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 174   Robert Christopher
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Robert Christopher, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Robert Christopher might describe his life as follows.

I was likely born in Orange County, a son of Nicholas and Ann Christopher, and came with them to Lunenburg County in the 1740s.
In April 1761 William Evans sold me 1,201 acres on both sides of Irby’s Branch of Bluestone Creek in St. James’ Parish of present-day Mecklenburg County.  I was married to Hannah when we sold a 401-acre portion to Conway Garner in October 1761.  We peddled another 200 acres to John Doggett in July 1763, and 200 acres to James Lamkin in February 1765.  My £155 investment earned us £210, and I still owned 400 acres! By 1764 I was left paying taxes on 600 acres. 
I sold the last 400 acres of the Evans tract to Robert Burton 11 March 1776, and bought 287 acres on Reedy Branch in Mecklenburg County from him the same day. 
Unfortunately Hannah was not quite right. Because she was what they then called a “lunatic,” James Lamkin had to take her to an asylum in Williamsburg in 1777,  where she died a year later. 
During the Revolution I provided 250 pounds of beef to the Army, for which I was later reimbursed. 
Mecklenburg County counted me head of a household of 4 whites in 1782. I then owned no slaves.  Not that I was opposed to slavery. I had to mortgage five slaves to Matthew Marable in 1773, and apparently he foreclosed on them. 
Evidently I could neither read nor write because I signed deeds with an R.
In October 1789 I purchased 100 acres on Crooked Run in Lunenburg County from David Parrish.  The tract was about 4 miles east of present-day Kenbridge and next to Jeremiah Burnett, Hugh Wallace, and John Ussery. Mary was my wife when we sold the land to William Wallace 9 April 1793. 
I cannot reveal where we went after we sold out in Lunenburg County nor where I left a will, if I left a will. Yet a daughter was likely Mary, the wife of our neighbor Hugh Wallace who named sons Robert and Christopher.

We have identified neither Hannah, his 1st wife, nor Mary, his second. Nor have we found a will for Robert Christopher, so we have not identified his children. We are tentatively placing Mary, the wife of Hugh Wallace, as his daughter since this couple named their eldest son Christopher and another son, Robert. As indicated above, Robert and Mary sold land to Hugh’s son, William, so they were evidently neighbors.

Descendants of Robert Christopher
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (Christopher) Wallace,  
Hugh Wallace,   
 Hannah (Christopher) Ligon,  
James Ligon,  
 Ann (Christopher) Barnes,  
James Barnes,  

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