dallas Maynard Gregory,  
Mary Virginia Saunders,  Claude Hamilton Crump,  
George Thomas Saunders,  Minnie George Gee,  
Lucy Anne Saunders,  Bernard Earl Siddens,  
Pattie Sue Saunders,  Jack Douglas Vineyard,  
Frances Eola Saunders,  Donald Ray Callis,  
James Franklin Saunders,  Lettie Dawn Jonas,  
Etta Pritchett Saunders,  Robert Warren Elliott,  
Hunter William Gee,  Sarah Campbell Seward,  Thomas William Seward,  Emma Walton Hawthorne,  
Curtis Wesley Jones,  
Dr. Thomas Hunter Gee,  Nancy Grady,  Percy Lincoln,  
Martha Fay Gee,  Kirk Eastland,  
Ellen Morton Gee,  Robertson Carter Saunders Jr.,  
Charles Eugene Saunders,  
Dorothy Gee Saunders,  Nicholas Andre Nielson,  
Anne Marie Saunders,  Robert Moon Spilman,  
James Lawrence Saunders,  Patricia Ann Lewis,  
Nancye Carolyn Saunders,  Robert Linwood Chaney,  
Ruth Garner Gee,  Clyde Raymond Saunders,  Robertson Carter Saunders,   
Marian Elizabeth Saunders,  William Troy Kessler,  
Emily Pritchett Saunders,  Hugh Thornton Pendleton Jr.,  
Betty Jean Saunders,  
Ruth Garnett Saunders,  
James Edward Gee,  Martha Lula Byrdie,  
James Edward Gee,  Sandra Andrews,  
Everett Webb Gee,  Nellie Grace Hamm,  
Cindy Louise Gee,  
Julia Kay Gee,  
Frederick Pritchett Gee,  Isabel Maria Loiselle,  Constance Marie Harvell,  
Robert Wayne Gee,  
Edward Harrison Gee,  Eileen Howe,  
Sandra Virginia Gee,  Justus P. New,  
Mary Jennifer Gee,  Michael Swarberg,  Brian Babbitt,  Daniel Mark Mandarino,  
Richard Michael Gee,  Kathleen Joanne Reed,  Clifton Reed,  Joanne Searcy,  
Suzanne Elizabeth Gee,  
 Albert A. Pritchett (c.1840-1862),  
Albert Daniel,   Thomas B. Williams,  
Howard Albert Pritchett,  
 Benjamin James Pritchett (c.1842-1856),  
 David Pritchett (1844-1922),  
 Henrietta S. (Pritchett) Daniel (c.1846-1870),  
John Eddie Daniel,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
W.P. Rhea - Civil War Joseph Washington Pritchett - Civil War
William Rufus Pritchett - Civil War Moses B. Pritchett - Civil War
David Baker Kennedy - Civil War  

Names on the map
Kenbridge, Lunenburg County, was named for the family of Jesse Kennedy  

Selected sources
Samuel Edward Gee, The Kin of Dr. Ned Gee, Lunenburg County, Virginia. 61-69. Berryville, Va.: Virginia Book Company (1985). • Family of Bessie Bell Pritchett and Thomas Garner Gee.

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