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 1752   Thomas Tinsley I (-c.1700)
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Thomas Tinsley I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Tinsley I might describe his life as follows.

By 1704 only 3 Tinsleys were paying tax in New Kent County: Thomas Tinsley on 150 acres, John Tinsley on 130 acres, and Cornelius Tinsley on 220 acres.  These were my sons. Their land was likely on the north side of Totopotomoy Creek where the St. Peter’s parish vestry ordered me to clear a road 28 February 1689/90. You can find Totopotomoy Creek in present-day Hanover County, which was formed from New Kent in 1721.
Since records of New Kent and Hanover are mostly missing, I cannot reveal how we accumulated this land. That is except 300 acres I got from Martin Baker between the year 1658 when Baker received a grant for a tract that included this parcel and 1662 when John Stanup got a patent for the remainder. 
It is said that I came to Virginia from Yorkshire,  and that I, “was an extensive planter, shipped tobacco to England, and imported thence domestic luxuries and clothing.”  Not bad for someone who couldn’t sign his own name to the will I made in New Kent County 9 October 1700 naming my daughters Cicely Jennings, Ann Tyler, and Alice Snead, and granddaughter Deborah Payne. Their mother was Elizabeth. 
I was dead by 1702.

Will of Thomas Tinsley
9 October 1700
In the name of God, Amen I Thomas Tinsley being sick and weak in body, but in perfect health and memory - praised be God, doe make, sign & declare, this my last will and Testament in name and form following, Revoking & annulling all former Wills by mee declared and made, & this oly to stand & no other -
First and principally I commend my soul to all mighty God my creator assuredly believing that I shall receive full pardon and Free remission of all my sins and bee Saved by ye precious death & merits of my Blessed Savior & Redeemer Christ Jesus, and my body to ye earth from whom it was taken, to be buried in such Decent and Christian manner as to my exect., hereafter mentioned and named, shall be thought convenient, and as for such Worldly estate as ye employed and bestowed as is hereafter expressed. Now I desire all my just Debts be paid by bill and account.
Imprimis, I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann Tyler one Shilling Sterling.
Now I give and bequeath to my daughter Soilily Jennings one Shilling Sterling.
My will and intention is that my Loving [wife?] Elizabeth hath ye use of my plantation and housings & orchard & all my personal estate, be it in what nature soover during her natural life, after her death I dispose of it as followeth:
Now I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Tinsley, after the death of my wife as aforesaid my plantation whereon I now live with all the housing & orchards & land belonging to it, to him and his heirs forever. Now I give my aforesaid son Thomas my cart and what belongs to it & my x cut saw, file, and bitt & one set of wedges and my feather bed & all that belongs to ye bed that I now lye on, & one great table & Forms, belonging to it, and my own Chest, and one large brass kettle, & one brass mortar & Pestle, and one Great Iron Pott & pott hooks, & one Iron pestle & one Iron Spitt & two pewter dishes & one looking Glass & Grindstone and one young Gray Stoned Colt branded T T & I doe give my sd Son Thomas Tinsley ye third part of my Cattle that is alive after ye death of my said wife & one pr. Of small stands & one Handsome pr. brass candlesticks. Now I give and bequeath unto my son John Tinsley, my other feather bed and what belongs to it. Now I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Deborah Payne on Gold Ring, one Iron Pott & pott hooks, two pewter dishes, one brass basting Ladle & one chest & Round Table and one brass Skellett and Frames.
Now my will and desire is that all ye Reft of my Estate after ye death of my aforesaid wife, shall be equally divided between my two sons Cornelias Tinsley and John Tinsley, and las I appoint and constitute, my son Thomas Tinsley my whole and sole exect to see this my will performed. In Witness where of I have sett my hand and seal this 9th Day of October 1700.

Another Thomas Tinsley
Elsewhere in the colony was one Thomas Tilsey who secured a patent to 300 acres in James City County 13 Dec. 1650.  His property was on the west side of the Chickahominy River upon Moses Run and was granted in consideration of having imported 6 individuals to the colony. He was likely the same Thomas Tilsley who arrived as a headright by 25 Feb. 1638/9 when John Robins secured a patent on the Chickahominy River.  A patent to Samuel Smith in the same area 5 years later identified his neighbor as Thomas Tinslie Thomas Tilsley signed a petition in Blisland Parish in 1677. 
By 1672 Thomas appeared as Tinsley in a patent to John Bowman for land on Moses Run,  and he still had land there in 1686 when Francis Dancy got a neighboring patent. 
Thomas married likely Grace Pierce and was dead by 29 April 1692 when William Nance secured a patent to 520 acres on the south side of the Chickahominy River.  Included within Nance’s tract was 150 acres due him as the husband of Grace Tinsley’s daughter and coheir. This land was possibly half of Tinsley’s 300-acre patent of 1650. Grace was sister and one of the coheirs of Richard Pierce. That Grace Tinsley’s daughter held half of her father’s land suggest the Thomas and Grace Tinsley had one other child—likely a son.
By 1704 two Tinsleys paid quit rents in James City County: Edward Tinsley on 100 acres and Richard Tinsley on 100 acres. 
We have no indication whether this family has any connection with our own—but it is quite likely. Their presence in a burned county makes difficult the certain identification of the descendants of Thomas Tinsley I.

Thomas and Ralph Tinsley of Old Rappahannock County
Thomas Tinsley and Ralph Tinsley were defendants in old Rappahannock County 5 Feb. 1691/2,  and their descendants were later in Essex County.

Descendants of Thomas Tinsley I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Tinsley II (c.1665-1715),  
Thomas Tinsley,   
 John Tinsley,  
Nicholas Gentry,  
Thomas Tinsley,  Frances Bickley,  Joseph Bickley,  Francis Jerdone,  
Thomas Tinsley,  Agnes Garland,  
Thomas Tinsley,  Susan Thompson,  John Thompson,  
Ann Garland,  
Samuel Tinsley,  
John Tinsley,  Sarah Chapman Austin,  Thomas Austin,  Ann (Quarles) Washington,   
Nancy Tinsley,  
Sarah Tinsley,  
Elizabeth Pryor Tinsley,  Dr. Joseph R. Royster,  
Peter Tinsley,  Maria E. Brown,  John Brown,  Benjamin Mosby,  
John Brown Tinsley,  Elizabeth Scott Trueheart,   
Agnes Anne Tinsley,  Dr. Daniel A. Penick,  
Dr. George Wythe Tinsley,  Julianna H. Trueheart,   
Peter Tinsley,  Mary Ann Lockett,  Edmund Lockett,  Mary Jane Mallory,  
Lucy Tinsley,  Richard Pickering,  
Charles Tinsley,  
Wyatt Tinsley,  Elizabeth —,  
Elizabeth Tinsley,  
William Tinsley,  Jane Geese,  
John Tinsley,  Sarah —,  
David Tinsley,  Elizabeth Walton,  
Elizabeth Tinsley,  
William Tinsley,  Elizabeth —,  Harlow,  
Philip Tinsley,  Judith —,  Caffrey,  
Mary Tinsley,  Obediah Archer,  
Martha Tinsley,  John P. Kewin,  
William Tinsley,  
John Burwell Tinsley,  
Ann Tinsley,  John Henry,  
Sarah Tinsley,  Richard Starke,  
Lucy Tinsley,  Samuel Cross,  
Oliver T. Cross,  
Thomas Cross,  
Elizabeth Cross,  Benjamin Hazlegrove,  
Catherine Cross,  David Lyle,  
John B. Tinsley,  
John Tinsley,  Francis Jerdone,  
Joshua Tinsley,  Margaret Tinsley,  John Noel,  John R. Noel,  
 John Tinsley (-1762),  
John Tinsley,   John Tinsley,   
Susannah Chiles,  Micajah Chiles,  John Chiles,  Eleanor Webber,  Agatha Chiles,  Manoah Chiles,  
Andrew Wade,  John Wade,  
Agatha Tinsley,  Bryant Coker,  Charles Burton,   
Rachel Tinsley,  John Cargill,  Cornelius Cargill Sr.,  Joshua Worsham,   Roger Atkinson,  
Manoah Tinsley,  Robert Evans,   Bryant Coker,  
Elizabeth Cargill,  Cornelius Cargill Sr.,  Daniel Cargill,  
William Hunt,  
John Tinsley,  
Keziah Tinsley,  
Eleanor Tinsley,  
Sarah Tinsley,  
Elizabeth Tinsley,  
Mary Tinsley,  
 Cornelius Tinsley,  
Thomas Partridge,  
Mary Davis,  
Elizabeth Tinsley,  
Cornelius Tinsley,  
Cornelius Tinsley,  
Thomas Tinsley,  Martha Ragland,  John Jones,  Thomas Tinsley,   
Nathaniel Tinsley,  Lucy Pate,  
Thomas Pate Tinsley,  
Samuel Tinsley,  
Frances Finch Tinsley,  
John Ragland Tinsley,  
Susannah Pate Tinsley,  Dickie Chappell,   
Nathaniel Lewis Tinsley,  
Absalom Tinsley,  
-mira Tinsley,  
William Tinsley,  
Mary Tinsley,  
Jeremiah Tinsley,  
Martha Tinsley,  Edward Pate,  
Sherwood Tinsley,  
Francis Tinsley,  
 Cicely (Tinsley) Jennings,  
 Ann (Tinsley) Tyler,  
 daughter (Tinsley) Payne,  
Robert Payne,  
James Daniel,  
Catherine Thompson,  Samuel Thompson,  William Jennings,  
Deborah Payne,  
 Alice (Tinsley) Snead,  
Thomas Tinsley,   John Snead,  Thomas Snead,  
Lindsey Tinsley,   Cisla Snead,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
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Cornelius Tinsley - Revolutionary War Nathaniel Tinsley - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Tinsley - Virginia  

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